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Cool summer: L.A. sets more low-temperature records

The unusually cool summer continued in Southern California, where several new record-low temperatures were recorded on Wednesday.

The 68-degree low at Los Angeles International Airport broke the old record low for the day, which was 70 degrees in 1991. Santa Barbara (68) and San Luis Obispo (69) broke records as well.

The temperature at USC, 75, tied the record low set in 1999. UCLA also set a record, 56 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

While the region saw a heat wave a few weeks ago, temperatures have been gradually going down again as July comes to an end.

June was also marked by gloomy conditions and lower-than-normal temperatures.

-- Shelby Grad

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RE: Iolanthe | July 29, 2010 at 10:10 AM

We have good friends attemping a hike this August in the southern Sierra Nevadas. No go. Record 25 foot snowdrifts. Record lows in LA? Record highs in NY? It's called "weather."

global warming can explain gravity and the big bang. it's true.

This means that global warming is a myth. Go back to your lives now, nothing to worry about. Business as usual.

To step aside from the climate debate... This article is confusing record low high temperatures with record low low temperatures. 68 degrees is of course not a record low low temp for the airport. That would be a very warm evening. You may want to clean this up a bit.

This is a response to Rogelio Martinez: You must be viewing this from another part of the country and sound jealous of us that live in So. California.

We are not judging by only our little area, but on how when people see the California wild fires, they imedieatly start screaming " global warming ". We only comment judging by our own experience compared to other years.

Please find something REAL to worry about!

global warming as sold by al gore is a crock, only subscribed to by the most useful of idiots.

global warming as sold by al gore is a crock, only subscribed to by the most useful of idiots.

But the planet has a fever, it has to be true, the new Modern Day Druid leader Al Gore said so.
80% of the Earths history was warmer than now with no ice caps. Man made global warming is all a lie and Al Gore knows it too. It's money and power. That's why our hacks in DC still want to implement the scam of Cap & Trade. Look at one volcanic eruption, the amount that comes out of one good eruption dwarfs man and what we do. Volcanoes are going off all the time, mostly under the oceans.
The worlds termite population gives off more C02 than all of man does.
Wake up people, we are being lied to by our governments. Why do you think the keep those big international meeting secret, you know ones like the G20 summit and the likes.

It's earthquake weather

It's CLIMATE CHANGE, not GLOBAL WARMING. Gosh, no wonder LA has lower levels of ed. attainment than smaller cities. Climate Change means that the climate will change in unpredictable ways, that doesn't just means it gets hotter, it will get colder in some places TOO ...

You all are not paying attention to the global warming gurus. Don't you know that now they've explained that if the weather is unusually hot, that proves global warming, and if the weather is unusually cool, that proves global warming, too.

It's great how "global warming" can account for any eventuality. "Oh its cooler because of global warming, its hotter because of global warming." No matter what happens the "Scientists" (who were all proved frauds) say its due to global warming. None of it is based on "science" its all based on political agendas and everyone with a brain knows it.

You people are ridiculous with your "Global Warming" and "Global Destablization". The climate changes on its own. You know ice ages and then the subsequent change in the climate that burns that ice age off. This is how our earth was created and how it works. Why does everything have to be a man caused disaster. I agree with the fact that we need to do a much better job protecting our environment and not trashing this planet, but come on use common sense about the history of our planet. You also talk about hottest on record. Now lets see the records have been kept for i don;t know maybe 160 years. Do you really think that we can make an accurate assumption off of 160 years of data? when our earth is much older.

You climate change people are so cute like children. Open your mind to the fact that this isnt real science because we dont know how 90%of the things that happen on this earth happen. we dont have evidence enough to even be calling each other "idiots" and "stupid" its kind of ridiculous. this is how my children argue there points when they don't have anything else of value to say. "your just stupid and i know the truth". Grow up people, and act like adults.

LOL @ all you IMBECILES who think this disproves global warming is happening. Take your own life, please.

Nothing is new here; weather is and always has been cyclical and right now this part of the world is in a cooling trend. Big deal; get a life and put a sweater on, the simpletons pushing the 'global warming' mantra will spew their lies regardless of the weather trend. It's their 'agenda' to social engineer our lives by imposing their will over us. It's called 'power over the people'. Stop being fooled by the so-called experts. Many of these same 'experts' just 30 years ago said we were facing 'global cooling'. They can barely predict the weather for tomorrow and yet are somehow qualified to determine the weather 10, 20 or 50 years from now? I wish I could be that wrong all the time and still keep a job. The weather 'experts' are now being given more power to dictate and determine our way of life rather than predict the weather. It's like putting more faith in a medium than taking control over your own life. Think about it.

I'm pretty sure that this article misstates the facts. 68 degrees would not be a "record low" for LAX, even in July. I think what the author meant to say is that it was a record low high temperature for this date, i.e. the "high" for the day has never been as low as 68 degrees. The "low" for the past several days has been about 60 degrees, and I suspect a record low would be below that.

If it is too hot, that is Global Warming.
If it is too cold, that is also Global Warming.

So much for global warming! hahah Maybe now land at higher lattitudes can be turned into farm land. :)

Lefists care more about the environemnt and the spotted owl than they do about the genocide against the unborn-10s of MILLIONS of unborn babies murdered and counting.


anyone who supports the Global Warming Agenda is automatically a fool and a tool of the corrupt Government.

Yes Global Warming. Warming of the atmosphere cause shifts in weather patterns. You may be freezing in La but other parts of the country are burning. Severe drought to record rain and snowfall. If it were as simple as looking at a thermometer we would all be metorologist. La is seeing cool temps partly because the warming temps are causing more evaporation of the cool pacific.

100% agree -- best summer EVER! Nice and comfortable. Sunny and cool. Fantastic weather.

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