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Should girl be allowed to wear Mexican shirt to school in support of World Cup team?

Many people in Southern California are rooting for the Mexican team in the World Cup.

The Times' Hector Becerra examined how this has brought the Mexican flag out of political exile. After years of activists urging immigration rights marchers to use the American flag, the Mexican flag is back in vogue as hundreds root for the Mexican team.


But there is now a controversy brewing in Big Bear. The mother of a Big Bear Middle School student is demanding an investigation after she said a teacher berated her daughter for wearing a Mexican T-shirt to school. According to the mother, the teacher asked if she was an illegal immigrant. The girl, in fact, was wearing the shirt to support the Mexican team.

"Basically, she put her down in front of the whole class," mother Diana Aviles told the San Bernardino Sun.

Some immigration rights groups have also gotten involved in the controversy, reported the Big Bear Grizzly, and the school district has vowed an investigation.

Should there be limits in how much we support our World Cup team? Share your thoughts below.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: The Mexican flag. Credit: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times


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How is this even a question? The teacher should be fired. People who can't keep their political positions to themselves have no business teaching children.

Yes, this America, land of the free.

racist, what happened to the first. that supposed educater needs to be educated to the constitution, and sensitivity classes,

As a proud American I say that absolutely this child could wear a Mexican shirt to school, how absurd of this teacher to challenge that. For those who don't agree how about brushing up on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

I cannot believe this is even a topic! It certainly didn't occur to anyone to make it a topic when so many support the US team. To pull this student out in front of everyone for it and effectively dress her down, is unconstitutional and the teacher should be cited for it. Instead, the teacher missed a great opportunity to teach the class about the first amendment!

I have German heritage and I support the German team just as I support the US team. It represents my heritage and my family and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! It should be encouraged, not trampled down.

It's not a topic when people support the US team because this is the United States. It doesn't bother me when people get heckled for wearing something belonging to a foreign country in the United States. All of these people who come to our country and still wanna belong to their old country are weakening this country. By the way I am married to a woman who was born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States and she doesn't care about Mexico at all, she is 100 per cent american. At least this teacher loves America, more of them should.

That teacher should be fired! what an outrage. She should have never said anything to her in front of anyone or at all.. and what business is it of hers that the status of hers if she was an illegal immigrant.

The teacher also has first ammendment rights. This is the US, if the girl is so proud of Mexico she should go live there

There's no reason why she shouldn't be treated any differently than the 4 boys who were sent home by a principal for wearing shirts with U.S. flags on them.... fair is fair!!!!!!

How soon we forget about the students who couldn't wear their U.S. Flags at school becuase the Vice President told them they couldn't. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Yea, go ahead and call me racist if you want.

Certainly sports is covered by the first amenmendt. As for the administrator who asked if she is an illoegal immigrant, he should be fired.

Didn't some kids get backlash for wearing a shirt of the American flag around Memorial Day????? Didn't a vice principle or something send them home or suspend them?? What's the difference here?

no because they lost. why wear a shirt of a losing team?

Now that the World Cup is over for Mexico time to put the flags away and remember what country you live in.

Why on earth is this even a debate? Mexico in the World Cup or not, she should be allowed to wear a shirt with any flag she wants on it. It never works to drive a wedge between people and alienate cultures. If the teacher wants to be an isolationist that's her business. But she has no business teaching narrow mindedness to children and embarrassing the girl at the same time. It's the 21st century--get with the program.

Are you kidding me? Why is this even in debate? I am deeply concerned if there are people (and hopefully they are not in any position of power) that are seriously asking whether or not anyone can wear a shirt that represents their support of a team based on heritage or otherwise. What is this place coming to? I guess pretty soon the KKK will begin to argue amendment rights and begin marching openly. Racism and Facism are not cool people! The teacher in Big Bear needs to be checked. But I think this is important, just as the creation of SB1070 because it makes those of us who have been comfortable aware of what continues to brew in America. Racism has been festering within the US public school system for centuries. Maybe attention should will be paid to who becomes certified and what is being taught to our children.

Would've been a non-issue had the jersey represented anywhere but Mexico. I hope the teacher is disciplined, given some training regarding cultural sensitivity, and is willing to acknowledge that what was said was racist and inappropriate.

The teacher is a soccer hater.

This is the most stupid question I have read. Anyone can wear any shirt from any country of their choice. Even one from Mars or the moon it doesn't matter it's one's country!!!!


Maybe if they all loved Mexico so much more of them would stay there. Mexico isn't that bad is it?

Kinda sounds like someone wanted to get in the news. Might be enough to get Sharpten or Jackson up there. Just what is a Mexican shirt?

Only if they are in mexico. Inside the US NO!

I have absolutely NO problem with this girl wearing the Mexican T-shirt to school, and what the teacher did was horrendous. But it was was even MORE ridiculous when 4 high school kids were SENT HOME from school last month for wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo in Morgan Hill, CA (a suburb of San Jose). This was not done in a confrontational or disruptive way, but nonetheless those 4 kids were singled out & sent home...such ridiculous behavior on BOTH sides must stop!!

Simple first amendment issue and the teacher who does not understand it should be required to take the citizenship test to prove she understands it as well as any emigrant.

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