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Lindsay Lohan to serve 14 days of 90-day jail sentence, according to Sheriff's Department document [Updated]

Lindsay Lohan's booking photo. Credit: 

Los Angeles County Sheriff's DepartmentLindsay Lohan is expected to be released from a Lynwood jail on Aug. 2, serving only 14 days of her 90-day sentence, according to a Sheriff's Department booking document.

Until now, Sheriff's Department officials have said they were not sure how many days Lohan would spend behind bars. Even though the judge called for 90 days, overcrowding in the jail typically means that inmates only serve 25% of their sentences, sometimes less.

The booking document lists Aug. 2 as the "projected release date." A Sheriff's Department spokesman could not immediately reached for comment. It's possible Lohan could serve more time because judge ruled out work release or electronic monitoring in the probation-violation case.

[Updated at 3:10 p.m.: Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said Lohan could possibly serve only 13 days in jail instead of 14.

"Her projected release date is Aug. 1 or Aug. 2," he said, explaining that information initially posted on the sheriff's inmate information website was based on one 30-day sentence because a clerk missed Lohan's other two 30-day sentences.

The website was changed to reflect Lohan serving 51 days after factoring in time for good behavior. As a nonviolent female inmate, Lohan is eligible to serve only about 25% of the 51 days because of overcrowding, which brings the final figure to 13 or 14 days, Whitmore said.]

Officials said Lohan was completely cooperative when she was booked into the Century Regional Detention Facility on Tuesday morning.

  After the booking, Lohan entered the jail's triage, where she was to receive a standard medical and psychological evaluation, Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore told media members gathered outside the jail.

State guidelines for handling prisoners would apply to the actress, although "people with notoriety are kept away" from the general jail population for security purposes, he said.

At the Beverly Hills courthouse where Lohan surrendered shortly after 8:30 a.m. to begin serving her time, her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, said the actress had completed court-ordered alcohol education classes and accepted her jail term.

"She is scared, as anyone would be, but she is resolute," Holley said. "She asks for prayers and support. ... She has accepted responsibility."

Although earlier there had been confusion over which attorney would represent Lohan in court, Holley said Robert Shapiro, who at one point had said he was Lohan's new attorney, was only a consultant to the actress.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Judge Marsha Revel last month sentenced Lohan to 90 days in jail for violating probation on a drunk-driving conviction.

Deputy Dist. Atty, Danette Meyers, who prosecuted Lohan, said the sentence was "was appropriate in this case."

"The message to the public is don't drink and drive," she said. "If you do drink and drive, and you're punished for it, complete the programs."

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan is booked into a Lynwood jail. Credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

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14 days?! Fourteen. Days.?? On a 90 day sentence? And the authorities wonder why average folks don't respect 'the system'. 'The system', the judge, the sheriff should be ashamed of themselves.

Because of overcrowding, most "lighter" offences do about one-quarter of their time and then are released early. However, that would be around 22 days, so she is still getting a break. She should have to do around 22 day just like everyone else.

Once again justice is not equal. I am not a criminal lawyer or a judge, not even knowledgeable in what constitutes jail time. However, I would like to know from experts if celebrities are receiving equal treatment - is Lohan's 14 day sentence be given to a "normal" citizen? Would you or I be given the same considerations that the rich and famous are handed on silver platters - if I fail to appear in court because I was attending a social function be handed a 90 day jail time and have it reduced to 14 days - why not ask those waiting for Lohan to join them - if she does. Equal BS.

Anyone that lives here in LA knows that nonviolent offenders serve only a small percentage of their time. My friend was sentenced to 30 days and served only 2. Jails are overcrowded here and our whole system is a joke. For once I can definitively say its not celebrity justice (in this particular case :).

This is actually no different than the experience of most non-violent misdemeanor offenders. My cousin was arrested here in Los Angeles for a DUI violation, and for later driving without a license (similar to Paris Hilton) - she was sentenced to two weeks in jail and served a weekend.

So, 15% of the sentence...

have you ever seen a bigger train wreck?! she's so pathetic. she should spend every one of those 90 days in jail! 14?!!! What a joke!!!

All should expected celebrities will get special treament. This is a no brainer ppl. Hope this will at least teach her to have some humility. Lohan can use this X to give her body a real break from her own self destruction. So much $$$$& fame to us outsider, but I believe after the glitz and parties, stars have many mental problems. Seeing behind those smiles are pretty depressing, lonely & in a way very many pathetic lives.... Lohan's bad behavior is no question about that. With her money and riches, her personal life is turmoil starting with having bad parents and no solid family values. The more we know about stars, the more crazy they really are. We should wait and hope she will learn / break the bad cycle. Hopefully she finally grows up as a real person instead of telling the world that she got bigger boobs and saying I can drink/dress/parties like grownups....

This makes me sick! The average individual would never be given this kind of special treatment. Until Lindsay realizes she's just like everyone else, she will make the same mistakes over and over until she's totally ruined her life or worse.

CORRUPTION of the judicial system at it's finest! Look at the smug, smirking picture of her booking picture! Wow...she is laughing BIG TIME! 14 LOUSY DAYS! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

The fix is in. Anybody else would get the whole enchilada of a sentence, but not the rich and famous. I wouldn't be surprised if the Mayor of Los Angeles didn't give her the key to the city when she gets out.
She can cheat the taxpayers, but she can't cheat her self. Everysecond these people who want to enable her will come back to haunt her with a sad life and early death. Once the beauty goes, she will be just another crack whore on the street. It looks like she is going to get there quickly.

yes, lohan should serve ONLY 14 days. the judge should serve the rest of the 76 days! only jocking judge,...............

What freaking joke. An average citizen would be serving every second of that sentence. And they also would have likely been given a MUCH harsher sentence in the first place even for their first offense. Our system is beyond corrupt.

Just another example of the FACT that there is one law for the rich and connected and there is another for the rest of us.
If she were black and a nobody,believe me she'd be serving the full 90.
Our justice system is disgusting.

Just another piece of Hollwierd Trash that gets away with jailtime just because they can hire slimy attorneys. Shame on the judge who allows this to happen. The judge should serve the remainder of her sentence. The legal system is a joke and the fish stinks from the head down!

Maybe if these "people of notoriety" were housed with the general population, these privileged few that can't keep it together when they got it all, would be forced to finally take responsibility for their actions and, possibly, learn a lesson. I can't believe the jails are bowing to fit this criminal. By going into lockdown, everyone at that jail has altered their routine and the inmates have lost what little privileges they had. Everyone at that jail has accommodated Lohan. "...all men are created equal"!? That was what our country was founded on, why our ancestors and great leaders went to war with England and fought their monarchy. So, where is this great nation of equality now? Just find the richest person in America and you'll find our King or Queen, their Lords & Ladies, and so on until you reach the people that are not wealthy enough to be above the law.

Come on did you guys really expect her to serve the full 90 days?? Haven't you learned anything from Paris Hilton's stint in the same jail?

Amazing how most of these posters didn't read the article yet they spout off about how if she were a regular person she would be serving the full 90 days. You didn't read the article..due to overcrowding only 25% or less is required if you exhibit good behavior. Simple math 90 days * 25% = 22.5 days maximum. So the 13 - 14 days is less than 25% actually it's 14.4% - 15.6%

If we build more jails, to relieve the overcrowding, they could all serve their full sentences.

corrupt system? lets riot

A regular "Jane" would only serve 13 or 14 days, too.

That's it!! 13 or 14 days for a spoiled rich brat who does what she wants because her money gets her off.
Leave her in there the 90 days, overcrowded or not. Let her learn, completely, that there are REAL results to her actions, her decisions.
Spoiled, stupid little bi...

corruption in the system?
why she has to serve only 14 day?
if was a regular citizen a bit she stay 90 day and litle more!!!!

This young lady needs a lot of help! But so does our njudicial system!

somebody said is not corruption in USA system
what is this?
a joke!!!!

Of course, not one celebrity can go to prison for a full term. That would be horrific. It that was any other person, they would serve the full term.

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