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Lindsay Lohan at same jail as member of 'bling ring' that robbed her home

As Lindsay Lohan begins her sentence Tuesday at a Lynwood jail, she is not the only tabloid subject at the facility.

Alexis Neiers, the 19-year-old Calabasas woman best known for her E! Entertainment reality show "Pretty Wild, is serving a 180-day sentence for felony first-degree residential burglary of Orlando Bloom’s home.

She had pleaded no contest to charges against her in connection with the "bling ring" burglary crew that targeted celebrity homes, including Lohan’s Hollywood Hills residence.

Whether the two women will be in the same module at the Century Regional Detention Facility remains to be seen.

“I am not commenting on who would or would not be in the same module as any inmate in the Century Regional Detention Facility or for that matter anywhere in the L.A. County jail system,” said Steve Whitmore, a sheriff’s spokesman.

Lohan has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her probation on a drunk-driving conviction.

Neiers began serving her sentence last month and, according to accounts from her family, is having a tough time at jail. Her mother, Andrea Arlington, regularly posts Twitter updates on her daughter. Her mother said family members initially did not get to visit Neiers because of a broken elevator.

Arlington says jail food and conditions have been arduous for the 5-foot-6 Neiers, who usually weighs about 100 pounds. “She has lost 8 lbs. since she is in there from being so sick and from not being able to keep down the food,” Arlington posted earlier this month. “Typically I don't advise candy bars, but I told her she better buy some next time she gets to order commissary and start putting on some weight before she disappears!”

Arlington said Neiers was also struggling to get a razor. “She was not lying when she said that her leg hair was almost long enough to braid and proudly showed us all!,” Arlington reported after a jail visit. “Orange is a great color on her and is the color of her jumpsuit, she added, saying her daughter is still smiling."Orange is the new Black!"

-- Richard Winton

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There is a tv host named Jane Velez Mitchell who used to be a big alcoholic. she has a show on CNN headline news and will be talking all about Lindsay tonight--from an addicts perspective. The show is called issues, and usually has pretty good guests.


NOTHING makes me happier than seeing these idiots behind bars (the jail type) where they belong.... May they rot there..... Enjoy it girls..... The people are LOVING THIS!!!!!!

Poetic justice, 2 spoiled, useless brats in the same jail.

Poetic justice, 2 spoiled, useless brats in the same jail.

This information is not correct. Alexis was never a suspect in any of the other Bling Ring Robberies, and accepted a plea bargain bc facing a jury with Orlando Bloom testifying against her and a maximum prison sentence of 6 years in state prison for a crime she never committed was not recommended by her attorney Jeff Rubenstein. You people should get your facts straight if you are journaling the truth. Her story has never been told, but it will be and your readers and the rest of the world will understand she is innocent.

@Andrea Neiers: No on in their right mind pleads NO CONTEST when they are actually innocent. The term NO CONTEST means the person does not refute the charges, but also does not claim guilt for the charges- which I'm sure her attorney explained to her. Alexis and you both know that she's not innocent, but like all other want-to-be celebrities, you guys are not willing to accept personal responsibility for your actions.

Hahaha they are not innocent at all...they are both guilty of being over privileged celebrities who think they can do and get away with whatever they want! F'n spoiled brats who's parents have failed at parenthood!

@ Andrea Neiers

Ya right, rich innocent white girls always take plea deals for crimes they didn't commit because they are so disadvantaged by the justice system.

Alexis is just a spoiled little fame whore who got caught. Hopefully her sentencing will provide a deterrence for all the vapid little girls out there who look up to the likes of a Lohan.

They should put Lindsay in the same cell with Alexis, they both deserve each other.

By the way, since Alexis is serving a 180-day jail sentence, does that mean she'll only serve 45 days? If she's expected to serve her entire sentence, then Lindsay needs to serve her entire 90 days as well.

Poor Lindsay will she be allowed to touch up the roots of her urine yellow hair omg I hope so lol ...bottom line Who Cares !!!!

@ Andrea Neiers


She is in jail. She is guilty.

Hey Andrea Neiers, these little monsters are YOUR making!!!!! I've seen the show in passing, you are nothing but a manufacturer of horrid little Prostitutes to be.... selling them off for a buck or two of fame... You and your little starlet family are gross... I feel so sorry for the girls.... it's not their fault, it is the fault of YOU and your money making schemes. The Worst kind of parent. I bet you wish you were them so you could sell yourself, but nobody wants you, so you sell off the kids, at their expense. Pathetic at best..... They should be taken away from you....

@ Andrea - I love you and your girls. I hope Alexis makes it through ok.

oh just gross.

after reading that mothers whining it shows why her daughter is in the position she is in. your daughter put herself in there. what did she expect! a stay over at disney land. maybe when she gets out she will see the light but with a mother like you it does not look good. as a child my parents told my sister and me if you get in trouble its your fault dont expect help. it worked both of us dont drink, smoke or ever did drugs. we both graduated college and have good jobs. why, because of our parents not some twitter account!

Andrea Neiers....right. All innocent people take a 180 days in jail instead of proving their innocence. I am sure your fame hungry, money grubbing family will be selling all access to the stories fostered in jail to any and all who are willing to be buyers of the filth.

Good riddance to your kind, and I hope your sister gets to stay the entire 180 days. Maybe it will show you that crime doesn't pay, oh wait, I guess it will pay since you will 'whore out' the book and movie rights.

@Andrea Neiers, Your daughter would be so much better off if you encouraged her to take responsibility for her actions. Being drunk is not an excuse. Lots of people are drunk when they commit crimes in fact more crimes are alcohol and drug related than not. She was caught on videotape in the house and we all saw her carrying that stolen Marc Jacobs bag. She will never move past this if you don't make her own up to her mistakes. What is even worse is that she is using this crime for publicity. It is just sick. It is tough to watch your kid suffer but she will suffer so much more if you don't stand up to her. I saw you defend her and she got so angry with you and she was so disrespectful. Stand up to her now before it is too late.

I find it so funny that all of you can be so insulting to the morals of someone you have never met and only know through a TV show all while displaying yourselves as rude and judgmental. Judge your own selves rather than people you don't know.

Lindsay needs to do the full 90 days for her own good.
However, it looks like that will not happen.
The system will fail Lohan if she is let out early and does not learn her lesson because of it.
I hope for the best.

George Vreeland Hill


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