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Lindsay Lohan ordered to jail; judge rules there will be no electronic monitoring, house arrest to reduce sentence


A judge in Beverly Hills ordered actress Lindsay Lohan to jail Tuesday morning and said there would be no electronic monitoring or house arrest that could reduce her 90-day sentence.

Lohan listened to the judge's orders soberly, a contrast to the last hearing in which she sobbed as the judge handed down the sentence for violating probation in a 2007 drunk-driving conviction.

Lohan will now be transported from the Beverly Hills courthouse to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood to serve her sentence.

By order of the court, cameras were turned off when Lohan was taken into custody inside the courtroom.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel earlier this month sentenced Lohan to jail, saying she had lied repeatedly to authorities and failed to attend weekly alcohol education classes that the court required when she pleaded guilty to the drunk-driving charge

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has not said exactly how long it plans to incarcerate Lohan, but authorities have said it could amount to 25% of her sentence.

Some speculate it could be even less, given jail overcrowding and the relatively minor nature of Lohan's probation violation.

-- Richard Winton and Abby Sewell in Beverly Hills and Sam Allen in Lynwood

Photo: Lindsay Lohan appears in court in Beverly Hills as she surrenders for a 90-day jail sentence for violating the terms of her probation on drunk-driving charges. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

Photos: Lindsay Lohan ordered to jail

Photos: Lindsay Lohan life in pictures

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She has had so many chances to change, with complete disregard to any orders placed on her. Maybe it's a waste of tax dollars, but maybe not. Perhaps she'll get scared straight while in jail. And we can live in a No LiLo news world.

While I don't agree that jail is the place for drug and alcohol addicts, maybe Ms. Lohan will finally wake up and grow up. Every day thousands are jailed for addiction problems. Like other posters, I believe this is a waste of taxpayer dollars. I don't feel sorry for her but I do hope she gets sober.

To Eileen, Your right, the judge had already made up her mind when she previously revoked Lohans probation and imposed the sentence. The court appearance to day was simply for Lohan to report to custody, not to revisit the issue of what the sentence would be! To Rick, I am afraid of drunk drivers, very afraid of drunk drivers, not just for myself and my kids, but for all who use the public roads, accordingly, Lohan is where we need her to be. JW

"There is a difference between those we are afraid of, and those we are mad at. Jail is the place for those we are afraid of, not those we are mad at."

I am afraid of drunk drivers.

The whole situation is just sad:

Sad that this young woman's life is in shambles, her fault or not, celebrity or not.

Sad that the taxpayers have to pay for the jollies of a media addicted, power hungry judge.

Sad that we, the public have such a fixation on celebrity

Yeah a $2000,000 fine would've served the state better... it is funny to see her realize the sun don't shine out of her rear end though! hahaha!

How in the world is Lindsay Lohan a danger to society, and why in the world could she not have been given the option of house arrest, the bureaucrat politicians want to teach her that she is government property, we need to start waking up to the tyranny, disgusting!

It seems to me the judge Revel is using this case for fame and attention for herself instead of applying the law. Someone needs to investigate her and her background. I would not be surprised if other interesting things showed up all serving herself while not really applying the law. It's time to do a little background check of judge Marsha Revel. Perhaps then she would end up behind bars?? Wouldn't that be interesting.

I know I feel safer with her off the streets. Good Job California.

It's stunning to me how casually Americans take drunk driving arrests. Here in Canada, it's a felony. People who have DUIs are not eligible to immigrate.

I don't think it's a waste of taxpayer dollars at all to have a repeat offender go to jail. Better that than have her kill someone while driving intoxicated.

rick m / tibby

It may come as a complete shock to you both, but some of us are indeed afraid of sharing the road with drunk drivers who use cocaine and scoff at the law.

Why do we care about this loser? For that matter, why did I read the story? I should get back to work.

What is it going to take? Her killing someone while driving under the influence for the people who think poor little lilo is being abused by the system.
What is it going to take? one of your friends who are hurt because they see her as a roll model?
You think it's not fair? 90 days? Taxes and all?
You might be right.

Newsflash for ya- most people do not understand the LAW and the justice system. They think they do, but they don't.
You get involved with the justice system and it eats individuals. You know the statue is blindfolded for a reason.
LiLo was disrespectful of the system. She was then disrespectful to the judge.

LiLo acts like a fourteen year old, but surprise she is an adult with all the penalties that go along with screwing up as an adult.

Really she begged to be made an example of. And the judge, to hold onto her credibility and to uphold the credibility of the system has to act the way she did.
Will jail get through to LiLo? probably not. But then the rest of us will see what happens when we might forget that the laws are for everyone and there is a way to ACT when one has the unfortunate experience to get caught up in the legal system.

Everytime I lay my eyes on Lindsay I get a stiffy.

we should save space in our jails for murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals. stupid media circus.

Any fingernail messages?

This has nothing to do with a win for the Judge, taxes on the residents of California or anything of the sort. It has to do with saving a young life when her parents, managers, agents and friends will not do so. The Judge stepped up and took charge when no one else would. She is trying to save a young girls life, a movie star who feels as though she could do whatever she wants because of who she is before she becomes another very sad statistic. Her attention seeking mother is in such denial as to the disease her daughter has and is enabling her 'to death'. The amount of alcohol and drugs her daughter ingests each day is a deadly combination and will eventually kill her if not stopped immediately. Instead of putting Lindsey down lets pray that while in jail or recovery she has an epiphany and becomes a statistic on the side of life.....

Ms. Lohan deserves our sympathy for the set backs in her life and some of the bone-headed decisions she has made but she also deserves our contempt for not obeying the law. She is being punished not for who she is but what she did to be punished. Everyone in America, if they consider the fairness of the punishment, will agree she is getting what she deserves. Nothing more, nothng less.

I saw L.L.'s father on Larry King. He was in prison for 5 years! His verbal demeanor was that of a sociopath making rationalizations about his conduct.
L.L 's "A chip off the old block." She should never take any drugs or pharmaceuticals!

To all you people who think it's a waste of money to incarcerate Lindsay Logan, would you also think so if she was an African-American male from South L.A.?

Lock the white trash idiot up, throw away the key & keep her out of the news!

Lindsay in jail= my tax dollars well spent!

This judge is a baffoon. Anyone else goes to jail for a day or two for such a minor issue.

Now we the tax payer get screwed by an idiotic judgey that want it's 15 seconds of fame. No wonder normal people are so disgusted with the likes of the pin head bureaucrats.

It is about time this woman is sentenced, if this had been anyone else we would have been in custody on the spot. Let's get real she wants to be an adult... ADULTS take responsibility and act like one

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