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Beverly Hills judge could send Lindsay Lohan to jail [Updated]


[Updated, 11:30 a.m.: A Beverly Hills judge said Tuesday that she would consider whether Lindsay Lohan violated her probation in a drunk driving case only on the actress' failure to attend some scheduled alcohol education classes, and not simply because the alarm on her alcohol monitoring device was triggered.  

Judge Marsha Revel said that the alcohol-detection bracelet that Lohan was ordered to wear was a requirement of her bail and not a condition of her probation.

On June 8, Revel issued an arrest warrant for Lohan, who was attending the MTV Movie Awards three days earlier when the alarm on her monitoring device was triggered. Typically, the alarm sounds when the bracelet is tampered with or if the person wearing it consumes alcohol.

The SCRAM device, or Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, checks for traces of alcohol in the air above the user's skin.

On Tuesday, prosecutors were trying to show that Lohan failed to comply with the weekly attendance directive for her alcohol education classes. An operator of the class said that Lohan had nine absences.]

At the June hearing, the judge did not specify how Lohan violated the May 24 court order other than to say she received an adverse report from the actress' alcohol-detection ankle bracelet. Lohan posted $200,000 bail, setting the stage for her court appearance Tuesday morning.

According to sources close to the case, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter was ongoing, the alcohol-monitoring device on Lohan's ankle sent a report indicating the presence of alcohol after the MTV Movie Awards. Lohan attended the awards and an after-party, wearing pants to cover the device.

The ankle monitor issues an alert when it is tampered with or when the person wearing it drinks alcohol. The SCRAM device, or Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, checks for traces of alcohol in the air above the user's skin.

Revel ordered Lohan to be fitted with the device May 24 after the star of "Mean Girls," "Freaky Friday" and "Herbie Fully Loaded" failed to show up the previous week for a mandatory progress review on whether she was abiding by the terms of her probation.

After posting bail for her client, Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, released a statement saying that while the device detected a small amount of alcohol, she could not verify its accuracy. 

At the time, the actress issued a blunt denial on her Twitter account: "My SCRAM wasn't set off -- It's physically impossible considering I've [done] nothing for it to go off. All of these false [reports] are absolutely wrong."

-- Andrew Blankstein and Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan walks into the Beverly Hills courthouse for her probation status hearing. Credit: John W. Adkisson / Los Angeles Times

UPDATE: Judge says Lindsay Lohan violated her probation; star defends her behavior

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JAIL this dummy doesnt listen!

If Pancho Villa was caught drinking and driving, drugs and failure(s) to appear
before a judge, what do you think would happen to him???
Please Judge, do what's right and throw her in jail. Its time to pay!

I hope the court is able to see that Lohan is a addict who has now been taken over by the drug she is addicted too. Her only concern is where the next access to that drug is at down the road. Jail or Rehab Facility time are the things she fears the worst. She belongs in the slammer. She is a wealthy addict who is manipulating the judicial system.

Anybody want to mention how old she is? Parents aside, I have four offspring over the age of 18, the age of consent, etc. I suspect I would not get far in a courtroom. She is an adult and needs to face the consequences of HER actions. Sure she may be a train wreck, but so are a great number of the other 19 to 25 year-old's that face this (and others judges). The judge needs to invoke the norm for people in her situation, if its jail, its jail, if its probation, then off to probation. She is not a child regardless of how child-like she ACTS (remember, she is an actress) and is quite cunning at getting free publicity for her career.

It is very obvious that she has an addictive personality. Perhaps the judge should prohibit her from any more "treatments". (JK) Her lips look like they are ready to pop and are not at all flattering.

Nothing like justice for all. Justice is equal to all with more equality for the rich and famous.

This spoiled brat and her enablers have some real nerve. Never mind the fact that she may have violated the conditions of her bail when her SCRAM bracelet was set off...these arrogant clowns want the bracelet taken off entirely so she can make a movie.

Toss her in the same cell where that other spoiled brat named Paris Hilton stayed and forget about her for while...like until she grows up and sobers up.

Waste of taxpayer $$$. There are rapists, gangbangers and criminals out there that needs to rounded up.

Lindsey, you need to come to Jesus and be set free from your addiction.....However, you must make the choice to come to Him...Obviously, you are discovering that the world and the love of the world only offers emptiness...Alcohol, drugs, and abnormal behavior does not satisfy...True satisfaction is knowing Jesus and make Him known to others

Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison, Layne Staley, Keith Moon, Sid Vicious, Rick James, Darby Crash, Gram Parsons, Dee Dee Ramone, DJ Screw, Jerry Garcia - I'm sure they could find room for YOU on this list LL... Please get some help !! Your excuses have to end somewhere, I just hope it's not at the coroner.

She's too pretty for jail. Just take her license away, make her pay a huge fine, and let her drink herself to death..

Did I hear the jail is in lock down now that the infamous drunk, Lindsay Lohan has graced their presence. She has been bucking the system for a long time and the 14 days out of 90 and the so-called completion of an alcohol rehab in less than a week just goes to show how messed up the legal system is. I know someone who didn't show up for an alcohol/drug related problem and got 16 months in state prison (not their first offense either). Money talks, nobody walks.

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