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Videotape of LAPD, bicyclist clash is 'disturbing,' Villaraigosa says

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition that a videotaped incident between LAPD officers and cyclists in Hollywood was "disturbing" and should be investigated.

The mayor shared his thoughts in a short letter to the coalition, which had asked him to comment on the video.

"I fully support LAPD Chief Charlie Beck’s efforts to improve the relationship between cyclists and police officers, and I was very disappointed  to hear about the confrontation in Hollywood on May 28," the mayor said in the statement. "The video from that night is disturbing. The LAPD is conducting a full investigation of this incident, and I have complete confidence in Chief Beck’s commitment to making the city’s streets safe for everyone."

Four police officers involved in a clash with cyclists have been removed from field duty while investigators review the incident. The Los Angeles Police Department launched an internal investigation into the Friday night altercation after a videotape that appears to show an officer kicking the wheel of a passing bicyclist circulated across the Internet.

Several bike riders have accused police of other aggressive behavior during the ride, including allegations that police tackled several cyclists off their bikes and jammed a baton into the spokes of one bicycle. None of those incidents is shown on the tape.

Note: The video below contains foul language.

-- Shelby Grad
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As cyclists, we need to obey the rules of the road if we are traveling as a vehicle and that includes stopping at red lights. Cars don't get to block intersections just because it gets them to their destination faster. I hope the LAPD keeps ticketing any cyclist who tries to block intersections.

Surprise surprise, cops acting like they are above the law...when does this ever happen? pfftt

I hope these cops get fired and not just "removed from field duty"

Nice to hear that the mayor is only about a week-and-a-half behind the eight-ball.

Police brutality against bicyclists- following NYPD's lead? I wonder why more and more of the public "hate" cops......

The community no longer cares what you say.

Thugs with a badge.

There's no "appears to" about it. The fat clown in the cop costume deliberately kicked the cyclist. Why hasn't he been drummed out of the force and jailed for criminal assault, or is he too busy ticketing the homeless for jaywalking?

Bicyclists -- AND police -- need to remember that neither of them are above the law.

An officer clearly attempting to crash a passing bicyclist by kicking at him is completely unacceptable, as it endangers not only passing bicyclists but fellow officers. Other reports of officers tackling bicyclists or jamming a baton into spokes are far more troubling, if proven true.

I found the audio portion of the recording disturbing as it clearly showed the kind of conflicting orders from officers ("get up" form one and "get down" and "stay down" from others) that have so often resulted in unnecessary violence against arrestees inthe past.

Additionally, while it's hard to judge from this video, one wonders what on earth the cause was for this arrest.

villaraigosa is more disturbing that anything else.

Why am I not surprised by this.... Hmmmmm

The Mayor thinks that a policeman attempting to assault a passer-by is 'disturbing'. I think that's stating it a bit too mildly.

Sorry to say this but cyclists are the most annoying things on the road, they just get in the way and slow you down, no sympathy here.

Gee-where's the sympathy for the old lady a cyclist ran down-no words for her? I'm tired of cyclists wanting the same rights as cars, then riding 3 abreast and purposefully slowing down so you can't go around them. Obey the law like the rest of us or I hope you get more then a nightstick!

Hey Mr. Mayor, Good one to as usual to "understate the obvious". Don't you have anything to say about the treatment of the person that recorded this also. His rights were also OBVIOUSLY criminally violated too. It looks like the LAPD will have 4 new vacancies and the LA County Jail should have 4 new occupants.
Assault, Battery, Illegal detention, all Under the Color of Authority. Our sparse tax dollars at work.

Maybe people should stop coming to LA if they can't get there police under
control. This is nothing new and the cop who kicked the bike should be
fired NOW!! No more trips to the LA area for me.

If the byclists would stop running stop signs and start following the rules of the road as they are supposed to, all issues would stop.
I have stopeed counting the number of bycycles that enter an intersection after the light turns red and then get mad at the vehicle that goes on the right of way that they have.

You have to giver respect to get it, and quite frankly car vs bike.. car usually will win... no matter who is right.

Police need to act professionally. Biker need to stop impeding traffic and engaging in provocative behavior. I have frequently have them stop in front of me abruptly, ride four abreast in a major road, blast thru intersections. Many are jerks and cause chaos and unsafe conditions.

Hmmmm. I'd like to know what this individual did before his bike was kicked by a cop, if anything. Also, I'v gone on Critical Mass rides...I support their cause...but some of the Critical Mass people are very hostile and aggresive towards cars and cops. Maybe the cops were reacting to this negative vibration. We don't have the whole story.

I don't support police indescretions at all...but when people are hostile to the cops and pushing the envelope these things will happen and I've seen the Critical Mass people doing this.

What's disturbing is how long it took our totally useless mayor to respond to this incident.

Were the cyclists impeding traffic by not riding single file? Were they obeying the rules of the road by keeping to the right and following all traffic signs? I doubt it. Police have the right and should be free to detain all cyclists ignoring traffic laws.

Well in my humble opinion, the mayor is way to late on this issue, but of course its not a social event, or immigration rally so its within step with everything else American he does. Its not just the cops fault, with all the new rules, enforce this law, but dont enforce that law, go hard on this group, take it easy on that group. When people know that the law is the law, and there are consequences for breaking them, people will have a greater respect for all the laws. So bicyclist would not block traffic, and cops wouldnt do foolish acts like kick them when they pass by, because the law protects and serves.

To those who cite how annoying cyclists are, or specific instances of a cyclist acting badly (ie hit and run on a bike) as reasons why you have no sympathy, are you really that stupid? There are countless cases of car drivers acting like jerks on the road and definitely more vehicular hit and runs than bike hit and runs, yet I doubt you would be in favor of cops randomly beating drivers. Yes, there are bad cyclists out there. That in NO WAY justifies randomly attacking cyclists, many of whom fairly share the roads and walkways.

first time hearing about this incident - on the cops side 100% - sick of the jerk bicyclists I run into (oops - encounter)on the westside - what a freak show shown in this video - I am hoping that those who know these jerks sees them and has a talk with them - seriously

Maybe I'm missing something...but, I don't see anything disturbing...

It looked like some of the cyclist were riding way too close to the officers...

The officers should have followed it up with an arrest...if possible...

I hope these guys continue to cite the transient burglars...and abusive cyclist...

As far as the Cop Bike relationship this is a joke.

How many times have you read about an accident involving a bicycle and nobody cited.

Cops are always on the side of the car.

I could give several examples here but I will not bore you with the details it is just too pathetic.

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