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7 injured in bus-train collision in downtown L.A.

A Metro bus and Blue Line train collided Friday during morning rush hour in downtown L.A., sending seven people to hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

Among the injured were the train operator and the driver of the bus, which travels between Union Station and Los Angeles International Airport, said Jose Ubaldo, a Metro spokesman.

The bus carrying about 15 people was traveling south on Broadway at Washington Boulevard about 6:55 a.m. when it collided with the train.

The train carrying 200 passengers was headed to Long Beach on an eastbound segment at Washington and Broadway, Ubaldo said.

The cause of the accident is under investigation, he said.

-- Sam Quinones

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How many times have you seen a bus go through a red light? This happens all the time, they honk the horn and they think that gives them the right to blow a light. Bus drivers are the worst offenders of traffic laws. Buses only attribute to the traffic jams in LA. There are far too many busses in LA for the amount of riders. LA needs to relook at the cost of buses vs. the ridership.

Also, this was not the Bus that travels from Union Station to LAX.

What? No one demanding an end to public transportation yet?

I sure there's going to be 215 head and back injuries...

I think the bus drivers in general are fine, they are getting riders to their destination quickly, and trains don't come close to the red lights, so a bus driver would've had to have run a red that was solid red for at least 10 seconds to get by that train.

Thanks in advance to all Metro workers for doing the best job you can.

I have photographed hundreds of Light Rail Trains and Buses running red lights at every signalized intersection. I have posted some of my photographs online.

Apparently a previous poster, whose name I shall not repeat, has not spent much time on Metro buses. Standees are common. There are *not* too many buses.

I don't see buses routinely run red lights, but what I *do* see all the time is drivers alone in their cars cutting in front of buses to turn right. If anything causes traffic, it's people who get stuck half-in, half-out of a lane when a bus (after signaling) begins to pull back into the lane and finds someone trying to cut them off.

Yeah, I was one of the many people caught behind the accident. I was over an hour late to work. A hassle for me, but nothing to complain about compared to people that were injured.
This is the one of the oldest sections of the Metro Rail and is the least thought out and most dangerous.

BUILD subway or bridges over the intersections.
Chandler Blvd great example..BUILD a subway!

Why do they always say "train rams into a bus, car etc ?" It makes it seem like the trains are at fault- which they rarely are as they have the right of way.

Talk about the worst government and public services - that's Los Angeles. What can you expect with someone like the current government. Over paid pencil pushers.

I totally hate award-winning LA transportation system. The Metro lines, just as a majority of light rail systems in the world, are supposed to go underground or, in worst case, to be pulled above the ground level. That way they do create new route to carry passengers, otherwise, if they take space from existing streets, they just contribute to congestion. And this stupidity continued with Gold line extension, and continues now with the Exposition line. It narrows down the streets, creates new crossings and still does not solve the problems with convenient transportation, it just adds others related to safety in the city where the people haven't got quite used to trams.

Just moved out to L.A. a couple years ago, and have lived in major cities before. I would agree that bus drivers out here appear to be among the worst at traffic violations that put others at serious risk.

They cut us off when it's our right of way, they almost run into us when we're stopped at traffic lights, they run traffic lights, and they seem to never be pulled aside for any of it. No respect.

L.A. Times: It would be nice to see where they stand in terms of driving records by citations (among best or worst?).

I agree. Ideally, the entire rail system would be underground. Unfortunately, building a subway line isn't as easy digging a tunnel and setting tracks on it. There is a lot of bureaucratic red tape that needs to be cut through to get approvals from all the different neighborhoods. That's part of the reason why the purple line has been halted at Wilshire/Western, instead of continuing all the way to the West side.

Additionally, there's the cost issue. Clearly, it's much more affordable to build rail on the surface. Yes, it does compete for space with cars, but with a daily ridership of 33,000, the Gold line is still a much more sensible solution than no line at all.

Hey Alex, it sounds like YOU contribute to congestion. Buses will someday have a dedicated lane, taken away from cars. (I just got done bicycling from Eagle Rock to Pasadena to Chinatown back to Eagle Rock, it was beautiful.)

Bus looks fine, it can't have been much of a hit.

"The Metro lines, just as a majority of light rail systems in the world, are supposed to go underground or .... above the ground level. ...... otherwise, if they take space from existing streets, they just contribute to congestion. And this stupidity continued..."
-- smart guy. Even 100 years ago with construction done by hand and horse this was understood.

MTA v.s. MTA crash, wow... Not even the MTA drivers are safe anymore.

Blue line collisions are way too frequent. MTA always claims it is the vehicles's fault, but safeguards need to be in place that don't depend on driver performance. Maybe this accident will help convince them.


We all, in a way, contribute to congestion, the reason being the city planning - or lack thereof. It's amazing how the greater LA area, not really densely populated, is so huge, and still there seems to be too little space to make enough way for pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists on the streets. Set aside bus lines - it would be awesome to have them, but have you seen a single dedicated bike lane (I do not mean the narrow space between the traffic and parked cars, where you need to watch out not to get hit from either side) during your beautiful trip? Adding more ground level tram lines in Downtown area is way better than no improvement at all, but it still defies common sense. As for the subway costs, it's not surprising that no private company can hold a burden of public transportation in the entire area. And the inefficient laws and bureaucracy - they are all part and product of our society, where we get just what we deserve.


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