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Arizona immigration crackdown divides California voters, new poll shows

California voters are divided on Arizona's crackdown in illegal immigration, according to a Field Poll released Friday.

The poll found that 49% of respondents said they support the Arizona law while 45% said they oppose it.

A Times-USC poll released in late May found a somewhat divided public sentiment. Overall, 50% of registered voters surveyed by the Times and USC said they support the law, which compels police to check the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally, while 43% said they oppose it. That level of support is lower than nationwide polls have indicated.

The Arizona law, set to take effect July 29, requires police to investigate the immigration status of people they lawfully stop and have reason to believe are in the country illegally. It also makes it a crime in Arizona to lack immigration documents.

The Field Poll was a survey of 1,390 registered voters and was conducted June 22 through July 5. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.

-- Shelby Grad

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sounds like who pays income tax vote for enforcing federal immigration law and who receives welfare and social help opposes to follow immigration laws. if illegal invasion from south of the border will continue in 5 years california will vote to break from US and unite with mexico. also, it is highly possible to see in near future americans leaving california in thousands to other states with lower income taxes and higher wages. i guess. all of it will lead to California transformation into agricultural (plantation) with cheap labor subsidized with food stamps etc, kind a democratic party nirvana.

No confusion here, I stand with Arizona.

I think this poll speaks volumes regarding the national support of the AZ bill. California would be a hard state to "win over" on this bill and the fact that the majority polled here are in favor, shows the kind of support this bill has. Go Arizona!!

Why do they continue to call this "The Arizona Law" it is, just Law, period, one which I totally support. Again, I wish CA would do the same.

I'm one of the 49%ers!




I just came back from arizona i didn't see no more than 8 mexican people the ones i saw i didn't if i should hug them or what but i didn't want to bring the attention to me it was bad i tell ,it was sad

I find it insane that anyone would support this racist law. I guess we really haven't changed that much. Post-Racial America? Only in our dreams.

The division is between those who want the rule of law and those who don't. There is a clear division between the illegals and those who profit from them and the real US citizens. The Latino’s and President Obama want you to think it is about race when it about the rule of law. President Obama could have brought this country closer together on this issue but by playing the Hispanic race card he is creating a greater divide.

Most all Americans want the Government to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws.

The rate is only lower than the national rate due to the large percentage of latinos in California who are easily spooked by and therefore reflexively vote against enforcement,as well as the large liberal population in the state. If the sample results were correlated to the race/ethnicity of the nation as a whole, I believe the percentage in favor would at least match the national poll results.

Considering the amount of illegals in Cali, it's amazing that ONLY 45% of those polled are against the law. Was everyone out with their flaming shopping carts when the poll was conducted? Viva Arizona! Si Se Puede!!

I feel that as a country the United States of America has a right to defend it's soverign borders! Why is it so hard to understand what to every other country in the world is a given? Does anyone think that any other country in the world say's "yes, please just enter our country in anyway possible?". Yes the United States of America is a country of LAWS, and one of those laws has to do with legally entering this country!

I'm not a bit confused. Arizona is trying to project it's citizens that the federal government refuses to provide the funds to the Border protection needed. I still see this as a states rights issue and also the law they have written is nearly a copy of one already on the US law books. I hope they prevail in this court question. Right now the federal government isn't exactly performing at a acceptable level to me.

Huh. Ten-percent fewer Californians approve of the AZ law, compared to the rest of America. Should we assume that 10% of Californians are illegal immigrants? That seems low, if anything . . .

If in CALIFORNIA Arizona is winning, that says it all about the rest of the nation.

All the Scandinavian countries have basically the same law.

Do you really want us to believe that a sample population of 1,390 people is going to accurately represent the entire population of California which is approximately 43,473,597 people?

Statistics from polling companies usually reflect the desire of the company or person paying for them.

This latest propaganda wrapped in a statistical wrapper doesn't even tell us who was polled (demographically speaking) or where they were from.

I just did a poll and found that 98 percent of respondents believe that Mexico should be annexed by the United States. If I was a media giant and had the ability to spread my statistic most people would just accept it lock stock and barrel.

Correction: "Arizona 'ILLEGAL' Immigration Law Divides 'CALIFORNIA' State Voters" ah...the subtleties......

Listen to the legal citizens of THIS state and THIS country. I love my citizen brothers and sisters regardless of where they originated. I want everyone else to either get legal or get out.

2 weeks left and justice finally comes to AZ.

City of Los Angeles should reexamine its ban on conducting official business with Arizona. It does appear that more people support Arizona law then oppose it. The government does not see a problem conducting business with a company that provides revenue through red light cameras. It does appear that our representatives are not representing a majority of the population. California residents do not want to be taxed more through fines and they do appear to agree with a majority of the US population when it comes to Arizona's approach to illegal immigration.

Let us talk reallity the big big big problem is money. The government spent spent and spet now we are hundreds billion in the hole. We can not affort to spent on illegal immigraton any more. We have to dig our self out of this hole and I don't know how, it is every dody problem here in California please just don't ignor it time to wake up. Regards. Poomin.


In other words an Arizona type law would PASS if it was on the ballot in California!

No one polled me and I am all for Arizona's law

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