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Feinstein backs effort to defeat marijuana legalization

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California’s senior senator, has lent her support to the campaign to defeat Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization measure on the state’s November ballot.

The prominent Democrat, first elected to the Senate in 1992, signed the ballot argument against the initiative. On Monday, she issued a statement through the opposition campaign calling the measure “a jumbled legal nightmare that will make our highways, our workplaces and our communities less safe.”

Roger Salazar, spokesman for Public Safety First, said the opposition committee sought Feinstein’s support.

“She’s one of the most respected figures in California,” he said. “She has a great history with law enforcement and dealing with this type of issue. We’re looking at a bipartisan effort.”

Proposition 19 would allow adults 21 and older to possess, grow and transport marijuana, and would allow cities and counties to regulate and tax commercial sales. Most of the state’s top elected officials and candidates for statewide office — from both major parties — are against the initiative.

Dale Sky Clare, a spokesman for Tax Cannabis 2010, the committee behind the measure, said it was not surprising that Feinstein and other statewide politicians opposed it.

“I’m just not putting a lot of faith in politicians to lead,” she said. “The voters have always led on this issue.”

-- John Hoeffel

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Per capita use is lower in the Netherlands vs. the USA. Legalization would probably decrease use. Feinstein is a war profiteer and I'm surprised a disgruntled vet or out of work californian hasn't reached out to her yet.

Dianne sweetie; you just lost my vote.
This money toilet has been running for to long.
Time to jiggle the handle.

"Instead, I predict that the Feds will allow it to pass, as to them this is simply a minor "inconvienence". Then, instead of "raiding" the state, they will simply threaten to suspend all future funding for Interstate Highway infrastructure (maintenance, additions, and general upkeep). "

The Fed isn't in any rush to help out the states ANYWAY. No big loss there.

When I get to the Prop 19 part of the ballot, I'll be voting "yes". When I get to the Feinstein part of the ballot, I might just skip it.

She lost me when she was "pro-torture" so this pretty much hits the nail into the coffin. It's almost like California politicians only have one solution for solving our budget crisis - cuts into everything except law enforcement. When arresting potheads is more important than teaching children you know your state is headed down the wrong track. This woman (along with pretty much anybody that is a politician in this mess of a state - ESPECIALLY LA POLITICIANS) needs to be voted out!

Dear Dianne Feinstein: I've voted for you in every election since I turned 18. You just lost a loyal supporter. As a respected democrat who KNOWS how BROKE California is - you seriously disappoint me! VOTE YES ON PROP 19 in November people!!!!!!

Diane, what about the drug war along our southern border, because of the US market for the illegal stuff? What about huge percentage of jail occupants who are in for possession and minor trafficking? Arnold has to farm out prisoners to other states because our prisons are overflowing. What's the richest union in California, Diane? California Prison Guards Union, maybe?

I don't know how decriminalizing something makes it dangerous to anything. We are adults. We know not to show up to work drunk, or under the influence of ANYTHING, including cough medicine, out of fear of not being productive.

It seems to me that this is a disengenous action not just by DiFi (who lost my vote a LONG time ago) but also by this anti 19 organization. I would hate to be stuck in the 1920's also.

And someone cares what this old rich fossil cares about marijuana?
The Senate and California will be rid of Lady Di soon enough.....Lets wish her a great Bon Voyage....

Someone help me here. Since it's on the ballet, isn't it up to the voters to decide in November, not the politicians? I understand she is lobbying support against the measure at this stage. But more directly put, if the majority of people vote yes on Proposition 19 in November, can the politicians still kill it? Any info on this is appreciated.

hmmm. i now back efforts to defeat feinstein's reelection.

Well...DiFi lost my vote with all the torture/wiretapping nonsense. But on the upside, about 2 out of the 81 (now 82) comments we're against 19. So according to this article, the measure has about 97.5% support.

I think its time for the LA Times to commission a new poll.

Only the bravest of politicians (or lame ducks) will endorse Prop. 19. The rest are worried about what would happen if the proposition fails and they are on record as having supported it.

Let's put it this way: It would be insane for somebody who favors Prop. 19 to also vote Republican, or waste their votes on a Green or Libertarian, who almost never win. The nightmare scenario would be to pass 19, and then also elect Whitman, Fiorina and (gasp!) Steve Cooley and ask them to implement it!

Cannabis usage will neither rise, nor fall with the passage of Prop. 19 because everybody who wants to use cannabis already does so. For those who abstain because of workplace rules, nothing will change. I don't know of one person who wants to use cannabis, who abstains, simply because it's illegal.

So, I'll forgive Feinstein, Boxer, and Brown for protecting their political hides, and vote for them, as I also vote for Prop. 19.

But then again, even if it passes, I don't expect much to change then either. The outcome will be the same as what happened in Alaska when they re-legalized cannabis years ago.

Diane Feinstein is right, and the Pot Lobby is wrong. Just read Prop 19 and see how it is badly written, vague, and filled with conflicting statements. It could mean almost anything - and the pot dealers will use it as an excuse to set up pot stores next to schools, sell pot to kids, and anything else they want to do. That's why Prop 19 is going to lose by a big margin. Once people find it what's actually in it, they turn against it in large numbers. Looking forward to November!

She is history anyway!!I say legalize it and Tax it.Makes you wonder how much the politicians actually have their hand in it some how.Marijuana legalization would hit the Cartels income by 60% over night.The American people decide not MaM Boxer

We live in the 21st century. Where do some adults get off telling other adults how to live, what they can and cannot do with their time, their money, their bodies?

Who is rather mentally ill Dianne Feinstein that she believes she has moral authority to dictate morality to adults.

The days of politicians meddling into the private affairs of adults must come to an end.

Well, then, I am joining the effort to defeat Ms Feinstein. Cannabis prohibition is a crime against humanity. Repeal it. Yesterday.

Richard P Steeb, San Jose

Clearly, she's past her prime and ready for pasture. Then again, no politicians seem to support Prop. 19. If the people vote for it, politicians will figure ways to stall it. No doubt the Feds will come in and throw states rights out the window. Forbid a medicinal plant, but tobacco and alcohol and assorted opiate derivatives and barbiturates...sure, those are cool because corporate America produces those....

Good for you Senator Feinstein, Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer, Meg Whitman, Kamala Harris, Steve Cooley. Responsible people of either party would not promote another unhealthy smoked drug through an unworkable initiative. Once you read it, you would see why! It doesn't establish any taxes or regulations--every city would have to spend months and months to decide on regulations--and that is just one problem with this initiative.

By the way, she is not running this year, so you can't NOT vote for her!

how exactly is this supposed to make highways less safe? By preventing cops from shooting it out with people who are commiting victimless crimes? Or maybe by making the meantally ill more stable behind the wheel?

She is an example of the misinformed legislators who thrive on further promoting fear throughout the nation. They are focusing on the vote of the Reagan era citizens who still think a pothead will try to rob them. I can't stand these types, they'd rather make themselves "look" like a saint than get their hands dirty and make some real power moves. They flow with the current instead of trying to manage to find a new path. This is the problem with today's politics, especially when it comes to trying to fix the economy; people are too slow to act but will sit and deliberate on everything until the cows come home. I say let them allow the cartels to run the show and we can bury those caught in the aftermath. Only through changing the laws on such substances can we reduce violence. It's not like we're safer with all the alcoholics driving through our streets. Thats why I don't even pay attention to what these laws say. Marijuana and hemp production was only made illegal to help paper producers maintain their riches. Now if we all started growing it , 1) Decrease in Prescription Meds, 2) Paper companies would go bankrupt, 3) Use it for food, 4) Its Seeds for Oil, 5) Make clothing. But we wouldn't wanna do that now would we?

I'm so glad that these idiotic, puppet politicians are outing themselves so eagerly. It will make it so much easier to vote them out of office when the time comes.

Feinstein should go the way of the dinosaur! She is clearly out of touch with reality! The simple reality is that maintaining marijuana prohibition does FAR MORE HARM than simply allowing the millions of people around the world to use it recreationally or for personal medical usage.

She needs to go, pot is sooooo much better than alcohol

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