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Lohan says fingernail expletive was a joke, not a jab at judge

Lindsay Lohan in courtActress Lindsay Lohan wrote Wednesday that an expletive visible on her fingernail during the court hearing where she got 90 days in jail was a joke unrelated to the Beverly Hills case.

Lohan wrote on her Twitter account that the vulgarity on her middle fingernail "had nothing to do w/court. It's an airbrush design from a stencil xx."

As the actress told Judge Marsha N. Revel on Tuesday that she was taking the probation violation seriously, the expletive was captured by the courtroom photographer. It raised questions about the message she was sending.

In a series of Twitter messages, Lohan also wrote about "cruel and inhuman punishment," quoting from the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. She also linked to a Newsweek story about the stoning of an Iranian woman.

The fingernail was visible as Lohan wiped tears from her eyes during a last-ditch attempt to avoid jail after the judge decided the actress had violated her probation by failing to attend weekly alcohol education classes. Lohan's probation stems from a conviction for driving under the influence following two DUI incidents in 2007 during which she also tested positive for cocaine.

Lohan must surrender July 20.

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan. Credit: David McNew / Getty Images

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Martin, don't be a cry baby. She played now she must pay.

Well she does confirm the myth of how DUMB Blonds are! This person is a complete waste of skin....

Well she is an actress and hollywoodian. not a lot of class or education there. She also LIES!

My god she is the dumbest woman on earth.

I don't think the judge overreacted at all. Obviously Lohan thinks she is above the law. Before violating, she should have done her homework to find out what the consequences would be. When you don't do something court-ordered, and you are on probation, you are violating, plain and simple. I think Lohan figured she could get off and follow in the footsteps of Hilton. I hope she does the 2/3 time allowed for a full sentence. That would amount to 60 days. Please California, don't let this one off. What kind of message would that send to every person out there?

She is: RETARDED. I predict: She will be heavily drinking and doing drugs in the next 2 weeks. By the way: I don't think she is hot. Why all the attention???

Lindsey is so out of touch with reality that it isn't even remotely funny. You really have to be that dumb AND disconnected from reality to try to spin one's legal issues into something bigger like the stoning of women in Iran or calling her impending trip to the pokey "cruel and unusual punishment". Instead of sending her to jail, may I suggest to send La Lohan to Saudi Arabia or Iran? In that way, we would never hear from her ever again.

YOU are a joke.

That girl is as dumb as a bag of hammers.


In 2008, Lohan had a guest spot on a now-canceled TV sitcom. In 2009, she had a movie released that grossed $723,811 in Romanian in Russia. She really should not be described as an actress any more.

90 days in jail = 6 days... remember that

The crazy thing about all this is I bet this isnt even her "rock bottom". And stop saying she looks like she's 35! 35 is smokin hot with a tan. Lets just call her a trainwreck that needs cleanin' up.

I didn't realize that the readers of the LA Times are so mentally ill that they enjoy the pain and suffering of others as is evidenced in preceding comments.

Don't worry though cause you are typical of most Americans, i.e. you are uncaring and have no empathy. Look at all the pain and suffering you caused in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obviously you enjoy watching the suffering of a girl you don't even know.

What happened to Americans which in the past, the distant past, cared about the world and would never act this way towards another human being?

Just a joke? Girl you are in no position to be joking around in court. And you wonder why the judge threw the book at you with 90 days.

Lohan is real piece of work. She is an addict who will do or say anything to avoid being sent into a confinement that prevents her from obtaining her drug of choice. I don't buy the explanation about the finger nail either. She has contempt for the courts and the judiciary who may hold her accountable for her unacceptable actions. This was another display of that contempt.

I agree she is a nitwit, She takes herself too seriously by thinking she has any talent. She can't act so she spends her time doing stupid stuff just to get attention. She better straighten up so she can start to earn a living so taxpayers do not have to support her in prison or on Medical/welfare when she isunemployable in her 40's plus. And with her history of drinking and doing drugs she is going to kill someone while under the influence. Her behavior is a symptom of the"famous for being noticed" problem with Hollywood "has beens" and "never been but wanting to bes". And the bankrupt media and shows like TMZ have made it worse.

If you can read what it says on Lindsay Lohan's fingernails, you're too darned close.

"Cruel and inhuman punishment?" Her narcissism knows no bounds.

I think Loahn needs someone to call for the Waaaambulance

Enough already with giving this junkie nobody free publicity! Turn her over to the tabloids & stick to real news.

Anonymous writes: "Obviously you enjoy watching the suffering of a girl you don't even know."

All I can say is Lohan is lucky she didn't kill someone while she was driving drunk. She's lucky the judge didn't revoke her license for life. And I don't think 90 days in jail and then 90 more days of forced rehab is suffering. What they oughta do is make her spend some time in the ER of any hospital when the victim of a drunk driver is wheeled in on a gurney. Then she'll know what suffering is.

First of all like some one had mentioned already she is in her mid 20's but she looks way older. I think all the parting has make her look like an older nasty looking woman but with no disrespect to older women all around cause I seen older women that look way,way better that she does. Linsay the fingernail expletive was joke not meant for the judge? but somehow I believe it was, but you know that old saying that says what goes around comes around. Why are you calling you sentence "cruel and inhuman punishment"? it would it been cruel and inhumain punishment for us to let you drive around while high on drugs and alchol. And why linked a Newsweek story about the stoning of an Iranian woman, is that the punishment are you asking to be handed to you instead of going to jail? I think all the aprting that you had done has kill the few brain cell you had, but also part of the fault that you turn out this way should reflect on your parents cause it shows the kind of parenting the gave you and I hope that your younger sibilings don't follow on your footeps.

I can't believe a person with warrents for her arrest for proabtion violations on dui's would comment here. WOW!

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