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Yorba Linda passes measure supporting Arizona illegal immigration law [Updated]

The Yorba Linda City Council approved a resolution this week supporting Arizona’s illegal-immigration law, making it what is believed to be the first city in California to approve a measure supporting the legislation.

The resolution approved Tuesday on a 3-0 vote also calls on the federal government to secure the national borders, said Mayor John Anderson, who sponsored it.

The council meeting was attended by several dozen people, many of whom spoke on the issue. The Arizona law says police may check the status of people they have stopped for another reason and reasonably suspect are illegal immigrants, according to the Arizona Legislature's website.

[Updated at 2:06 p.m.: A previous version of this post said police were required to check the immigration status of people they stop and suspect are illegal immigrants.]

“It’s a statement to ask the federal government to enforce the laws,” Anderson said Friday. “This isn’t in response to anyone but Arizona and the problem we commonly share.”

In Riverside County, the Hemet City Council last month asked its city manager to draft a similar resolution, to be voted on within the month. On the other side of the issue, the Los Angeles City Council and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors have voted to boycott Arizona and ban official travel to the state to protest the law.

Voting with Anderson were Councilwoman Nancy Rikel and Councilman Mark Schwing. Councilwoman Jan Horton left before the issue came up late Tuesday to attend to a personal emergency.

Councilman Jim Winder walked out of the meeting when the issue came up, saying it was a waste of time and had nothing to do with Yorba Linda city government.

-- Sam Quinones

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Right on Yorba Linda!!!!! A true American City!

What a novel concept, support for the law! What part of illegal doesn't Linda Sanchez understand.... I support the law that Arizona passed and I've never met a white supremacists

I will spend my money there not in LA county.

Pathetic how the name callers (racist) crawl out from under their rock when American citizens take a stand. Racism has nothing to do with the illegal criminals sneaking accross our boarders. Put the cool aid down and get a life!

I'll have to stop in Yorba Linda on my way home from my Grand Canyon vacation.

Unless you are native American what make you righteous to pass laws like these? The majority of "Americans" are from some type of immigrant descendants.

I live an Yorba Linda and I am hispanic. I love it here and now I will never move!.
The key word around this issue is "illegal" if you are here legally like I am then no worries. Just show them your DL and Ins, no problem. If this means I have to carry more paperwork so be it. I have nothing to worry about I'm not an "ILLEGAL" !!!!!!!

Good job Yorba Linda! God bless the USA! Support AZ! Boycott LA the new tijuana! Kick the illegals out and send villaraigosa to mexico where he belongs.

yorba linda is clean they dont want 15 welfare border brothers messing up there city lol

los angelas just stinks

I live in L.A. We have a Mexican for mayor and many others are city council members. The chance of us having a similar measure passed is like having the L.A. Clippers winning a championship! Los Angeles is basically gonna go down the crappers soon if the mexican infestation is not controlled immediately.


I can assure you that the entire population of illegal immigrants in Arizona didn't cost as much pain or dollar loss as Bernie Madoff...and guess what folks...he's White. Everyone is so hypercritical of illegal immigrants. I can understand and sympathize with people who have issues with the few that milk the system to their advantage without putting their fair share into it. This is not a Mexican only problem. Many nationalities screw the system everyday. Black, White, Brown...it doesn't matter. What you don't hear about are the hard working immigrants that do pay taxes, that do put back into the system, that do help with this great country. If we are to police the borders of Mexico, why stop there. Why not close all borders to everyone. No more Canadians, Indians, Pakastanis, Chinese, Japanese...no one. If we are going to be fair, be fair all the way around. Everyone in America is an immigrant or a decendent of an immigrant, period. The only people who were here before us were the American Indians. If anyone has anything to say about immigrant, it should be them.

I live an Yorba Linda and I am hispanic. I love it here and now I will never move!.
The key word around this issue is "illegal" if you are here legally like I am then no worries. Just show them your DL and Ins, no problem. If this means I have to carry more paperwork so be it. I have nothing to worry about I'm not an "ILLEGAL" !!!!!!!

Viva la White People!
Now we will start to see "BROWN FLIGHT"

And Thank you Arizona
and Now Yorba Linda CA, Haha :)
who is next Los Angeles?

Mr V in LA are you reading this?

We have been invaded and lost. Look around our towns and cities. Our holidays have changed May 5th. or is it July 4th. This was done with out shot being fired. They are working for the middle class, but not for long. You can pass all the bills you want for or against it doesn't really matter you are out numbered. The main reason for this is that we are lazy and greedy. It has nothing to do with race everything to with greed. We are thirty years to late.

I'm not surprised that Yorba Linda. Middle class white neighborhood=racists. Now they can do their own house cleaning and yard cleaning. You do it yourselves. And I could care less what responses this receives 'cause I don't have time to read them. I have better things to do. God bless you all.

Now I'm even more pleased to call Yorba Linda my home!

So do illegal immigrant and those who flood the streets in protest of arizona root for the US or Mexico in the world cup.

Hurray for Yorba Linda. Everyone else has to show ID so why should a particular person be excluded. IF the illegals are excluded then so should everyone else. If you have nothing to hide - show ID


That's funny...Who's going to cut the lawns and do the housework in that city if it passes ?

I'm for Arizona!!! however, we all should becareful what to wish for. those in yorba linda phase I call ICE on your own gardner Phase II when you are at the car wash off of Imperial ask the manager that you would like to dry your own car yourself instead of the mexican...

I think people who don't want to be bothered by the Mexicans should go back to where they came from and leave CA and AZ ...after all THE MEXICANS were here first!!

Yes Yes Yes its abouth time we atand for the law , we don't need outlaws no matter what race comes across the border , we need to send outlaws back home . VIVA YORBA LINDA

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