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Cool summer: L.A. sets more low-temperature records

The unusually cool summer continued in Southern California, where several new record-low temperatures were recorded on Wednesday.

The 68-degree low at Los Angeles International Airport broke the old record low for the day, which was 70 degrees in 1991. Santa Barbara (68) and San Luis Obispo (69) broke records as well.

The temperature at USC, 75, tied the record low set in 1999. UCLA also set a record, 56 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

While the region saw a heat wave a few weeks ago, temperatures have been gradually going down again as July comes to an end.

June was also marked by gloomy conditions and lower-than-normal temperatures.

-- Shelby Grad

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The "so much for global warming" comments are cute, but are also misguided.

"Global warming" means the earth's temperature IS warming, as a whole, and on average.

That doesn't mean cold spells won't occur amidst that increasing average temp.

For that matter, global warming is playing havoc with "traditional" weather patterns, and even CAUSES the unorthodox colder spells. So global warming likely caused this cold spell here, since our climate is changing in many unexpected ways due to the warming of the earth.

you guys are really idiots. if you did your research on global warming, just b/c it is cool in one area it is hotter in another. much is the case to the weather patten the past few weeks in the midwest and east coast getting unusually hotter record breaking temps and large amounts of rain causing flooding in the midwest. we are on the back end of a heated jet stream, so we receive the cool weather. also global warming means the increase of the median temperature over time and the median temp has risen over time to one of the hottest on record. please do your research before you blow off global warming. before you realize we have a problem, it will be too late. i am not a freak soothsayer or paranoid conspiracy theorist but please start looking at the signs of unusally weather, what is causing it and make the changes you need to for our environment so we can keep it clean and going forever

If you call it "climate change" instead of "global warming", them, yes. By the way, if you want to debunk climate change based on transient weather events, then what do you have to say about the record heat back east?

Enjoy it while you can people, Aug. and Sept. are on their way!!!

Well, global warming doesn't necessarily mean it's all about HEAT. "Climate change" seems a better term to use, because that describes irregularities in weather patterns all over the world. We're seeing more extremes of weather, and it's not limited to hot and cold temperatures. Rainier vs. drier, flood vs. droughts as well... Just because it's a little cooler than normal in L.A. doesn't mean we should turn our back on ongoing environments concerns that could be affecting our climate. Just sayin'...

Hey Mr Al Gore hows that global warming thing going ?

Wait until it's 100 degrees in December. Now that's Global Warming...

G-L-O-B-A-L warming as in the entire globe. It does not mean that every single micro-climate on the planet is hotter then usual. It means that the entire average temperture of the planet is higher, which is the case. Just be glad that we are enjoying a lovely cool summer instead of watching people collapse from heat exhaustion. Meanwhile, areas across the world continue to break records. The NW portion of the US is on track for recording its hottest summer yet.



All these non profit groups are begging your money so that they could be paid their high salaries.

Just like the City of Bell.. all their salaries should be listed out.

this is why they had rename "global warming" to "climate change" . . . .

That's what global warming is.. Unusual weather.
Temperature changes. Notice the mealting of glaciers?

Global Warming anyone?

Global Warming means an overall warming of the planet's near-surface air and oceans which results in changed weather patterns, so both cooler weather in Los Angeles and hotter than normal weather on the east coast can be explained by climate change.

Duh, global warming doesn't ONLY mean warming, it means that as the overall world climate changes, weather patterns change up or down.

If the temperature goes up one degree somewhere it alters something (say, for instance, ocean currents) that alters something else (say, for instance, wind speed) that alters something else (say, for instance, plant growth), and the end result is that some places get COLDER than normal rather than warmer.

It's a bit more complicated than you think.

Should have been noted, these are record "low-high" temperatures for the date...not just record "lows"...except maybe the UCLA low of 56 degrees. I for one, am enjoying the record "Low-High's"...but am weary about a very hot, dry fall and winter to come. :(

Yes, actually global warming. When it gets hot in the desert, the air rises and sucks in air from all around. In LA, that means the cold, moist air over the ocean gets sucked into the LA basin, meaning heavy marine layer and cold temps. The hotter it gets in the desert, the thicker the marine layer and the colder it gets here. Don't confuse global trends with local microclimate effects. And also keep in mind that global warming is a relatively small temp increase within much larger normal year-to-year variation so don't expect every year to be hotter than the last. When the desert starts to cool off in Sept., the winds will blow in the other direction and give us hot, dry Santa Anas.

First "Global Warming" should never have been used to describe this phenomenon. Climate Change is what it is. And it doesn't mean that every place on the planet will become warmer. It means that the AVERAGE temperature of the planet is rising. Some places will be cooler, some warmer, wetter, drier, etc.

Virtually every scientist who studies climate agrees that this is happening, so we should hardly make fun of it because LA is experiencing a cooler than normal summer.

The global repercussions-- expanding deserts, rising seas, reduced food production, changing ecosystems-- will bring with them immense costs to economies and mankind.

We have had a great summer, while the Midwest and East coast have endured extreme heat, humidity and flooding.

oh-no, someone is going to start a global cooling movement. lol

actually global warming will DECREASE overall temperature at the beginning. this is due to the earths refrigerator melting.. the ICE CAPS melting!
once they are completely melted then it will really get warm.. FACT, not FICTION!
before some of you naysayers spout off get YOUR facts straight!

This means our summer will arrive somewhere around December...

july has been gloomy this year not june. The seasons seem to be shifting later. Instead of june gloom we get july gloom and christmas in february. I predict a very hot aug sept and oct for California




People in LA aren't the only people in the world! It's hotter and more humid where I am and I don't like it!

It's called "climate change". Just because your little part of the world is cooler than normal, it doesn't say much when the ENTIRE WORLD has just gone the through the warmest July ever...the warmest year ever and the warmest decade ever.

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