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Expletive written on Lindsay Lohan's fingernail raises new questions

Lanow.lohan While a weeping Lindsay Lohan told a judge in Beverly Hills on Tuesday that she respected the court process, the actress was sending a different kind of message with her fingernail.

An expletive comment written neatly on one of Lohan's middle fingernails was captured by a courtroom photographer. It's unclear whether Judge Marsha N. Revel saw the expletive during the hearing, which ended with her sentencing Lohan to 90 days in jail for probation violations.

Revel said Lohan had repeatedly lied to the court -- and violated the terms of her probation.

Lohan addressed Revel, insisting she was taking the hearing seriously.

"I am not taking this as a joke, it's my life and career. I don't want to you to think I don't respect you and your terms," Lohan told the court.

The nail was visible as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Lohan must surrender July 20. The words were written over Lohan's multicolored nail polish. Lohan's probation stems from a conviction for driving under the influence following two DUIs in 2007 during which she also tested positive for cocaine.

--Richard Winton

Photo: Pool photo by David McNew

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She seems to like pushing buttons. Now her button is getting the push.

imo whenever someone listens to expletives in a rap song they are actually having some one disrespect them at their own doing. curse words swarming around you says a lot of littleness about you. who would want to walk around with a curse word on their person? it's sick! sadly this is where many(not all) of our young people are going - - parents are not bringing up children to respect themselves first and foremost.

Well, she is going onto a new home for 90 days. She can rehab for 90 days and see how it goes. If the polish on her finger nails gets her a couple of months, it is an extended vacation. Good for you Lindsay. You knew 90 days is not enough and wanted to let the judge know that you need more time to reflect. Hehehe. Enjoy your long vacation.

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Ms Lohan is simply putting on another performance. Fortunately, the critic in question, Her Honor Judge Revel, gave it a big thumbs down.

LiLo has gotten a pass so many times over the years, its insane. She's like a kid caught doing something wrong and is now trying to wriggle her way out of it.

Well, LiLo, you need to live with the consequences of your actions, and that artistic turn on your middle fingernail shows that you haven't quite figured this out yet.

Not surprising coming from such a trashy no talent loser drunk alcoholic before she is even 20.

Did she have contempt for the court?

The judge couldn't read Lindsay's fingernail, only photographers' lenses could zoom in to see it, and I suspect that the cameras in the courtroom were the target of the expletive because of that fact.

Awwww. The poor girl probably didn't even know they were there.

The judge should have slapped Little Ms. Drama Queen with an additional 90 days for contempt of court for the expletive comment on her fingernail.

I'm telling you, this girl doesn't respect nothhing. This was long overdue for her to pay and begin the true rehab- in Jail!!

She continues to mock the system, oblivious to the fact she has severely damaged, if not ruined, her career.

Goes to show you this young lady has a looong way in maturing her childish behavior. First thing to address is being responsible for her actions and not pointing fingers at any unforeseen incidents. Jail time is her only wakeup call at this time

I doubt that Judge Revel was aware of Lohan's childish, passive-aggressive, contempt of court gesture. If she knew about it, I'm sure Lohan would have been escorted to jail immediately rather than recieving the gift (yes, gift)of two weeks to organize her life before starting her jail sentence. Wouln't be surprised if Judge Revel issues a bench warrent for LiLo today.

Big deal....another spoiled child of privilege ....With half the world going to bed hungry ....BP...wars, famines....blockades and the like...who really gives a poop about this spoiled brat? Should have been 90 years for her own protection...but then again...I am paying for it..

Hopefully other drug addicts and alcoholics will see this young woman straighten up her life. If she serves a quarter of her sentence she should attend an inpatient rehab clinic on her dime afterward. Money and fame should not allow this woman, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, et. al. to circumvent our legal system.

Lindsay who?

Has it occurred to anyone that this girl was very poorly raised, and is now acting out stuff she should've gotten over in middle school? Including the expletive written on her nail? As Garagos said on GMA, this is a medieval punishment for a kid who is their own primary victim, and clearly needs help. Lots of help, and actual caring, over an extended period of time. I doubt jail is going to provide this.

The media sure is having a field day with her courtroom episode. It's all very sad, but ya can't exactly say she didn't ask for it. I'm glad the judicial system will no longer enable her bad behavior.

Time to grow up Lindsay. The law is not something to play with.

We should all be grateful to Ms. Lohan's self destruction for the sake of our daily celebrity-tragedy fix.

Poor Lindsey -- She got snared in this evil spider trap system and can't get out of the trap. A three year old probation thing? From 2007?
Give me a break. Doesn't the court have better things to do?

Why not go after all the weed dealers who have stayed open and continue to sell their weed in spite of being told to stop.?
Why not go after human traffickers and the sex slave trade?
They just want to make an example of her.

what's really sad are all the comments on this page that are rooted in judgement.

how ironic is it that her courtroom display was the best acting she has ever done in her life. hahahaaa

Raises questions about what?

She's a chld surrounded by idiots. She didn't paint her fingernails herself, but it's OK, because the nail artist that was so clever on her own, or at Lilo's request, will be working for the 3 days (out of 90?!?!?) Lilo spends in jail.

Unfortunately, she really is a harm to society, but she won't be able to serve her full sentence because some kid who had his rights violated by a cop during an illegal stop/search is sitting in jail for possession of an un-smoked marijuana cigarette.

The War on Drugs is a joke - and Lilo has the punchline on her well photographed finger nails.

Let's hope she gets shanked in jail, so we can stop wasting precious police , court and probation resources on her.

And hopefully, the shank will have an "ironic" word scraped into it, when it is found. "Lush" or "Energy Vampire" are some of my suggestions for the local shank maker.

I am all for treatment and incarceration when treatment doesn't work, but serving little to no time in a private jail cell (not even PRISON CELL) is not a deterrent, as is evidenced by LiLo's "clever" fashion statement. But her in solitary in some hell hole of a prison.... she'll be safe.


"the system" is playing it's game with her. They play it with run-of-the-mill criminals, too. It's called giving you enough rope to hang yourself with. Her ankle monitor was the last little piece of hers. Whether she takes her "quiet time" to fume or reflect will decide her future.

They let you get away with small thing after small thing... eventually, you get cocky about what you can get away with, do something big and stupid, and you get nailed with as much as they can possibly nail you with.

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