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Lindsay Lohan to serve 14 days of 90-day jail sentence, according to Sheriff's Department document [Updated]

Lindsay Lohan's booking photo. Credit: 

Los Angeles County Sheriff's DepartmentLindsay Lohan is expected to be released from a Lynwood jail on Aug. 2, serving only 14 days of her 90-day sentence, according to a Sheriff's Department booking document.

Until now, Sheriff's Department officials have said they were not sure how many days Lohan would spend behind bars. Even though the judge called for 90 days, overcrowding in the jail typically means that inmates only serve 25% of their sentences, sometimes less.

The booking document lists Aug. 2 as the "projected release date." A Sheriff's Department spokesman could not immediately reached for comment. It's possible Lohan could serve more time because judge ruled out work release or electronic monitoring in the probation-violation case.

[Updated at 3:10 p.m.: Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said Lohan could possibly serve only 13 days in jail instead of 14.

"Her projected release date is Aug. 1 or Aug. 2," he said, explaining that information initially posted on the sheriff's inmate information website was based on one 30-day sentence because a clerk missed Lohan's other two 30-day sentences.

The website was changed to reflect Lohan serving 51 days after factoring in time for good behavior. As a nonviolent female inmate, Lohan is eligible to serve only about 25% of the 51 days because of overcrowding, which brings the final figure to 13 or 14 days, Whitmore said.]

Officials said Lohan was completely cooperative when she was booked into the Century Regional Detention Facility on Tuesday morning.

  After the booking, Lohan entered the jail's triage, where she was to receive a standard medical and psychological evaluation, Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore told media members gathered outside the jail.

State guidelines for handling prisoners would apply to the actress, although "people with notoriety are kept away" from the general jail population for security purposes, he said.

At the Beverly Hills courthouse where Lohan surrendered shortly after 8:30 a.m. to begin serving her time, her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, said the actress had completed court-ordered alcohol education classes and accepted her jail term.

"She is scared, as anyone would be, but she is resolute," Holley said. "She asks for prayers and support. ... She has accepted responsibility."

Although earlier there had been confusion over which attorney would represent Lohan in court, Holley said Robert Shapiro, who at one point had said he was Lohan's new attorney, was only a consultant to the actress.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Judge Marsha Revel last month sentenced Lohan to 90 days in jail for violating probation on a drunk-driving conviction.

Deputy Dist. Atty, Danette Meyers, who prosecuted Lohan, said the sentence was "was appropriate in this case."

"The message to the public is don't drink and drive," she said. "If you do drink and drive, and you're punished for it, complete the programs."

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan is booked into a Lynwood jail. Credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

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Overcrowded jail system ? No problem there are plenty of streets that need cleaning instead and I am sure the 90 days on the street would have a more sobering effect.

What a pantload. Is it any wonder that people have NO respect for our broken judicial system? Down with elitists.

What's with people posting comments when they obviously haven't read the story being commented on?? Early release like anyone else in our overcrowded system. And just what does Mike Corona have to do with anything? He was the Orange County Sheriff.

14 days only? cause the jail is overcrowed? How can it be overcrowed when shes in a 1 WOMAN CELL?

To be a celebrity must be so wonderful. If the sentence handed down was an average or "everyday" citizen, the jail term would have been mandatory and the offender incarcirated immediately. It sickens me how the "haves" are treated indifferent from the "have nots"

The Justice system made a mockery by these whiny little n'er do wells. As with similar posts I contemplate my ability to "skirt" the judicial system with several DUI's and a missed bench warrant. How preposterous indeed!

The system is not corrupt. The system is just overcrowded and underfunded, that's all.

This is how much time EVERYONE is serving, not just the famous people.

Why don't you people try reading the LA Times?

The jail overcrowding situation has been explained over and over and over again in this newspaper.

If you don't understand the situation by now, then shame on you.

If you bother to read the article, you would realize that ALL nonviolent offenders who serve at this facility get the same reduction in sentence. I'm not a Lohan fan, but I am a fan of the facts!

Celebrity justice. Only in CA. Took NV court to finally put OJ away.

This is a joke, she will go back to drugs and alcohol the first thing out of jail. When she kill's someone while driving drunk will they do anything, then it will be to late. No wonder this country is going to hell.

What I don't get is that she's out in 14 for over crowding, but everyone keeps saying that she's going to be kept in a section that is NOT open to the General population, but a section for hi-profile people, Celebs, Cops, etc. Crap, how many of these hi-profile people are in there to make that section over crowded???

Oh yeah, two weeks out of a ninety day sentence. That's a big incentive to obey the law and not violate parole. At least make her complete *one* of her sentences... it's not like she has a great record of complying with court orders or anything. No wonder there are so many repeat offenders out there if this is how justice is regularly served.

My friend got 30 days for drunk in public because he did not want to drive drunk and served every day. This was in Van Nuys. They could have given him 7 days and had time to let parole violators serve more time. She will be back for another 7 days I am sure

90, then 14, then 13.

What a joke.

This doesn't say much for our legal system when a judge can give a sentence and have it overruled by the cops. It's just as muc as a slap in the face as Lohan ignorning court orders.

What a legal system. The more you scoff at the law ther better treatment you get. Something is definatley wrong with the system !!

Seriously? I'll remember to tell family and friends to bring this up to the judge when they are being sentenced for the same thing and they have to spend the ENTIRE sentence in jail. Oh wait, my family and friends aren't STUPID and irresponsible and think that they are above the law. She also sucks at acting!

Her sentence should be doubled, not reduced. I am so sick of these celebrities given basically a slap on the wrists for breaking the law and basically thumbing their noses at law abiding citizens. Our youth have lousy role models---drug addicts, wife beaters, etc. ..............

With all due respect to I Live In LA, ... so sorry! I live in Orange County :) We all know that she got off easy because she should have been sentenced the first ten times she was arrested so don't tell me that celebrity did not play a role in prior judgements! It's absurd to think that you can drop out of high school, fail at multiple marriages, be horrific parents, do drugs, drive drunk just by showing your trailer trash face on a screen! Why do the rest of us work so damn hard?

What a joke send her to lake county she would do all of the 90 days only in L.A

Another message that is not being discussed:
If you ARE going to drink and drive (in addition to indulging on drugs), be sure you do it in or near Los Angeles.

Perform the same crime in almost any other county of California...full sentence for you!

Yes, let's release rapists, drug dealers and murders in the most overcrowded prison system in the most dangerous city in America so we can keep a celebutard in prison to satisfy a public who watch too much TMZ.

Do you guys really think LA is just flourishing with empty prison cells? Like we're such a safe city that so few people commit actual crimes?

Get real!

Bummer. Not nearly long enough.

And when I saw a photo of Lohan a few weeks ago, I thought it was Donna Mills.

Donna is 69 years old.

Those prisoners should be made to work a feedlot operation, shoveling manure for a few months in one hundred degree heat would be a good deterrent.

I have to say that i am disgusted with this whole thing. Violating parole, not showing up for court dates drinking while wearing a no drinking bracelet. All the media coverage about her. 14 days is a joke. I know that if it was me i would get a lot more time. Where is the justice. She has made a mockery of the courts and the judge. Poor Lindsey.

Glad she got her spray on tan prior to incarceration!

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