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Beverly Hills judge could send Lindsay Lohan to jail [Updated]


[Updated, 11:30 a.m.: A Beverly Hills judge said Tuesday that she would consider whether Lindsay Lohan violated her probation in a drunk driving case only on the actress' failure to attend some scheduled alcohol education classes, and not simply because the alarm on her alcohol monitoring device was triggered.  

Judge Marsha Revel said that the alcohol-detection bracelet that Lohan was ordered to wear was a requirement of her bail and not a condition of her probation.

On June 8, Revel issued an arrest warrant for Lohan, who was attending the MTV Movie Awards three days earlier when the alarm on her monitoring device was triggered. Typically, the alarm sounds when the bracelet is tampered with or if the person wearing it consumes alcohol.

The SCRAM device, or Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, checks for traces of alcohol in the air above the user's skin.

On Tuesday, prosecutors were trying to show that Lohan failed to comply with the weekly attendance directive for her alcohol education classes. An operator of the class said that Lohan had nine absences.]

At the June hearing, the judge did not specify how Lohan violated the May 24 court order other than to say she received an adverse report from the actress' alcohol-detection ankle bracelet. Lohan posted $200,000 bail, setting the stage for her court appearance Tuesday morning.

According to sources close to the case, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter was ongoing, the alcohol-monitoring device on Lohan's ankle sent a report indicating the presence of alcohol after the MTV Movie Awards. Lohan attended the awards and an after-party, wearing pants to cover the device.

The ankle monitor issues an alert when it is tampered with or when the person wearing it drinks alcohol. The SCRAM device, or Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, checks for traces of alcohol in the air above the user's skin.

Revel ordered Lohan to be fitted with the device May 24 after the star of "Mean Girls," "Freaky Friday" and "Herbie Fully Loaded" failed to show up the previous week for a mandatory progress review on whether she was abiding by the terms of her probation.

After posting bail for her client, Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, released a statement saying that while the device detected a small amount of alcohol, she could not verify its accuracy. 

At the time, the actress issued a blunt denial on her Twitter account: "My SCRAM wasn't set off -- It's physically impossible considering I've [done] nothing for it to go off. All of these false [reports] are absolutely wrong."

-- Andrew Blankstein and Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan walks into the Beverly Hills courthouse for her probation status hearing. Credit: John W. Adkisson / Los Angeles Times

UPDATE: Judge says Lindsay Lohan violated her probation; star defends her behavior

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PLEASE jail this train wreck! PLEASE! Make sure she does the MAXIMUM! Let her experience what that "drama queen" Paris Hilton went through! Get her attention judge!

Maybe the judge, who seems to enjoy wasting taxpayer dollars, should study the problems with SCRAM. All it takes is a little research to understand that perfume, shampoo, etc. set these untrustworthy devices off. Furthermore, what right does a judge have to prevent someone from working when Texas clearly knows how to drug test someone. Lohan should sue SCRAM and LA Superior Court. She needs a new lawyer that's not part of this old boys network of judges attempting to get on television - regardless of the price. There are other very serious legal issues to address but people are more interested in the entertainment value. For instance, driving drunk is illegal but drinking is NOT so why is she being monitored for alcohol in any event? It makes no sense WHATSOEVER. I happen to believe that the alcohol detention advices are illegal and unconstitutional and do not in any way relate to the crime of drunk DRIVING. The government just needs to fund raise through this cottage industry. Removing a driver's license and punishing people for criminal conduct is one thing. Making a legal matter criminal is garbage law. The judge ought to wrap her little brain around that.

Nothing like wasting taxpayer dollars. A device which measures alcohol in the air, measured alcohol in the air at a party at which alcohol was served. In the ordinary course of things, it would be expected that some would slosh out of glasses and onto floors, evaporate off of floors, and be in the air -- to be measured by a device which measures alcohol in the air.

If California were awash in money, we could all have a good laugh about an alcohol measuring device actually doing what it was designed to do. As things are, it is just sad.

I'm not a Lindsay fan but she seems to be getting treated a lot harsher than anyone else in California with similar charges. $200,000 bond? lol.

I am Dr. Fran Walfish, leading child, adolescent, and family psychotherapist and author in Beverly Hills, CA. Regarding Lindsay Lohan's Court appearance this morning, Judge Marsha Revel carries a gravely important decision. There are many parents who are limited, deficient in their capacity to set and hold appropriate boundaries for their children. This begins very young during the toddler phase when children must claim themselves as separate beings from their parents. The goal of adolescence is for kids to differentiate themselves from their parents and still be guided, socialized, and navigated to emerge as healthy, happy, and responsible adults. To accomplish this goal, parents must balance nurturing and boundary holding. Clearly, Lindsay did not get this. Now, it is up to the Court and Judge Revel to decide the limits and consequences of Lindsay breaking boundaries (drinking while wearing the ankle monitor). I fear that Lindsay is at a pivotal point in her future. This may be a life or death fork in the road. So many young adults who were not stopped out of control behavior have not lived to tell their stories. I hope and pray Lindsay survives. She may need the Judge to impose the structure and holding of a jail experience to provide what her parents could not give her. A holding environment.

Sending best wishes to Lindsay, her family, and Judge Revel,

The Self-Aware Parent, Palgrave Macmillan/St. Martin's Press

Wow! I don't see how this train wreck can continue to roll on.

Most people who are determined to wreck their lives are only visible to a small number of people around them. With celebrity train wrecks, we all get to watch, and it becomes an unintended form of entertainment.

This girl is just a mess, and it's due being a child of older train wrecks. Both this girl's parents are messes, too.

The girl needs rehabilitation. What kind of nonsense is this shackling her to a bracelet and not giving her the help she needs?

If a "mere mortal" were to pull the stunts she has done with the courts, they would have been sitting in jail a long time ago. Time to take off the kid gloves and deal with her.

Nice Ad "Doctor". Next time, try buying the space. Or is this in solidarity with the starstruck judge?

Hope she goes!

Don't tell me -- some accountability?

Tsimar and Leric Goodman, you're both apologists for Hollywood train wrecks.

Wow- It looks like LiLo's friends posted some remarks for her..this is why she is a mess, because "friends" like you always try to explain and rationalize her terrible behavior. She had a chance to have it all, and snorted and drank away the chance. ANY person not connected to her can see it. "Friends" like you are only trying to save her so she can continue to take you places, buy you things and you are seeing your pseudo importance as a hanger-on fading away..too bad Michael Jackson isnt here, your type of person would be fit right in with his "yes" men...

Take her license and let her drink herself to death. I don't care how much she or anyone else drinks so long as it doesn't affect me.

This is utterly stupid and a simple case of a judge even more out of control than Lindsey Lohan.

Take her license and let her drink herself to death. I don't care how much she or anyone else drinks so long as it doesn't affect me.

This is utterly stupid and a simple case of a judge even more out of control than Lindsey Lohan.

Why can't just take her driver license away, huh? Let her drink alcohol until it comes out of her ears as long as she does not drive. It's her money, her body, her look and her health! Keep the tax money in perspective and spend it wisely.

Throw her in jail so that she learns a lesson. She is being a "Mean Girl" herself and feels like she is fully loaded that she can pay to get out of her apparent troubles. Hmmm... Sorry, it sounded like i was making fun of her movies. I am not. The only movie I watched Parent trap. Jail time will be better than any rehab.

This is looking more and more like a case of burning down a whole village to "save" a child, with the Judge as war criminal arsonist in chief. There is no justice involved, and none in sight, in this textbook case of egregious judicial bloody-mindedness.

Lohan has been singled out for exemplary treatment. Too bad the treatment is exemplary only in its suppurating sanctimony and heavy-handed patronizing intrusion into areas which are really none of any court's business. More precisely, any court outside of feudal Saudi Arabia.

What, no sexy, low cut blouses today?


Any of us would be put in jail. Get it over with already.

I agree with Anon, this girl is being made an example and being judged more harshley for it.

Well, Off to Jail Lindsay
You have continued to disregard the judge, medical professionals and friends who have tried to assist you with your problems. It is time for the authorities to lock you up, as they would a regular citizen. You have been coddled to long and you have continued to spit in the face our judicial system. No more nice girl type of treatment-Bye, Bye…

Does anyone remember that TV program that was on a few years ago "SCARED STRAIGHT"? Well, maybe miss all that needs to experience a taste of the real world. We must remember that negative attention is ATTENTION. She is so emotionally immature and needy, hence the alcohol and the drugs. Perhaps a stint in the old pokey just may save this girls life. "AND THAT'S THE TRUFF", as Edith would say.

I wish the best for Lindsay!

Give this little brat some jail time!

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