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Michelle Obama and the kids take on L.A.: Pizzeria Mozza, Pink's, Lakers


Michelle Obama, her two girls and her mother swept into Los Angeles sometime Sunday like family tourists on a summer idyll.

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/.a/6a00d8341c630a53ef011571006978970b-800wiWell, maybe not quite like typical tourists, since they were shepherded around in a convoy of black SUVs with numerous Secret Service agents in tow. Despite that, they managed to move surprisingly below the radar -- it was a private visit after all -- going from one trendy foodie restaurant to another before finally heading (or so we are told) to Staples Center to catch the Lakers and the Celtics playing Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/.a/6a00d8341c630a53ef012877a45364970c-600wiAlong the way, Michelle Obama dined at Lucques on Sunday night, ate in the private Jack Warner Room at Pizzeria Mozza on Monday night (she set off a frisson of buzz in the main room among diners inured to the sight of usual Hollywood celebs), and ate a mild Polish dog on the patio of Pink’s on a sunny Tuesday afternoon.

http://lakersblog.latimes.com/.a/6a00d8341c506253ef0120a8b53baf970b-600wi“They came in, had their dogs and left,” said co-owner Gloria Pink. “And nobody bothered them. Everybody applauded as they left. They left from the patio. It was thrilling.” Eventually, some people got wise to their movements, but it wasn't the paparazzi.

By late Tuesday afternoon, Twitterers were tweeting so frequently that you could cobble together a road map of the Obama family’s movements.

-- Carla Hall

Photos: Michelle Obama;  Pink's;  Pizzeria Mozza;  Lakers.  Credit: Los Angeles Times

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who cares.

The Obama women and girls went to Game 6 of the NBA finals last Sunday at Staples Center? The Lakers played in Boston on Sunday, not here in LA. Furthermore, Game 6 is tonight (Tuesday); it was Game 5 that was played Sunday in Boston. Based on these errors, I don't believe your story at all. In fact, I think the Obama women and girls were walking on the moon that day and that the LA story is a cover fabrication.

waste of tax payers money

They should of stopped off by Tommy's instead of Pink's, yuk!


She looks a little manish....

Didn't the Lakers play Boston in Boston on Sunday?

Oh wonderful, our tax dollars at work. I would think with the deficit the few millions spent on whats her name and the girls could have gone to a much better thing like maybe feeding some down and out or housing a few homeless.

So, who paid for this 'private visit'? Except for the Secret Service, I sure hope it was paid from the Obama family's personal account, not the tax payers'.

I wish they would stay out of L.A.!

The LA Times is not a newspaper with journalists. That's why this article is so poorly written and disjointed. It is just another website allowing anyone who can type to publish their story. LOOK, I POSTED MY THOUGHTS HERE.

Yeah, what's up with this article? It has its facts all twisted! I tried reading it 2x to see if those were just typos, but NO. Either the writer was making up stories or the Obama girls flew from LA to Boston last Sunday. Unfortunately, I may have to go back to reading CNN.com instead of LATimes because of these erroneous "news".

"So, who paid for this 'private visit'? Except for the Secret Service, I sure hope it was paid from the Obama family's personal account, not the tax payers'."

So who paid for the all the trips the Bush girls and their took without papa Bush in tow?

She is the First Lady she has every right to visit American cities tax payer dollars or not, the Obama's are the greatest first family ever to hold office in the country........Also if you people read the article correctly it clearly states that they are going to the game tonight it says nothing about going to the game Sunday, ALL YOU PEOPLE WANT TO DO IS COMPLAIN, SHUT UP!


The article is saying they're supposedly attending the game tonight in LA.

yup, get ready for all the obama-bashers.... what a bunch of haters you people are.

You people, just looking for something to criticize, you must be so hard up for outlets for your fledgling minds.
The article states that they swept into LA on Sunday, then spent TODAY on their outing culminating in the Laker game at Staples.
Try reading the article, all of the words, and take a moment or several to try to comprehend what you've read, then comment if you must.

Interesting that quite a few people posting are worried about the cost of the trip for Mrs. Obama's and her family from Washington DC to Los Angeles.

The State of California is broke in case you haven't heard.

So when Governor Arnold and his entourage files from Los Angeles to Europe and Southeast Asia visiting different countries nobody in this great state of California bats an eye. I guess you all must think that Arnold had a jet fuel gas tank in his front yard.

Or did you ever wonder who paid for all the trips made by previous Presidents and their families?

I know, I know it's not racism, you're just all of a sudden financially responsible. Hope all verbal bashing of the President and his family works out for you while the State of California goes into cardiac arrest. Got to go hypocrites and watch the Laker's game.

Wow..read the details. The article lists all the activities she's done since sweeping into LA Sunday before (rumor has it...i.e "or so we are told") finally heading to the 6th playoff game...TODAY

to Derr - nowhere in the article does it say they went to game 6 on Sunday. you should read it again.

What a disgrace the Obama's are to this great country.
when will this nightmare end.... better yet, think of your taxpayer $$$ going to work in LA, shopping, dining out etc... the Obama women never looked better in your MONEY!

Let's see, their next stop on their way back to DC is to visit ARIZONA!!! all expenses paid....

So it was okay that the taxpayers paid for the Bushes to fly every month to Texas, to Europe, for their girls to travel the country, but it's not okay for the Obamas to travel to Los Angeles, even though she was already here on Sunday and spoke at the Marine base that afternoon. Can't you people say anything nice, or do you just make sarcastic comments behind screen names?

Wow, the level of hatred never fails to amaze me. PLAY NICE!

Read it again bozos.

They ate at Pink's on Tuesday afternoon and then headed to Staples for Game 6 afterward.

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