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Lindsay Lohan booked into jail; facility goes into lockdown, worker says [Updated]

Lindsay Lohan's booking photo. Credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department An "extremely cooperative" Lindsay Lohan was booked into a Lynwood jail shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday, a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman said.

[For the record at 12:27 p.m.: A previous version of this post stated that Lohan was booked into jail Wednesday. She entered the facility on Tuesday.]

The Sheriff's Department was reviewing the judge's order in the actress' probation-violation case, and the length of Lohan's sentence could be announced later Tuesday, said the spokesman, Steve Whitmore.

"The crowd out here is a little unusual," Whitmore said after Lohan's arrival at the Century Regional Detention Facility. "But inside, it's business as usual."

After the booking, Lohan entered the jail's triage, where she is to receive a standard medical and psychological evaluation, Whitmore told media members gathered outside the jail.

State guidelines for handling prisoners would apply to the actress, although "people with notoriety are kept away" from the general jail population for security purposes, he said.

Nancy Lozano, an employee at the detention center, said the building went into lockdown when Lohan arrived. Lozano said she and other employees in the jail's work release program were asked to leave early, and inmates were held in their cells without restroom privileges or recreation time.

"All for this girl," said Lozano, 31, of Maywood.

Lozanol said the only other time she had seen such strict measures at the jail was when Paris Hilton arrived there three years ago.

At the Beverly Hills courthouse where Lohan surrendered shortly after 8:30 a.m. to begin serving her time, her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, said the actress had completed court-ordered alcohol education classes and accepted her jail term.

"She is scared, as anyone would be, but she is resolute," Holley said. "She asks for prayers and support. ... She has accepted responsibility."

Although earlier there had been confusion over which attorney would represent Lohan in court, Holley said Robert Shapiro, who at one point had said he was Lohan's new attorney, was only a consultant to the actress.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Judge Marsha Revel last month sentenced Lohan to 90 days in jail for violating probation on a drunk-driving conviction.

Deputy Dist. Atty, Danette Meyers, who prosecuted Lohan, said the sentence was "was appropriate in this case."

"The message to the public is don't drink and drive," she said. "If you do drink and drive, and you're punished for it, complete the programs."

Lohan showed little reaction as she was remanded to jail. She stood and was handcuffed, the clicking of the metal restraints echoing across the silent courtroom.

She briefly looked over her shoulder toward her mother, Dina, and younger sister, Ali. Tears rolled down Ali's cheeks as a female deputy escorted Lohan from the courtroom.

A short distance away, her father, Michael Lohan, called out, "We love you, Lindsay."

[Updated: L.A. County Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said that there was no lockdown in the Century Regional Detention Facility when Lindsay Lohan arrived Tuesday, only a “restriction of movement” of other inmates. In the original post, Lozano, an inmate who works in the facility’s work release program, had described the situation as a lockdown and compared it to the security measures taken when Paris Hilton arrived there in 2007. Whitmore said that Lozano was not at the facility at the same time as Hilton.]

-- Sam Allen in Lynwood and Richard Winton in Beverly Hills

Photo: Lindsay Lohan is booked into a Lynwood jail. Credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

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Early release due to overcrowded prisons? Well, when not schedule this type of offenders to full jail terms when there is room for them. Even if it takes years to do so!!! This 84 minutes in jail crap is not going to deter these offenders from their reckless behavior. And how about building another prison. Looks at all the jobs that would create.

Thanks for the blog, but today is Tuesday and you misspelled your interviewee's name. C'mon now!


This will be the first time this silly little skank has ever been east of La Brea Av. Lynwood! Can you imagine the humiliation for this coddled little strumpet?

"shortly after 10 a.m. Wednesday, "...

Except: it's Tuesday.

Kind of threw me there for a second.

I work across the street from the Beverly H ills courthouse, & the mob of media outside this morning was incredible; and all for some washed-up wanna-be celebrity.

May she rot in jail while she makes friend's with Big Bertha.

If anyone is wondering why Lindsay Lohan is the way she is take a look at her parents. On Long Island we call the SSWT.
South Shore White Trash. That poor kid has no chance.

This chick is John Belushi with breasts.


If you look in her eyes, they look empty, souless. Very sad thatsuch a talented kid screwed herself into the ground. SHes done in Hollywood....

She honestly looks healthy and happy. Go back and watch "Mean Girls." This is a talented actress with charisma in surplus. I hope she grows out of the pharmaceuticals and taps into her natural abilities-- Hollywood needs her.

I don't think Daylight Flourescent Orange is her color!


I feel sorry for her. I pray for her. For she is a good human like everybody else.

You can see she is still a child. Grown up with to much fame and mony. You could say she is kind of abused in that way by her parents. Only to make money. Who are not toghetter anymore. Wich makes it more difficult for her. Espacialy with her dad. Is she getting love with all the camera's, media attention, drugs, partying and scandals?

Another excample of a talent that is destroyed by fame, drugs and stuff. Her mother is spending more time on family reality shows then on her daugters. Nice. She will learn from it.

But I worry. She has allready gone to far. She could bounce back. But after a few years she will turn into the old habbit. She was and is to young for all this fame. Look at Britney and Michael Jackson. It doens't end up in a happy way. All the fame and money will hunt them all down.

And in the end they all chased temperaly happiness. Permanent happiness lies in the spiritual path. Not the material earthbound stuff.

Ohm shante.

Enough said, "If you do drink and drive, and you're punished for it, complete the programs."

And she's ugly, too.

no matter what she is an example to young people. people want to be like her - why can there be newer celebs that are positive in what they present of themselves to the public? instead its just a reflection of a getto mentality that they seem to live up too. opps, my times up, need to get another neck tattoo now during my lunch hour.

The authorities can spend all this time and money over her, yet never seem to be able to do the same for the illegal aliens who commit the same crime and are never prosecuted.

This seems ridiculous to me. They are not sending her to jail for the DUI or any other offenses, they are sending her to jail because of a probation violation.

This sentence is evidence of people getting pleasure out of others' misfortune. She should absolutely be treated like any other person who has broken the law, but aren't the jails and prisons to protect the public? Do people think she is a threat?

Im scared for Lindsay, I think this girl is a much better human being than all of you who are happy to see someone so broken. You should be ashamed of yourselves, all that hate in your soul.

I almost felt sorry for her. Not really


Give the girl some credit. She hasn't shot anyone, she hasn't OD'd and killed herself (yet), and though she probably would like to, she hasn't mowed down a group of paparazzi on the sidewalk with her car......yet.

And, she hasn't become an unwed mother.

So.....if your kid became an unwed mother, hold your negative comments regarding Lindsay at least until she measures up to your daughters' standards.

WHO CARES?????!!!!!!!

Not that I'm in favor of giving prisoners the same kind of comforts you would expect in a Ritz-Carlton, but I think it's outrageous that they have to be put on some special lockdown just because Lindsay Lohan is now one of the prisoners. I also would not be in favor of isolating her from the other prisoners. I think she could learn something mingling with the other inmates. If she doesn't want to hang out with people she doesn't like, then she needs to obey the law just like the rest of us. She needs to get it through her thick skull that she is not above the law and she's not special either.

Geeezzzz The sentence is for 90 days and every one is acting like she's getting the death penalty. Sorry it's only a 3 month sentence!!! She shouldn't receive ANY preferential treatment. It's utter crap that "inmates were held in their cells without restroom privileges or recreation time."

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