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'Pretty Wild' reality star Alexis Neiers surrenders to authorities

Alexisneiers Alexis Neiers, the 18-year-old Calabasas woman best known for her E! Entertainment reality show "Pretty Wild,” surrendered to authorities Thursday at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in downtown L.A. to begin a 180-day jail sentence. Neiers had pleaded no contest to first-degree residential burglary last month.

The case garnered much media attention because of a roster of celebrity victims that included Orlando Bloom, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge and Rachel Bilson. However, officials say Neiers was a minor player in the burglaries that took place in 2008 and 2009.

On Thursday, Neiers wore a dark sweatshirt, pants and her hair down. She stood next to her attorney as he informed Judge Patricia Schnegg that she was ready to begin her jail sentence.

Judge Schnegg gave Neiers two days credit for time already served and asked the bailiff to take Neiers into custody.

Neiers then began to cry and look over her shoulder at her mother, Andrea Arlington, who was also crying. As the bailiff handcuffed Neiers, Arlington yelled "I love you."

The judge then asked Neiers’ attorney if she needed to turn in anything, and Arlington responded that her daughter had earrings on. Neiers whimpered and said she would turn the earrings in later as the bailiff took her in the back.

People sitting in the gallery looked on as mother and daughter had their last exchange. One man laughed as Neiers was led away.

Arlington then walked out of the courtroom. She waited briefly speaking with at least four people who accompanied her to the court about a planned news conference outside the court. During the conversation, she made a derogatory comment about the judge.

In the elevator, Arlington asked a friend if she could speak her mind to the media.

When the woman told her "no," Arlington said, "Then what's the point of this thing?"

-- Sarah Ardalani at Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center

Photo: Alexis Neiers, right, and attorney Susan Morris Haber attend a May hearing at which Neiers was sentenced to jail time and three years of probation. Credit: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

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It seems like Ms. Arlington needs to take a long, hard look at herself in the mirror. Her daughter is in jail, and her response is to speak negatively of the judge and complain about being advised to not talk to the media. She obviously failed as a parent, and obviously has some problems with accepting responsibility. I bet she rarely held her own daughter accountable for anything.

Lady, here is a hint... your daughter is in jail because you failed as a parent. It has nothing to do with the judge who handed down the sentence.

I flipped onto this show for five minutes and that girl was freaking out and screaming at her mom while she was trying to leave a voice mail to make a reporter feel guilty for saying mean things about her in some article. It was insane. It was hilarious. But this girl is definitely crazy. Her mom is crazy, too.

Enjoy the clink.

Pretty Wild, indeed. I am sure she will land up a good gig when she is out.

Finally, somebody actually goes to jail for something that they did! So tired of "community service" or "probation" for people on the big or small screen.

But then, she isn't much of a real celebrity.

It'd be nice if she actually served some time for her criminal activity, but my guess is that she'll be out in a few weeks at most.

She's really a *star*? Geez, I did not know that.

The girl got what she deserved. she broke the law, admitted to it, and now is being punished. Shes lucky she isn't being sentenced to the maximum penalty allowed for larceny, B&E, and trespassing. Do i feel bad for her? hell no

Can we speak our minds to the mother?

Andrea Arlington - you FAILED as a mother. you FAILED to instill a set of decent morals into your child. And now she will pay the price for you failure at parenting.

Parents need to be held more accountable. If she was under 18 when these crimes were committed, then the parents should be held at least financially responsible.

Kudos to the guy who laughed as she was led away in handcuffs. This girl and her family is one big joke!

im glad. lock her up and throw away the key. check her status!

Ha Ha!


Oh please,

This is a spoiled girl that deserves more time in prison, not jail.

Regular folks get 5 years for breaking and entering offenses. Nice to know that if you're rich and white you are a 'minor player' and not an accessory. Then the mom arrogantly derides the judge for what amounts to a slap on the wrist.

From the article:

"During the conversation, she made a derogatory comment about the judge.

"In the elevator, Arlington asked a friend if she could speak her mind to the media.

"When the woman told her 'no,' Arlington said, 'Then what's the point of this thing?'"

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? Arlington and her daughter are scum - they're bad people. The little punkette committed crimes and got caught, and momsie wants to blame everyone but her scummy daughter and her own bad parenting. It's a shame that friend gave Arlington good advice. If Arlington had gone with her instincts, we'd have had a hilarious obscenity-laced tirade on YouTube in a day or so.

I hope Arlington will make some kind of comment that will be interpreted as threatening the judge or the DA, and then maybe her own lardasche will get thrown into the slammer.

That's her 1st Strike...2 more strikes and 25 years...

The mother is the enabler of this spoiled brat.

haha i'm laughing too!

Its no wonder that this kid is locked up right now.. The mother is a HORRIBLE example of an adult or parent. To make a derogatory comment about the judge,, what the hell are you out of your mind?? YOUR kid was caught on video for god sakes. I dont care how upset your are or if you feel wronged you NEVER speak ill of a judge..Her kid will take the brunt of that. She never thinks. Even in past interviews she runs her stupid unproductive hole and causes more drama then necessary. Just stop talking already. Its going to be a long summer for this teenager but if her MOTHER would control her kids she wouldn't have this problem.

I'm glad shes actually getting time for what shes done and being treated like a normal person not the so called "celebrity" she is. She claimed she was drunk and didn't remember taking everything. Please you use that excuse when your 13 and hook up with another girl or something and are embarrassed. Good job.

To clarify: Ms. Andrea Arlington IS a Bimbo. Her Daughter, Alexis, is a Bimbo-in-training also referred to as a Bimbette...So is Tess. I wonder what these losers are gonna do when their reality show doesn't get renewed & nobody wants to hire a convicted felon/theis/drunk/liar/idiot who couldn't pour water out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel?

The Mother Of This Girl Is A Joke... The Only Normal Person In There Family In My Opinion Is The Youngest Sister.

I think Alexis is a beautiful young woman with a lot of potential in the Entertainment Industry. She's only 18...not to mention the fact that her role in this entire case was very limited. However, I do hope that Alexis learns a very valuable lesson from this experience, and when she returns to society that she only surround herself with positive, influential people.

We were all 18 at one point in time...and not to say that I (or you) ever robbed a residence, or had anything to do with any type of robbery, but I guarantee you we have ALL been in an unfortunate situation AT LEAST at one time in our lives! We just may have not had to suffer the consequences of that situation. Give the girl some credit here. She acknowledged her role in the crime, ccepted her sentence, and is now serving that sentence so that she can put all of this behind her.

Yes, I do agree that shouting negative remarks about the Judge is a dumb idea, but that's probably how any Mother (or Father) would feel after watching their young daughter be hauled off to the Pokey.

I wish Alexis and her Family much Luck! I hear Alexis is making positive use of her time behind bars to write a book about this entire experience. I would definitely purchase the book to hear her side of events that led up to her arrest. And, well, because... I am proud to say I'm a supporter of Alexis. No one is perfect in this world, and only one person has the right to JUDGE!

Alexis, you're a Bombshell ! Don't let ANYONE's negative words towards you allow you to fall in their path of negativity.Focus on the future - moving foward and regaining yourself is the only thing you can do. You only live once...and if you're smart, you will learn from others' mistakes as well as your own.

God Bless!

Do you really believe you´re the kings of moral???
Leave this poor litlle kid alone and stop blaming her mother for the acts of the doughter... Nobody should be so cruel!
I hope you don´t have to go thru the same situations (or even worse) with your kids... Think about it!


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