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Yorba Linda passes measure supporting Arizona illegal immigration law [Updated]

The Yorba Linda City Council approved a resolution this week supporting Arizona’s illegal-immigration law, making it what is believed to be the first city in California to approve a measure supporting the legislation.

The resolution approved Tuesday on a 3-0 vote also calls on the federal government to secure the national borders, said Mayor John Anderson, who sponsored it.

The council meeting was attended by several dozen people, many of whom spoke on the issue. The Arizona law says police may check the status of people they have stopped for another reason and reasonably suspect are illegal immigrants, according to the Arizona Legislature's website.

[Updated at 2:06 p.m.: A previous version of this post said police were required to check the immigration status of people they stop and suspect are illegal immigrants.]

“It’s a statement to ask the federal government to enforce the laws,” Anderson said Friday. “This isn’t in response to anyone but Arizona and the problem we commonly share.”

In Riverside County, the Hemet City Council last month asked its city manager to draft a similar resolution, to be voted on within the month. On the other side of the issue, the Los Angeles City Council and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors have voted to boycott Arizona and ban official travel to the state to protest the law.

Voting with Anderson were Councilwoman Nancy Rikel and Councilman Mark Schwing. Councilwoman Jan Horton left before the issue came up late Tuesday to attend to a personal emergency.

Councilman Jim Winder walked out of the meeting when the issue came up, saying it was a waste of time and had nothing to do with Yorba Linda city government.

-- Sam Quinones

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Nice job Yorba Linda. I knew there are still communities that value the rule of law over emotions.

i belive its about time other see the importants of the arizona law.
as far as la county ban there all a bunch of idiots that need to be voted out of office
just rememder poeple about 9 11 if we had stricter requirement we wouldnt have lost 3000 people

I support Arizona, Costa Mesa and Yorba Linda 100%!
I have nothing against legal immigrants, keep em coming!
But I have a huge problem with footing the bill for all the illegal immigrants!

Well why not just build some work camps? Then all the Latinos couldn't pollute the population of fat old white people. Are the ones where we put the Japanese Americans during WWII are still available?

I hope all those fat old white people in Yorba Linda enjoy cutting their own grass!

I will drive up to Yorba Linda and start to shop. Any city that will support Arizona will get my business!!!
Good for Yorba Linda!!! Smart people want a safe city!!!

I'm happy to see some positive press on the issue. Most people dont realize it's already the law and that arizona has done nothing different than accept to actually enforce it .Now we just need our government to follow suit and secure our borders.i'm proud to be a legal american citizen, when will the rest of americans start standing up for their rights. A big at a boy for arizona..

Right on! Can't wait for L.A. to wake up!!!

Wow...so many of you are simply blaming the illegals and not our own. It's like blaming the prostitutes who wouldn't have work if there weren't any 'johns' to pay them. Until we stop hiring and supporting anyone who is here illegally they'll keep coming. We need stiffer penalties for those who hire them...stop passing the buck.

You know, Sonny, I'm sick and tired of hearing about how all us lazy white folk "need" the illegals to take care of our lawns. And our children. And to wash our dishes and bus our tables.

Guess what? We HAVE the work-force in place to take ALL of those jobs. They're called TEENAGERS.

Back before illegal immigration became a PLAGUE, our children used to apply for work permits at age 15 or 16, and take these menial, low paying jobs in order to earn extra money. It prepared them for the work-force, and for adult life, by teaching them responsibility, accountability, and work ethic. And the bonus was that THEY werer not ALSO collecting AFDC, and WIC vouchers, and MediCal, and Food Stamps. They were earning extra spending money. Or saving up for their first car. Or to help put themselves through school. AND they were being trained, at a young, impressionable age, to become productive, responsible members of society. It WORKED. It was NECESSARY for them to learn about life.

THEY were the ones mowing our lawns. Babysitting our kids. Washing dishes and busing tables.

They can be so, again. And it will benefit ALL of us in this great Nation.

Believe it.

I'll be spending my LA Dollars in YORBA LINDA!

Mayor John Anderson in Yorba Linda has forgotten his roots. This country was made of immigrants. The problem is not them. It is overpopulation and some cultures are more responsible than others. Next time you are on a gridlock, think about this message.


For All those stupid people putting racist comments, you are all complete morons. And to all of those who put their names as Latinos, you are all either sellout Latinos whom forgot about their ancestry, or, simply people from another race trying to instigate. Notice how I did not slam Caucasians right away? That's because I am NOT racist, and DON'T assume it's them doing this. Racism is within every race, unfortunately. Many Latinos that are born in the states belittle those born from Mexico, & Central/South America. Why? Because they speak Spanish mostly, and some broken English.

I am all for securing our borders, keeping them safe, but you are all slamming Latinos as the "criminals". There are criminals in every race. If you're so against them, why use them as "cheap labor"? Why ask them to cut your grass, care for your children while you live your socialite lives? Why do you ask your nanny's to teach your children Spanish? Why do you begin construction on your homes without obtaining a proper license, and go to the nearest Lowe's or Home Depot looking for "cheap labor"? You also say that we're a drain on the government aid. Just the type of excuse I'd expect to hear from those that have absolutely nothing to say, just band wagoning on what other stupid comments are posted. People that abuse government aid are in every race, period.

What started in AZ is more than just "to secure borders". It's racism. Yorba Linda, soon to be Riverside County, state of AZ, are all just hiding under the guise of "border safety" to discriminate those different. What a shame.

I'm a LEGAL immigrant. I love US partly because the LAW still means something here. I don't want this great country to turn into one of those socialist nations where some people expect (and demand) the governement to take money from law abiding citizens and sponsor bunch of free loaders, who broke the law.

Just like L A to to put a stop to the solution of a common major problem. Look at the Mayor. He cannot even change his last name back. He is a spineless worm as all the counsel members. Deep down, they all complain about the issue, however they want the almighty bean vote! The people that should be the most upset are the immigrants that followed protocol. Zev, YOU are a gutless, greedy, self-centered worm.
Enforce the laws already on the books! If you did we would move up the ladder in all fields (education), crime, gangs, and the like.....
What a simple concept.
Mayor Kellar spoke out! You all wish you had the guts/balls to do the same.
You bunch of sissies.......

I support AZ. & Now i am going to support, Yorba Linda"
I have already made plans to go to Az. for a weekend &
play golf & spend some money_now i am going to go to
Y.L. & play golf & spend some money. i will do all i
can to help Y.L. & Az.

as a tax paying proud naturalized citizen and follower of the tea party movement and lifelong californian, i say finally, a city and governing body that has the guts to stand up to the left wing agenda. thank you to the officials and residents of yorba linda.

i live in los angeles county-or according to it's illegal residents, little tijuana.sad isn't it, when even the mayor supports an illegal invasion. we are a nation at war, isn't treason punishable by death?

Kudos to you Yorba Linda !!!!!!! you stock just went up in my book.........Way to go.....

It took the LA Times took four days to report the story. Great OC coverage.

Finally! The voice of reason. There are people who are NOT on drugs in California. It's about time someone spoke up for the LEGAL CITIZENS of the state.

wooow.... I didn't know LA Times has so many readers who are racist rednecks.......

Eduardo Diaz: You present a strawman argument.

EVERY Sovereign Nation on the Planet enforces it's Immigration laws. EVERY ONE.

The United States has THE most liberal Immigration, AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, policies of any developed Nation.

For decades the United States has been TOO "humane". What it's come down to is Illegals mistaking kindness for weakness.

The Arizona Law is NOTHING MORE than a reflection of existing Federal Law. As a matter of fact, it's LESS stringent than Federal Law.

We've been giving out "free cookies" for decades, and now that we've run out of cookies, those who have shown up to TAKE those free cookies for decades are now DEMANDING, as their "Right", something that they were never entitled to in the first place.

Quit crying because you're not going to get your free cookies any longer.

Try going back to YOUR house and baking for YOURSELVES for a change.

It will do US a world of good, and it will do YOUR house a world of good.

Thank you Yorba Linda city council members for taking time off from cross burnings to vote on this issue.
Thanks for proving that affluent Yorba Lindians can be just as racist as adults with third grade educations.
My hope is that someone smuggles some knowledge into the City Council Chambers. I should have voted in 4th graders to the City Council. At least they understand their duties.

Thank you Yorba Linda city council members for taking time off from cross burnings to vote on this issue.
Thanks for proving that affluent Yorba Lindians can be just as racist as adults with third grade educations.
My hope is that someone smuggles some knowledge into the City Council Chambers. I should have voted in 4th graders to the City Council. At least they understand their duties.

I can't believe that people would now boycott Yorba Linda. Get real. Los Angeles will take you move over there. For those of you who say they are racist. They have talked as a community to support the illegal immigration law that Arizona is doing. Okay don't shop there. I will drive from an hour away to shop there because they are right! Way To Go Yorba Linda!

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