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Despite immigration crackdown, key Latino legislator backs sale of fairgrounds to Costa Mesa


A member of the Legislature’s powerful Latino caucus said state lawmakers do not intend to block the planned sale of the state-owned Orange County Fairgrounds to Costa Mesa based on the city’s controversial stance on illegal immigration.

Assemblyman Jose Solorio (D-Santa Ana) of the Latino Legislative Caucus said that he and other lawmakers are disappointed that the City Council declared Costa Mesa a “rule of law” city, but want the best deal for taxpayers when it comes to the fairgrounds sale.

“I think we’re at the stage that the city has worked in good faith with the state of California,” Solorio said. “And at this point, I’m going to sit down with both the city and the state to learn about the agreement and make sure it’s good for the residents of Orange County, and also good for the taxpayers of California, and find out if I could possibly help the city move forward with the proposal.”

Solorio did not say if his fellow Latino Legislative Caucus members will take the same direction to help the city acquire the 150 acres.

“I think that’s a separate conversation, and I’m very displeased that the City Council took that action,” Solorio said. “But as you know, I’ve been working for a long time on this Orange County issue, and I owe it to the residents of Orange County to look at the proposal and see if it makes sense for Orange County residents and the state of California."

Last week, the state announced it had tentatively accepted Costa Mesa’s $96-million offer after months of negotiations. In an effort to save taxpayers’ money, the city reached a deal with Facilities Management West, a Newport Beach-based real estate company, that plans to finance the purchase and operate the fairgrounds. Although Costa Mesa will not have much oversight over the day-to-day operations of the fairgrounds, the city will financially benefit from the deal.

Costa Mesa Councilwoman Katrina Foley commended Solorio for his position. “I would expect nothing less from Jose, he’s a reasonable guy,” she said. “To me, this is a nonissue. There’s more important things they are dealing with right now, like a major budget crisis. The issue is simply political grandstanding. Hopefully, everyone saw it for what it was and is going to be practical and pragmatic in terms of the fairgrounds.”

-- Mona Shadia

Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

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We would expect nothing less from such a spineless politician. Mr. Solorio is about principal, but only to a point.

Let's see if the folks packaging this deal donated to Mr. Solorio's re-election. I'm sure the answer is yes.

Resident of the 69th Assembly District

Yes Mr. Solorio, just terrible that Costa Mesa wants to be a "Rule of Law" city. How dare they.

Wait. An California legislator in the United States of America is disappointed an American city declares itself a Rule Of Law city. Rule of Law. That sounds safe.

The Latino Legislative Caucus sounds un-American. Why are they tolerated?

Yeah, here's another explanation: California is so dead-broke with so little left to sqeeze out of the taxpayers, that even a Democrat can figure out that there's nothing left to do but execute, in this rare instance, logical business sense. But don't hold your breath expecting a repeat of this miracle. They don't strike twice you know.


In case you have not noticed, Costa Mesa is one of the few cities in Southern California that is still run reasonably well. Not perfect, but better than most. Budgets are in better shape. Crime is lower on average. Much less tagging. Or does this bother you?

This is actually pretty cool of Solorio...the state could have really screwed us by selling to scumbag developers. That area is a nice quirky local place to see bands, speedway and the swap meet....not to mention an occasional drive in movie.

Thanks Jose.

Where's the "Anglo Legislative Caucus"? We're "minorities" in California too. Or does minority privilege not count when it's applied to us?

When it comes down to money all birds are the same, and you are not any different. Our state is having financial problems, and you want to stand on principle.

This article is proof that California has become a balkanized state. Balkanization is where political action is based on overt racial issues and not what is best for the city, country, state, or country. This is a terrible. Like the last amnesty paved the way for balkanization of California, a new amnesty or the Dream Act will lead to the balkanization of the country.

Another politician being paid. It is all about money folks; nothing else.

Just wait unitl the White start their own caucus, if they can get over their silly guilt fears that have been drummed into them by mulit-culturalists.

Democrats, liberals, or whatever have encouraged anti-Americanism implicitly and explicitly, now the chickens will come home to roost as potential civil war breaks out as people align themselves via racial groups and not on a national identity.

Hmmm, "disappointed" with Costa Mesa... a boycott for Arizona. Double standard perhaps? No, just politics, from a typical politician.

Even the most progressive Liberal should see the risks associated with giving amnesty to millions of people who hold no allegiance to this country. Amnesty will increase Mexico’s power in this country because the new unassimilated now have the right to vote. The fear of a Balkanized society will be fully realized. States with majority Mexican populations will be dominated by ethnic nationalists and voters subjected to the will and allegiance to Mexico. In states like California, the Democrats will initially share power until the emergence of the Latino party who will drop the foolish fifth columnist like a hot potato. Let us examine the consequences of amnesty.

One scenario is that the ethnic conflict will lead to an East and West Civil War with Mexico intervening on the side of the West. However, unlike the previous Civil War, this war will be a brutal race war, inflamed by years of hostility over illegal immigration, much like the experience of the Japanese and Americans, Russians Slavs and the Germans Teutonic, Germans and Jews, and the Serbian and Croatians in WW2.

There is the Nazi Germany scenario. Citizens concerned with fighting in the street between the pro-illegal and anti-legal forces and concerns of intervention by Mexico government elect a strong rightwing movement. Within a year the rightwing, anti-Latino government devolves into a dictatorship devoted to curbing all immigration. Blaming all Mexicans-Americans for the work of the activists, the government pushes for mass deportations and internment in concentration camps. People must prove a linear line of legality since 1965. The dictatorship will invade and occupy Mexico and Central American countries under the auspices that it is necessary to keep immigration under control. However, the true reality is to gain reparations for the use of American resources and cheap labor for American capitalists.

Then there is the Balkan scenario. The country has now become a truly Balkanized society that has multiple languages, cultures, and religions. A strong federal government or a strongman, like Marshall Tito, must control the country. Individual and states’ rights are minimal. Democratic governments where people vote are in the past because politicians will ignore what is best for the country in order to obtain the vote or finances from powerful voting constituencies. Eventually the country dissolves into disparate patchwork of ethnic, cultural, and religious jealousies, ethnic manipulations and eventually ethnic cleansing.

There is also Czechoslovakia scenario. On 1 January 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In this scenario, Latino nationalism, the allegiance of the majority population in the western states to Mexico, and historical grievances over illegal immigration were the main reason for this country’s disintegration. The threat of a possible Civil War caused the government to allow the states to secede and become a separate country that eventually would be annexed by Mexico.

Then there is the natural scenario. The Latino population is growing and soon the country will become brown. However, culture travels with people. The risk is that the cultural differences that include values, norms, attitudes, mores and behaviors that dominate American society and allowed for world dominance will give way to different less powerful cultural traits that relegate this country to the backwaters of the world stage.

Then there is option that eliminates the above scenarios. Government decisions comply with Natural Law, the laws of nature, and the Territorial Imperative. All of which are driven by the need for self preservation and survival. The occupier of a territory, whether an animal in a small burrow, a family in its home or a country and it borders, has the inalienable right to protects it property, resources, and territory. To ignore million of years of evolution and expose our children and grandchildren to the horrors of Balkanization is reckless and foolhardy.

And I would bet you everyone has been paid too. These people are corrupt.


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