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Cool summer: L.A. sets more low-temperature records

The unusually cool summer continued in Southern California, where several new record-low temperatures were recorded on Wednesday.

The 68-degree low at Los Angeles International Airport broke the old record low for the day, which was 70 degrees in 1991. Santa Barbara (68) and San Luis Obispo (69) broke records as well.

The temperature at USC, 75, tied the record low set in 1999. UCLA also set a record, 56 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

While the region saw a heat wave a few weeks ago, temperatures have been gradually going down again as July comes to an end.

June was also marked by gloomy conditions and lower-than-normal temperatures.

-- Shelby Grad

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To all global warming deniers... It's called "Climate Change", research it.

If you can remember not too long ago there was an information leak at the climate research facility in England where climiate researchers tried to hide the fact the current global temps over the last 11 years are actually cooling which brings into question the global warming hesteria. It clearly shows theres still not enough solid data to support the warming trend. Some researchers also point to a longer term 300 year cooling trend as they perdict we are headed toward a longer term ice age cycle which they believe happens every several thousand years.

The ones really pushing the global warming hesteria are researchers who stand to lose a lot of money in reasearch grants, credibility and in some cases there career. Oh and of course the politicians on the far left with there hyped environmental agenda.

Yes I believe we should be reducing pollution for health and quality of life reasons, but it should be done in a manner that dosent destroy so many jobs in a short span. I don't want a forced climate agenda shoved down my throat costing many jobs and destroying the economy when infact the recent trend is the earth's actually cooling. Im especially concerned that climate researchers are hiding the facts.

October 2009, was listed as the coldest in recorded history...reviewing records kept by the National Weather people since 1884. Recently, reports also surfaced claiming June was the HOTest in the same period of reference. Now SoCal is showing record cool temps. Is this all consistent with "global warming", or NOT?

Wait until the fall/winter time - October will be a scorcher through mid-November and parts of December and then heavy monsoon like downpours in early 2011.

I do hope summers stay like this, I really, really dislike hot dry, sun piercing summer heat.

REply To ED:
hey Ed, im a woman and heck yeah im complaing at my job 2 about how cold it is!! I want nice hot weather. Less clothes to wear!! I bet that would make Ed happy :)

ah, the Earth, most unpredictable entity... ever.

lets face it, the Earth does things for unknown reasons and will continue to do so while politicians and easily persuaded people try to say its all our fault.

This is how I understand climate change in relationship to beach areas -
Global warming theoretically causes ice caps to melt, and like ice cubes melting in a glass, this cools the water. Cooler ocean water causes thicker marine layer that takes longer to burn off, which means cooler temperatures in coastal regions.

Burn more fossil fuels!!

Where is big, fat Al Gore? Maybe, he is in Portland again with some woman for a squeeze. He needs to go to LA.

Where is big, fat Al Gore when you need him. Oh, maybe he is in Portland with a new squeeze.

Been VERY mild in North Dakota this summer. Not cold, not nearly as hot as in usual summer peaks. It's been 78-84 constant for weeks. Nice: good for crops but not big A/C weather. LA's cold, EC is hot, so it all equals out.

It doesnt matter if the cooling increases, because its been proven in Copenhagen that global warming is and will continue to be a driving issue in our weather patterns! Man has caused this despicable situation that will take decades of vigilance and sacrifice to reverse! Everyone must do their part! Wind generation, solar and tapping sources deep within the earth for .....ahhh, geez...I cant continue...what garbage. We are so irrefutably god-like and important...we, with our mighty hands can reverse the forces of nature by willing it so! By mere gesture and declaration we, the rulers of the planet...will dictate the very turning of the earth ! Our planet! our mother earth orchestrated to behave with edict and the effort of the masses!
...yet One vicious whip of a solar flare ends it all , friends....thats the reality of this universe. We are no different than an ant in the scheme of things....OH, but what IMPORTANT ants!
If you believe in Global Warming...you will believe ANYTHING.

There are studies showing that the percentage of people believing in global warming substantially depends on (now guess) the local weather on the day that they were asked that question.

Sad and actually scary.

Even worse that it seems to be true, according to the statements here. First I thought those must be jokes, but I guess I'm wrong.

The current cooler temps have nothing to do w/Global Warming. It is that natural cycle of El Nini and La Nina bringing cooler waters and temps. We had a wet winter (drought is over) and now a cool summer. Weather patterns change-as they always have long before all the 'Global Warming' talk. As an example, it was far hotter in the Mediterranean during Roman times than today. More 'Global Warming'? Yes-natural warming and cooling pattersn

Record lows in the South American winter this year, just like it happened in Asia and Europe last winter. Another proof that Global Warming is nothing but a scam engineered by banksters and the global elite that control the media and everything else. Don't forget that the scam cap-and-trade was created by Enron and proposed to Clinton and Gore in a sweet meeting back then when Clinton was shipping all American jobs to Mexico and Canada. Ross Perot told you so, but you didn't listen. How's that commie-democrat change working for 'ya?

Don't worry, Dregs Report lemmings ... Florida is experiencing it's hottest summer on record. Dregs doesn't print those articles, of course! Besides, any half wit knows weather doesn't equal climate.

More Evidence of Global Warming Snowjob for Suckers:

Peru cold snap kills 250 kids

An extreme spell of cold weather in Peru has killed almost 250 children under the age of five in the past four months.

Serious respiratory infections and pneumonia are not uncommon in the winter months, but this year's cold season began in March rather than June.

The extreme cold has brought snow, hail, freezing temperatures and strong winds, and has killed more children than recorded annually for the past four years.

Two hundred and forty-six children under the age of five have died so far, only halfway through the winter months.

One third of the deaths were registered in the southern region of Puno, much of which is covered by a high plateau known as the Altiplano, which extends into neighbouring Bolivia.

Experts blame climate change for the early arrival of intense cold, which began in March, even though winter in the region does not usually begin until June.


So all of the Global Warming acolytes are here to defend their little pet.

Why did they invent the new term "Climate Change" ? Because it makes their nonsense easier to defend.

While there is no doubt that temperatures have risen in the last 100 - 150 years in many areas, they ignore (and the models of Mann, Jones, et. al. refuse to show) the medieval warming period (c. 700 - 1300, when Greenland was colonized, and vineyards were grown in Scotland) was warmer than today. Question: Did Anthropogenic Global Warming cause this as well?

Your "normal" might just be another person's anomaly, and vice versa.

How does belief in global warming correlate with that story about one in five Californians think they need mental health treatment?

Just curious that's all.

....as usual, the Global Warming alarmists are saying even cold weather is caused by GW....

Global Warming, the religeon of choice for the new millenium.

Global warming/cooling is real. Look at the temperature chart in An Inconvenient Truth to see the ebbs and flows over the millenia. It's just not human caused as so many hope it is. I'll just continue to enjoy whatever weather we have here in So. Cal. while the debate rages on.

Yep...Global warming is real and caused by us! The debate is over and there is "scientific consensus" so do not question it. "They" tell us it is a fact so just march and don't ask. If it wasn't real, would "they" be talking about a Cap and Tax...er Trade? Just accept it. No questions. Not debate. No talking. Spit the gum out.

110+ out here in Vegas. I needed to move about 300 more miles West.

It's interesting how those who believe in man-made global warming condemn those who don't believe there is yet enough evidence to clearly support whatever is believed about climate change at the moment.

That said, there is a dispute over whether global temperature readings are accurate. For one thing, it is KNOWN that many temperature indicators are in spots that are built up or are warmer than surrounding areas.

The official temperature in my town is several degrees warmer all year than where I live and has been for years.

We know that the northern hemisphere had an usually cold and snowy winter last year and earlier this year, while the west coast has been unusually cool since then. The East Coast has faced heat waves, but Florida has been cooler than usual.

What does all this mean? More and more scientists are backing away from the most extreme predictions linked to global warming.

Why is the north pole warming and the south pole is either unchanged or getting even colder? A little humility and common sense would suggest too much is unknown to take a firm position on which way the global climate is changing.

The term "climate change" was substituted for "global warming" when the predictions didn't come true. The term "carbon offset" showed up when Al Gore was confronted with his outrageous carbon-burning lifestyle. There was lots of money to be made from the global warming gravy-train, but if you can't see the hypocrisy of thousands of GW enthusiests riding in on fuel-guzzling private jets to Europe, in record-freezing conditions, or want to ignore that the weather was warmer 1000 years ago than today, have at it.

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