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Family of man shot by police in Yorba Linda wants answers

A week after his brother was shot and killed by police outside his parents' home in Yorba Linda, James Collender said his family is still waiting for answers.

Julian Stanley Collender, 25, died from a single gunshot wound at 12:25 a.m. June 30. Brea Police had been waiting outside the home on the 24000 block of Avenida de Marcia after receiving a tip connecting Julian Collender to an armed robbery earlier that evening, Sgt. Bill Smyser said.

One shot was fired at Collender, Smyser said. Police have not said whether Collender was armed.

The Orange County District Attorney is investigating the incident. The investigation could take weeks or months to complete, spokeswoman Farrah Emami said.

James Collender, 32, does not live in the home but said his parents were there when the shooting occurred. They still don't know why police fired at Julian, James said.

"We have no idea and no information," he said. "We're hurt and lost; we feel like it's a violation."

When asked if he thought Julian had been wrongfully accused of the robbery James replied, "I think there's a lot more to the story."

Funeral services for Julian Collender will be held Wednesday, James Collender said.

A vigil in honor of Julian is planned for Thursday at 5:30 p.m. outside the Brea Police Station.

-- Sam Allen

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While the family seeks answers to why Julian Collender was shot, would they also explain why Julian Collender was involved in an armed robbery earlier that evening?

@ John Mendez - do you have proof positive that Julian Collender was involved in the robbery or are you making assumptions.

Sounds to me like you and the police no longer believe in innocent until proven guilty.

Kindly keep your half baked thoughts to yourself.

Julian was a very nice young man, and my heart goes out to his family.

Julian was not arrested. He did not receive a trial. And he's dead, so he never will. Therefore, John, your question is completely irrelevant.

Meanwhile, I live on Ave. de Marcia, and I'd really like to know why one of my neighbors was shot. I want answers.

Your forget to mention the firearms that were found before he was shot.
The statement's of the people that said he robbed them.

Just what did he do that resulted in a police officer having to discharge his firearm to protect himself?

As his brother said, there is a lot more to this story and odd's are it will not paint a good picture.

Interesting to see what a toxicology report shows for drug usage.

Your hafe baked comment to the other post is typical. If someone does not agree with you our your position then of course they must be stupid.
After all even though you were not there you know all that happened.

@justathought, put in some thought. Where in this article does it say firearms were found before the shooting or any other article related to this? The article said the cops have not said whether or not he was armed. They found firearms in the home after the incident.

@Chris, what world do you live in? OJ was found not guilty, yet millions of fools still refer to him as a murderer.

@Tommy, in your opinion, it's okay that he didn't have a chance to receive a fair trial because the accuser knew where he lived? You do realize that even if the three accusers stated he did it, by law, the accused has the right to a trial, and there has to be ample evidence to back the accusers' claim (and not in every case has the accuser been genuine). Comparing this case to OJ isn't quite the case of apples to apples is it? What world do YOU live in? The information given in this article and every related one is vague. It is not fair to judge if a man's life is worthy in this matter. It should be a responsibility no one should want bestowed upon them.

@--, you should learn to read. I never said it was OK. I said it's the world we live in.

A 32 year old who hasn't been called mentally handicapped by his family sounds like a real straight shooter who would never compromise himself by stealing...what the hell do most people who are 32 and living with their parents do???

Oh, and how often does a suspect die from a single gunshot wound? That alone to me shows a high level of restraint from the officers involved. How many times have we seen unarmed or armed men gunned down by dozens of rounds from several officers unloading their weapons in a panic?

The real answer here is things like this don't happen too often in what the residents affectionately refer to as the 'brea bubble' and therein lies the issue here. People are not used to shootings and robberies here, they weep and beg for the police when any wrongdoing befalls them and condemn them at any moment it feels convenient.

I don't feel bad for anyone who doesn't listen to a police officer. If you have done nothing wrong you don't need to run or resist arrest.

Guess what? If you don't do anything wrong no cop will shoot you.

Tommy, being found not guilty of a murder, does not mean you did not do it. It just means either you did not do it, or you got away with it.

Gee, Southoc, thanks for stating the obvious. What I'm saying is, "innocent until proven guilty" is merely an idealistic notion that most people don't truly believe in. If they did, they wouldn't refer to OJ as a murderer.

@ pious agnostic

learn to read. the man shot was 25 not 32. His brother is 32 and it even says does not live in the home. Once you learn to read pick up a bible

is it true that James Collender is an FBI agent(the 32 yr old brother)

@JVT - No, his brother wants to go into the FBI but is not an agent.

Becca you're wrong - your info is false- he is FBI


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