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Robbery suspect fatally shot by Brea Police

An armed robbery suspect was shot and killed by Brea Police in Yorba Linda early Wednesday morning.

Julian Stanley Collender, 25, was killed by a single gunshot at approximately 12:25 a.m. outside his parents’ home in the 24000 block of Avenida de Marcia, according to Brea Police Sgt. Bill Smyser.

Police received a tip at 11:20 p.m. Tuesday connecting Collender to a robbery earlier that evening at a nearby strip mall, Smyser said. Police were posted outside the home where Collender lived when the shooting occurred. 

Only one shot was fired at Collender. Police have not said whether Collender was armed. The Brea Police Department and the Orange County District Attorney are both investigating the incident, Smyser said.

A search warrant was filed Wednesday morning, and detectives who searched the home found evidence that linked Collender to the robbery, Smyser said.

The robbery occurred in the parking lot of the Mercado Del Rio on La Palma Avenue at about 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. The suspect was armed with a small semiautomatic handgun, Smyser said. 

One of the three victims recognized Collender and alerted the Brea Police, Smyser said.

-- Sam Allen

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I think this is the most pathetic form of "protection." The brea police department is a bunch of GUN HAPPY people that have nothing else to do with their time. This should NOT have happened and I fully blame the Brea Police for his death.

The Brea Police have not shot anyone in 10yrs, for SoCal id say that is using a lot of restraint...

i'm going to go ahead and side with the officer...not the armed robber who was caught stealing. one more low life off the street - i don't like the fact that he got killed but to blame it all on the police department is retarded.

for anyone who doesnt know julian, if you dont have anything nice to say, then shove it. what kind of world do you people think we are living in? do you think that someone who had just graduated college, just bought a car, lived with his family, was talented, creative, happy, has loving friends, and was just accepted into cal state fullerton to fulfill his film major would go up against a dozen cops in front of his home where his parents were sleeping inside? julian was not some speed freak child molester. julian was my bestfriend. police received and believed a phone call that ultimately killed him. no questions, no arrest, just murder. police knew of julian for a few hours before murdering him. humans are ANIMALS. there will be justice. if you took your time to post a piece of your mind on this story, then you had better follow this report and see what prevails. I LOVE YOU JULES. WE MISS YOU.

if you had ever met julian, you would describe him as unique, funny, realistic, outgoing, fun, loving, etc. etc. he was not a heroin addict.. like i said, julian graduated college recently. when i was in his bedroom the morning of his death, aside from the ran sacking the police did to his ALWAYS organized to the *&$%ing tee bedroom, he had his graduation pin from santiago on his wall along with his orientation reminder next to his computer. julian will forever be the most beautiful man i have ever met. he had recently began a more intimate relationship with his father and he told him about girls, body image, school, his lifestyle. julians father knew he was at a fork in the road. if you want to discuss "robbery", lets talk about the cop who robbed him of the REST OF HIS LIFE and whose name has not been released to the public . if they would have asked julian one question before shooting, he would have said, "are you serious right now?"

@A Friend: i've lived in brea and DB for 31 years - cops here are polite like in a small town. i hear disneyland fireworks every night, not gunshots. you are right when you say "this should NOT have happened." but it sounds like julian made a very bad choice and paid dearly. hopefully he will serve as an example and keep someone else on the straight & narrow.

ALLEGED, CLAIMED, SUSPECTED, REPORTED, ETC. if any of you strangers whose ears soak up the media like a sponge are passionate about what youre writing on here, you would have been at his protest/candle light memorial today. i spoke with any and everyone who wanted to know TRUTH today at the brea pd. he did NOT rob three kids in a shopping center at 8 pm down the street from his house with a gun for some ipods and cash. julian was at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. he was the only recognizable face to the LIARS who made a false police report THREE HOURS after they were allegedly robbed. julian had no criminal record, he GRADUATED from santiago and was just accepted into cal state fullerton. he is a beautiful soul and would have never hurt anyone. what i cannot share on this website, you will hear about soon. the cop who shot my friend needs to MAN UP or he will live in guilt for the rest of his life. julian has no day in court. this cop has a second chance.

I never met Julian. However, based on his actions, I'm glad I have not met him. I don't need people who engage in armed robbery in my life.

He could have easily avoided getting shot by the police. He could have acted in a lawful matter. He decided to do otherwise and paid a high price for his poor judgment.

Only the criminal community will miss him.

BonnieJullian, How was he at the wrong place at the wrong time??? If you see someone doing something like holding a gun to someones head and taking property, that would be a sign to leave. And what kind of person is he to hang with people like that? Birds of a feather flock together. And were these people he was in the wrong place with such good friends that he did THEM a solid and hid the guns in his house??? Really?? At 25 being on government assistance and living at his parents upscale home he better have been trying to get some education. Its sounds like if he hadn't used Oxys he might have gotten it done sooner and made better choices for himself. I think we have all seen cops enough to know that if you run from the police they will shoot you. If he ran from his car to his home. . . well what do you expect. What i am wondering is if it is proven that Jullian was a part of that are his parents going to pay the people he violated??? Just a thought!

Cops in brea have one of the most respected reputations and who ever says there gun happy is just mad and very immature, learn to phrase your words. They do not go shooting people left and right, unfortunitly times come where the situation has to be handed the hard way. The Brea police handled things the right way! The victim was responible for this unfortunite out come. The police were right stop turning the blame on them and face the fact the kid screwed up and YES he did commit robbery there is evidence that will be released when legal, which when the investigation is done with.

Let's demand that the OC DA try this police officer. Let a jury decide if he had a justifiable reason to kill this kid.
There has been no follow up on the untruths in this article. I understand from hearing the family speak that he was NOT armed. I think the Brea police and LA times owe this family a retraction on any lies and half-truths. They are covering up their crimes by making this kid look like a criminal. NOT RIGHT!


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