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63 arrested in protest at West Hollywood hotel

Authorities arrested 63 people Thursday evening during a protest by hundreds of hotel workers in West Hollywood.

The protesters were cited and released at the scene on misdemeanor charges of failing to disperse, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said. The protesters had blocked traffic near Andaz West Hollywood, a 257-room Hyatt brand hotel in the 8400 block of West Sunset Boulevard. Click here for a Times picture gallery of the protest.

The organizers had arranged with deputies who would be arrested, said department spokesman Steve Whitmore. "It was very peaceful," he said of the protest.

The workers, who included bellhops, housekeepers and bartenders, said the workers have endured staff cuts, reduced hours and excessive injury rates at local hotels, such as the Hyatt chain.

People were leaving the area about 7 p.m., the department said.

-- Andrew Blankstein and Robert J. Lopez

Click on the following link for a Times photo gallery of the protest.

Photos: Hundreds of protesters at demonstration where arrests were made in West Hollywood. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

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Boo hoo. That's called a bad economy and that life. Why are these people whining about staff cuts and reduced hours? Bunch of cry babies. What do they expect? Should the hotels treat them like welfare recipients even if the hotels lose money?

did the sheriffs check their ID's?

Against/for whom are you protesting, the economy? Yourselves? Be more careful at work, and suffer through the economy with the rest of us.

It will be fine without those 6 men. And how will they be punished by law?

In this economy if these workers don't like their salary cuts and and working conditions, there are thousands of people who would gladly take over their jobs.

yeah, but the Pritzker family [hyatt owners] needs another 10 billion dollars to buy more mansions around the world..... plus they need to keep on flying their kids around on their private jets to school and back.....

Why don't they verify who they arrested? Chances are they don't even work there.

Let's get the facts straight... what the union is really protesting is their dwindling ranks. They're trying to stir up their members by villainizing Hyatt for adjusting to the economy like everyone in this country has had to do. Their protest brought traffic to a standstill throughout the region and shut down the businesses along the Sunset Strip... all for what? To say that they are somehow above the realities of our capitalist society and should be immune to the cuts the rest of us have endured? Whiners.

These events are pretty well organized for the media benefit. Generally, the identifications of everyone who will be arrested is given to the Sheriff so they can check for outstanding warrants or issues before the arrest are made. The Sheriff will let the organizers know, with a wink, if they should exclude anyone from the arrest group because of any issues. This way it facilitates timely processing. Everyone is given a court date and released. Its a win win... the protestors make their statement and the Sheriffs can process everyone quickly.

In solidarity with UNITE HERE! When economy is down, many business take advantage of their workers to reduce wages, reduce staff, create a more hostile and unhealthy work enviornment before the business itself is actually experiencing any negativie effects. While these workers will go on and have chronic health problems long after they stop working there, the Hyatts continue to live their plush lifestyles. These workers aren't fighting to keep their country club memberships, they're fighting for their livlihoods! Fighting for their livlihoods that they risk arrest.

That's why they agreed with the deputies on who would be arrested. The rest were illegal immigrants and they didn't want them to get in trouble. Here's a hint for the Union "UNITE HERE". Instead of giving MILLIONS of dollars to politicians, why don't you invest in starting your OWN hotels. Then you can pay your staff whatever you want.

Hyatt should fire everyone who protested, unless Hyatt violated labor laws. The Sherrif should have called ICE on any suspected illegals.

Yes, I live in a delusional fantasy world devoid of reality that used to be called the American Dream.

Well, I think is time to bring the so called "illegals" since this will be the only time that republicans are for illegals. When workers are forced to work for Walmart wages, republicans are on their side, but when is to collect un-employment or get fair wages, then they become their worst enemy. Every city in America should force corporations to pay liveable wages, not slave wages. Just like a decent wage for an honest job should be paramount to a city that wants to prosper, health care should be right behind it. It's time for workers to be treated as human beings, not slaves.

And why are we in a recession? It is certainly not because of people like the workers that work hard at the hotel. Your frustrations are misguided. Sorry the economy has not allowed you to get your cup of Starbucks every day.

Good one..

Did anyone check there ID's ? This would not have happened in AZ.

Since when do Sheriff's or Police negotiate whom gets arrested? More non-sense....

Boo f'em woo...as was mentioned earlier.

Have a great weekend.

How does blocking traffic during rush hour help their cause? It took me three hours to get home last night. I hope Hyatt fires everyone and replaces them with non-union workers.

Thanks to these workers and their union for standing up to the Hyatt Corporation and the Pritzker family. You stand up for all labor when you demand fair wages and decent working conditions for yourselves and your families. Same for the LA Carwashereos who are struggling to have their lives and livelihoods protected by a labor union.
AFSCME3299 members at the University of California support you.

This is an example of how spoiled and socialist the culture here is. Each company makes decisions based on their needs, and that makes perfect sense. Businesses should not be forced to provide hours and wages for those they do not need--bottom line.

what the "health?" put that much energy into discovering how gov't and the banking industry is taking all of us to the cleaners, then protest... silly..

It's amazing how workers get the blame when bankers steal all the money and ruin the economy. Those right wing "spin" (lie) machines certainly work well.


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