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UC Irvine seeks to suspend Muslim student group

UC Irvine Chancellor Michael V. Drake addressed a gathering of more than 600 members of the county's Jewish community, who expressed concern about what they perceived as anti-Semitic activity on campus, much of it involving Muslim students.
The Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine should be suspended for one year for its involvement in repeated disruptions of a February speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, according to a disciplinary report released by the university.

The Muslim Student Union has appealed the recommendation.

The speech about U.S.-Israeli relations was interrupted 10 times by students who got up and yelled out things like, "Michael Oren, propagating murder is not an expression of free speech."

Eleven UC Irvine and UC Riverside students were arrested and cited for disturbing a public event, but none have been charged. The student group maintained that the disruptions were done by individuals and not organized by their group, but the report cited internal Muslim Student Union e-mails and meeting agendas that indicated they planned a disturbance.

The group's attorney Reem Salahi emphasized that a suspension has not yet been implemented but was still disheartened by the report’s recommendations. “It’s collective punishment,” she said. “You have an entire Muslim student body that’s being punished for the actions of a few."

-- Raja Abdulrahim

Photo:UC Irvine Chancellor Michael V. Drake addressed a gathering of more than 600 members of the county's Jewish community, who expressed concern about what they perceived as anti-Semitic activity on campus, much of it involving Muslim students. L.A. Times file photo.

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Placating the hard right OC Jewish and Evangelical Christian Zionist communities yet again. A courageous stand by a courageous and principled administration. I'm so proud, UCI!

"Eleven UC Irvine and UC Riverside students were arrested and cited for disturbing a public event, but none [has] been charged." Why not? Why does UC back off every time when they should be pressing charges? Like with the vandals in Berkeley, and the minority student who put the noose in the library aat UCSD? Not sure the MSU should be punished because I'm not privy to those facts, but certainly the individuals who violated the University's rules and principles of free speech and disturbed the event should be charged.

What would a good Christian do? Well, what would a good Muslim do?

Don't assume a particular group all have one point of view. We all have our good and bad.

and why is there never talk of suspension when the israeli student body harrasses and interrupts the msu events?

You hypocrites who are crying "free speech" for the disrupters are grasping at straws & you KNOW it!! If anything close to this happened in one of their beloved Muslim countries and someone dared to interrupt the speech of a Muslim government official, imam or mullah, THE DISRUPTERS WOULD BE DRAGGED INTO THE STREETS & PUBLICLY FLOGGED OR IMMEDIATELY IMPRISONED!!

So please quit your ridiculous whining about the "poor, oppressed Muslim Student Union", which is actually a well-documented radical Islamic jihadist organization (known as Muslim Student Association on most campuses) that has helped produce such notorious Islamic extremists as Anwar al-Awlaki (president of Colorado State Univ. branch in early 1990s & now a drone target of the Obama administration in Yemen), long-time Al Qaeda fugitive Aafia Siddiqui (an alumnus of the MIT chapter, captured in Afghanistan & convicted in February of attempted murder of US soldiers) and convicted 1993 WTC terror bomber Ramzi Yousef (CO-FOUNDER of the Rutgers branch).

How is that for a "distinguished alumni list"? Dont take my word for it...do a word search on Muslim Student Association & see for yourself what Wikipedia & a WIDE VARIETYof other sources have to say about these jihadists-in-training. Their roots are in the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic extremist group founded in 1928 in Egypt, but now BANNED THERE.

Dont be too surprised if we end up reading headlines about some of the UCI bunch sometime in the future, but if it regards radical Islamic jihadism, I'm sure the whiners will blame it all on the fact that UCI denied them the "right" to "peacefully" shout down speakers they didnt agree with.

Great move UCI...shut these radical Jihadists DOWN before they blow somebody else UP!!

Its sad but true . In every continent Muslims are coming into conflict with the environment and society they live in.
The Muslim world needs to seriously introspect as to why most other communities have suspicions on them and thier motives.
ISLAM today is being seen by most moderate people as being intolerant to other views and sensibilities.
Sometimes one agrees with certain Xenophobes in Europe when they state that if Muslims dont like the laws and practices of the countries they live in they can go back to thier Home nations or to any Muslim majority country.
Unless and Until Muslim parents understand the need for thier children to assimilate in the societies they live in and Muslim society as a whole re-examine thier almost blind following of thier religious leaders, the conflict with other communities will only go on and worse will result in a major backlash.

This is America where all religions exist in peace. This is one of the facets of America that makes it so great. If students of one religion insist on being rude to a speaker, let them suffer the consequences. Whatever happened to human decency?

I am sick of the over reaction to Muslims after 9/11. We go out of our way to avoid the appearance of prejudice. Obama bows to a Saudi King? Give me a break.

About time! If the MSU wants Muslims to be treated with respect, then it should learn to respect others who are not Muslims, particular Jewish students. If Jews students are holding any events raging from Holocaust Memorial Day to Chanukah they will show up and try to disrupt the events. From shouting obscenities to trying to disrupt the event all in the name of the "Palestinians."

About time something was done and the UCI had the courage to do something!

Good for Chancellor Drake and UCI. At last.

The article may give the wrong impression about the university findings. In the actual letter of findings, it says:

Finding #5 (p. 6)
"The disruptions were planned, orchestrated and coordinated in advance by the Muslim Students Union."


The evidence documenting that finding, along with the opportunities declined by the Muslim Students Association to respond prior to the completion of the report are also included in the letter. Before weighing in, it might be a good idea to read the letter.

This has nothing to do with "collective punishment".

the inside scoop in the Administration at UCI is that the Chancellor was faced with the threat of losing some important Jewish donors so something "dramatic" had to happen... so thus, the brown students, the MSU, ie., the "other" were determined to be expendable fodder for the sake of not losing donor $$$ in light of the financial crisis at the UC's... sad, sad, sad

I 2nd YonatanB -- as a former UCI student, glad to see this group get disciplined.

UCI sanctions punishment against an entire student organization based on a few of the members expressing themselves and complying peacefully with police requests to leave after making their statements.

UCSD wipes their hands clean of incidents triggering imagery and alluding to some of the most violent periods of this country's history based on it being a few members expressing their ignorance that was deemed to not be representative of the organization that sponsored their event.

Sounds about right. Jewish community attacked, it's legally reprehensible action that requires sending a message to the entire school community. Black community attacked, it was just a foolish, harmless action. When will this country finally begin to protect white males? They've been discriminated against and systemically harmed for so long. /sarcasm

I don't understand the psyche of this particular sect that why do they need to form associations and groups wherever they go . By doing so they only create discomfort and insecurity among the other people around them by imposing their unwanted collective superiority . Having respect for the religion is a different thought but obsession can be really dangerous sometimes .We all are religious and have our own set of beliefs and rituals but we do it in our own walls ...

"Whenever anyone brings up an Israeli vs Arab world issue there is a whole slew of misinformation and ignorance exposed. Just because these students protested the actions of Israel, which is running an apartheid state..."

Thank you, Rashed, for explaining why you are not to be trusted.

I've always said to people, if Israel is an Apartheid state, then why do you need an Afrikaan term to describe it? Shouldn't there be an Arab term, or a Hebrew term, as opposed to some Dutch based term?

You and the MSU are the reasons why there won't be peace in the Middle East, Rashed. You really don't deserve to have it.

Anti-semitic has been so over used and abused that it basically means if you don't agree with their opinion your anti-semitic...

This club has obviously showed they cannot control their members, which means the club is not taking action in order to clear what they are really about. You would think if there are a few bad apples you would remove them from the bunch and give a public statement that there was just a few bad apples which have now been removed. The club needs to take a stand and state they do not agree with their actions or hatred. Sadly, this is a trend Americans see from Muslims which tarnishes the "so called" non-hate filled Muslims. Muslims need to stand up and project their voice of the religion of peace and silence those who continue to tarnish the so called "religion of peace. This "club" is a failure to Islam.

It's about time! These groups have brought terror tactics into colleges for years. Many Christian, Jewish or conservative speakers have been effectively shut down by their Brown Shirt tactics. If they continue their assault on this nation's freedom of speech and assembly, there should be a congressional inquiry.

To describe the punitive action as collectively harming all Muslims is ludicrous. The MSU was suspended--this group does not represent all Muslim students on the campus nor are all Muslim students members of the group. As an advisor of a university club (which is what this group is), I can tell you that clubs receive funding from their universities and also agree to codes of conduct. This group organized this action and subsequently lied about its role as demonstrated by the evidence that was compiled. Rather than take responsibility for their actions and apologize for their rudeness and violation of freedom of speech, members of the group continue to lie and act as if they are the harmed party. Plain and simple, they should not be funded by the university nor be recognized as a group until they agree to operate according to the rules of the university.

Very good for the University.
Many College/University Student Muslim groups have links to the Pro-Nazi Muslim Brotherhood and the Pro-Terrorist CAIR.
So I see no problem with this action by the University.
I'd also like to point out that the violent verbal intimidation of a speaker is an act of terrorism.

Apparently there were some lies told by group members, which should (rightly)bear upon the decision to suspend the group. They were discovered to have had prior discourse via email, with the intentions of causing a disruption in this event. Live by the 'union', die by the 'union.' Also, there is a legal difference between free speech and disorderly conduct. The students had every right to voice their opinions to attendees entering the event, outside the venue. If every Joe with a megaphone were allowed to override every orator who comes to campus, then NO free speech would be heard, and no respect would be given at any lecture. Why bother your students with such prominent keynoters as this one?

I am happy to see some action being taken against those who interupt a speakers right to free speech. I hope a punishment follows.

If we are not a land of laws and civility, we are no longer the country people longed to come to. Dee

Kick them out back to their countries!

Most are probably here on student visas.

Why are our colleges so desperate to collect a few bucks from these throwbacks?

What are they teaching them anyhow? How to build a better bombs and missiles, or what?

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