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Lohan says fingernail expletive was a joke, not a jab at judge

Lindsay Lohan in courtActress Lindsay Lohan wrote Wednesday that an expletive visible on her fingernail during the court hearing where she got 90 days in jail was a joke unrelated to the Beverly Hills case.

Lohan wrote on her Twitter account that the vulgarity on her middle fingernail "had nothing to do w/court. It's an airbrush design from a stencil xx."

As the actress told Judge Marsha N. Revel on Tuesday that she was taking the probation violation seriously, the expletive was captured by the courtroom photographer. It raised questions about the message she was sending.

In a series of Twitter messages, Lohan also wrote about "cruel and inhuman punishment," quoting from the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. She also linked to a Newsweek story about the stoning of an Iranian woman.

The fingernail was visible as Lohan wiped tears from her eyes during a last-ditch attempt to avoid jail after the judge decided the actress had violated her probation by failing to attend weekly alcohol education classes. Lohan's probation stems from a conviction for driving under the influence following two DUI incidents in 2007 during which she also tested positive for cocaine.

Lohan must surrender July 20.

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan. Credit: David McNew / Getty Images

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She has got to be either the most disconnected person on the planet or the dumbest! One or the other or both.

Is there any way a law can be passed the the press never again reports anything about this person or Paris Hilton?

Lindsay Lohan thinks she can do as she pleases and when she gets called on it by the court her response is to talk of cruel and inhuman punishment and link her "predicament" to the stoning of women in Iran. I have a suggestion for this empty headed bimbo---leave the cruel United States justice system and move to to Iran. If it is too rough there she may wish to try Saudi Arabia. In either case, it would be no loss to the United States if she would just leave and take her pathetic whining to another country.

If it was a joke, it wasn't very funny.

Iranian women have been stoned for violating religious edicts. Afghan women are intimidated by the Taliban from going to school. Some Egyptian women have acid thrown in their faces for a perceived slight to a suitor. Honor killings. Sati.

And poor Lindsay, sentenced to 90 days in jail for driving drunk, then violating her probation. Our justice system and our society are cruel and inhuman, indeed.

Lindsay Lohan. American Martyr.

Lindsey = Garbage.

90 days in jail as a violation of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights?

Really Lindsey? That is truly despicable and pathetic. Citing that declaration might be appropriate if you were sentenced to be skinned alive using a cat-o'-nine tails, or boiled alive in oil. NOT for a 90-day jail sentence.

I am sure you will be able to shop for the latest fashions when you finish your well earned service to the county jail system.

OH PLULEESE !! Do not try to spin this Lindsey. You knew very well you were going to appear in court. Your nail art was not a co-incident. And it was not respectful in any way. Try acting like an adult and accept that you need help.

Of course it was a joke. EVERYTHING with her is.

What is really sad is that she is... the joke

Does Lindsey really think that her current legal problems are the same as the "Stoning of an Iranian Woman"?? If that is so,,, she really needs to be institutionalized!

Just read the charges against her
any non celeb individual would of already have done their time at conviction please
the system needs to punish even the wealthy haves the same as the have nots. Its truly sickening to read or hear at random about a celebrity breaking the law and not paying the consequence for their actions

why is this even news and why are you reporting on it.

She's certifiably nuts now. Sad how drugs can completely disconnect rational and irrational thoughts, rewiring your thinking. Poor thing has to be suffering big on the inside. Don't like watching anyone go down the well-known path of true addiction. Sad circus.

hey judge, this low life got a joke over on you in your courtroom. what are you gonna do about it?

How does she manage to ruin every opportunity she gets in life?

This is clearly a case of the judge over reacting and trying to make a name. Lindsay is an actress who shoots films all around the world, confining her to attend rehab classes robs her of her ability to earn a living. Be strong Lindsay, even this shall pass and your star will forever shine.

Lohan is brilliant. She's obviously making sure the judge is insulted without insulting her in a way that is obvious. Her performance today got more attention than any role she has ever played before, and she'll be sure to be signed on to bad-girl movie roles in the future. Good for her. (Personally, I can't wait for the "Free Lindsey" t-shirts to go on sale on Melrose Ave.)

i am sorry to hear that..

So now she will serve a tiny fraction of her sentence while being treated with kid gloves in a local jail, with a cell all to herself, separate from the rest of the prison population. The joke is our justice system.

Martin, you need to be locked up with her. You play and get caught you need to pay.... Case closed. idiot!

C'mon, I think Donna Mills is looking really great these days! Oh, wait...that's NOT Donna? Oopsie. Never mind.

Lindsay Lohan is a human being like the rest of us. If we did what she did we'd be fined to the max and in jail sooner...

It's time that kids in Hollywood learn that they are NOT above the law... that said.. I hope she does get out earlier then 90 days which seems a bit much by Canadian Standards. We don't go to jail here. We get slapped with hefty fines and do community services instead.

In Lindsay's case a trip to jail might change her ways... It made a different in Paris Hilton's life, I believe it will help Lindsay have a reality check. Hopefully she won't ever let it happen again...

Judge over reacting, Martin, you need to be locked up with her. DUI and under the influence of cocain while driving.
Wake up you Idiot. I am sure you would not be saying this if she crashed and killed someonr you loved.

You play and get caught you pay. and it is about time these hi thinking celebs get throw into the slammer.

Poor little rich girl has to face the consequences of her actions. Life is tough.

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