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Cool summer: L.A. sets more low-temperature records

The unusually cool summer continued in Southern California, where several new record-low temperatures were recorded on Wednesday.

The 68-degree low at Los Angeles International Airport broke the old record low for the day, which was 70 degrees in 1991. Santa Barbara (68) and San Luis Obispo (69) broke records as well.

The temperature at USC, 75, tied the record low set in 1999. UCLA also set a record, 56 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

While the region saw a heat wave a few weeks ago, temperatures have been gradually going down again as July comes to an end.

June was also marked by gloomy conditions and lower-than-normal temperatures.

-- Shelby Grad

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Global warming.....yeah....right

Best Summer ever! This cool weather is the best!

"June was also marked by gloomy conditions...."
Uhh..ever heard of June gloom? You know, the June weather we get EVERY YEAR?

Global Warming is suppose to do what again?

....which only means "a warmer/hotter than normal winter" come December.

Another reminder of global warming! Yeah! Right!

Heeeeeey! can't complain about THAT! i'm personally ENJOYING this cool weather! August is coming up, and my guess is, that's when the PAIN will begin!

So much for global warming...

This is indeed Global warming. With Global warming places that used to be cold will be hot and places that were hot will be cold.
With global warming death valley will have snow. This cool weather is not good.

It doesn't disprove global warming because LA is not the entire world. How can people even deny global warming based on LA's temperature when June was the hottest month in history of recorded temperature in the entire US.

I'm really enjoying this cooler summer weather. The only ones who complain about how "cold" it is are the women at my work.

LA's the place... it's climate change, geez!

Global Warming nay-sayers continue to bury their heads in the sand. Just because your tiny sphere of existence (SoCal) is cooler than normal, you make ridiculous comments that Global Warming doesn't exist. Typical for the LA/SoCal crowd, so focused on their own self that they don't know the rest of the world exists beyond what the Boobarella newscasters tell them on the local 'news' they watch on their LCD TVs. By that logic, they should also claim there are no starving children in the world, because they've got a feedbag of cheetos next to them at their computer.

I also love the cooler weather this summer. :-)

And for all you people commenting on "Global Warming", it's more properly referred to as "Global Climate Change" for this very reason, some areas are cooler with the jet stream and other changes.

You know I find it funny how these people stamp a temperature for only some areas. I live in the Antelope Valley and guess what folks???? No heat shortage here so if you would like to experience lets say at least 60% humidity in 100-110 degrees be my guest....I certainly wouldnt call that a "cool down".....and a fan in this area wont help you to save your life from this heat....and swamp coolers....hahaha they DONT work here. The Humidity does NOT help this area feel cooler it makes it worse because it is an area of Valleys that are next to both deserts and Mountains....and the night time temps...are just as bad since last week the temperature at 2 am was clocked at being 88 degrees.....yeah so much for all this cooling down talk....I wish it would cool down but, in this area its wishful thinking and this is the most northern area before it becomes Central California....you know Earthquake town.........just past the 14 freeway.

Drive east a few miles. It'll hit 90 real quick. Then eventually 100.

One cool summer doesn't negate the science of global warming, merely another factor into the equation of the global warming phenomena

I love Global Warming! If these are the types of summers we have to look forward to, please burn more fossel fuels.

Cap and trade??? Who needs it! I like these global warming weather patterns... Throw Al Gore in jail for Global Fraud!!

Don't believe in global warming because of a cool summer? Look at the temperatures back East. They're far hotter than usual, setting many records.

Globalwarming should be called "climate destabilization". It leads to extreme temperatures in both directions -- record-breaking extreme temperatures on both the low and high side, and situations where it almost seems regions have "swapped" weather temporarily.

But the overall trend, if you follow it over 5 or 10 or 50 years, is toward warming.

Look at what's happened to the glaciers in the Sierra Nevada over the past 15 years and explain to me again why a cool summer in LA, versus a *blistering* summer over most of New England, makes global warming a laughing matter. Seriously, find a set of pictures of glaciers, year by year, over the past 20, and *then* laugh.

Global Warming is defined as the gradual warming of the worldwide climate over a period of several decades. It is not, and cannot be disproved by a lower than average set of temperatures in one area of the world over a span of a month or two.

Anyone who sees our current weather as "proof" that global warming is fake is severely misguided.

Funny how so many firmly conclude based on this data that global warming is therefore not real......

You people are retarded. Global warming can cause cooling as well as warming. Do some research before opening your mouth. Jeez...

It's not necessarily going to be "warmer" because of Global Warming. Climate change and freakish weather is what you can expect.

It will get worse...er..."more acute" in the future.

Global warming changes temperature patterns. Also, hopefully we're making some good strides.

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