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Lindsay Lohan to serve 14 days of 90-day jail sentence, according to Sheriff's Department document [Updated]

Lindsay Lohan's booking photo. Credit: 

Los Angeles County Sheriff's DepartmentLindsay Lohan is expected to be released from a Lynwood jail on Aug. 2, serving only 14 days of her 90-day sentence, according to a Sheriff's Department booking document.

Until now, Sheriff's Department officials have said they were not sure how many days Lohan would spend behind bars. Even though the judge called for 90 days, overcrowding in the jail typically means that inmates only serve 25% of their sentences, sometimes less.

The booking document lists Aug. 2 as the "projected release date." A Sheriff's Department spokesman could not immediately reached for comment. It's possible Lohan could serve more time because judge ruled out work release or electronic monitoring in the probation-violation case.

[Updated at 3:10 p.m.: Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said Lohan could possibly serve only 13 days in jail instead of 14.

"Her projected release date is Aug. 1 or Aug. 2," he said, explaining that information initially posted on the sheriff's inmate information website was based on one 30-day sentence because a clerk missed Lohan's other two 30-day sentences.

The website was changed to reflect Lohan serving 51 days after factoring in time for good behavior. As a nonviolent female inmate, Lohan is eligible to serve only about 25% of the 51 days because of overcrowding, which brings the final figure to 13 or 14 days, Whitmore said.]

Officials said Lohan was completely cooperative when she was booked into the Century Regional Detention Facility on Tuesday morning.

  After the booking, Lohan entered the jail's triage, where she was to receive a standard medical and psychological evaluation, Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore told media members gathered outside the jail.

State guidelines for handling prisoners would apply to the actress, although "people with notoriety are kept away" from the general jail population for security purposes, he said.

At the Beverly Hills courthouse where Lohan surrendered shortly after 8:30 a.m. to begin serving her time, her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, said the actress had completed court-ordered alcohol education classes and accepted her jail term.

"She is scared, as anyone would be, but she is resolute," Holley said. "She asks for prayers and support. ... She has accepted responsibility."

Although earlier there had been confusion over which attorney would represent Lohan in court, Holley said Robert Shapiro, who at one point had said he was Lohan's new attorney, was only a consultant to the actress.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Judge Marsha Revel last month sentenced Lohan to 90 days in jail for violating probation on a drunk-driving conviction.

Deputy Dist. Atty, Danette Meyers, who prosecuted Lohan, said the sentence was "was appropriate in this case."

"The message to the public is don't drink and drive," she said. "If you do drink and drive, and you're punished for it, complete the programs."

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan is booked into a Lynwood jail. Credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

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What a lousy judicial system we have these days... And people wonder why there is some much illegal activity on our streets. The attorney's are in it for the money, the D.A.'s only do unethical selective prosecutions and the judges lack good solid legal judgment.
It's time to recall specific judges and the D.A. in Los Angeles County.

What a joke! Even 90 days wasn't long enough to begin with. Fourteen days is absolutely ridiculous. The judge should have just slapped her wrist and sent her home. This is WHY this country is such a mess! The laws are NOT enforced so criminals do what they do because they know not much will happen!

Now let's see how many days she spends in rehab! Surely they MUST be overcrowded too with all the wackos in California!

Isn't that odd? LASD website lists her projected release date as 9/9/10. I really hope she stays in there until September.

the projected release date is now 09/09/10

I guess we are still working on the "special treatment for special people" principle. If it were you or me it would be a lot longer.

Are you kidding me? 14 days? Why don't they just call it a 14 day sentence to begin with? And why is it so easy for a sherrif to just step on a judges ruling? I mean, I realize jails are overcrowded, but shouldn't the judge be involved with the decision? Maybe a sheriff liason can pow wow with a judge a sentencing and agree upon an 'actual' sentence? The current system makes no sense.

Who care? Why is she going to serve 14 days out of a 90 day sentence?

"Officials said Lohan was completely cooperative when she was looked into the Century Regional Detention Facility on Tuesday morning."

I guess they they "look" you into prison these days...

Only in LA does the jail determine how long prisoners stay in jail...rather than, oh I dunno, the Judge.

The release date on the LA Sheriff's inmate search website has actually been changed to 09/09/10. Please update.

Lee Baca should be voted out the next time he's up for reelection. He's been sheriff too long anyway. We need someone like Joe Arpaio. He never uses overcrowding as an excuse for releasing inmates early.

Ugh, I knew it.

damnn.. rich people get away with everything n anything

This is why this people think this is a joke.


Who says if you are a celebrity you get off easy. Clearly Lindsay does. What a joke of the jail system. If she was a regular "Jane: she would complete her 90 days no exceptions. As regular citizens this is making a mockery of all of us.

You drink? Don't drive. Cabs are cheap; legal fees and fines are not. Partying is fun; jails and the media are not.

Her inmate Information on the LA County Sheriffs website says that her projected release date is 09/09/2010. Sorry Lindsay, the media has it wrong again.

Only 14 days instead of the full 90, what a sham. Let her stay in jail for the duration, it will teach her humility.

just like the rich to get away with it if it was a regular person they would have thrown in you ,jail for the whole 90 days but since she rich and famous shes above the law i say let her rot in jail so she can learn her lesson

Hard to believe this loser whining about two weeks in jail. Seriously. When did 90-day sentences become two weeks? No wonder this country is falling apart.

If it were one of us regular people, we would spend at least 45 days... pretty amazing how the (moderately) famous get better treatment and not having to live in general population....

Can you even consider this to be true jail???? Our system is so broken.... Its all Obama's fault!!!

Lynsay deserves the jail time. She is acting like a little spoiled brat. She looks terrible. Not 24 but 42!! She got old fast attributable to her nonsensical behaviour, coke snorting and drinking binges. She needs to get a life and work at an honest job. She is no Hollywood Star like Joan Collins or Farrah Fawcett. She is what we call "trailer-park trash". Lynsay, stop wanting stupid silly attention and heed some free advice: Grow Up!


Nothing like a corrupt system.

Normal people get 90 days for a simple probation violation.

It looks like the sheriff corruption fraternity is alive and well with or without Corona who is still making 6 figures in jail.

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