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More than 170 medical marijuana dispensaries notify Los Angeles of intent to stay open

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Representatives of 174 medical marijuana dispensaries have filed notices with the Los Angeles city clerk, indicating that they intend to remain open. City officials now face the daunting task of determining whether those stores qualify to operate under the new ordinance.

The stores are among 187 that registered in 2007 to continue to operate when the City Council adopted a moratorium. (City officials have long said the number of registered dispensaries is 186 but recently concluded one was inadvertently left off the list.)

All other dispensaries in the city were required to stop selling marijuana June 7, when the ordinance became effective.

City officials estimate there are about 400 illegal dispensaries. Many, however, have sued the city to challenge the ordinance and some have remained open in defiance of the law.

Los Angeles officials are reviewing the documentation to ensure that the stores still have their original owners, have operated continuously and have moved no more than once. In their initial check, city officials determined that 79 met those requirements and planned to scrutinize the others. Control of seven dispensaries is in dispute, with competing groups claiming to operate them.

It’s unclear when the city clerk will complete its review. “We had a new hiccup,” said Holly L. Wolcott, the executive officer for the city clerk. City officials realized that they failed to collect information on the current management of the dispensaries, as required by the city’s ordinance, and now have to contact the dispensaries to collect that information.

-- John Hoeffel

See a map of businesses mailed a closure notice: Map: Marijuana dispensaries told to close

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Every angry prisoner needs to mellow out. I recommend cannabis.
I'm not allowed to prescribe anything not patented, or FDA approved but
ask your prison psychiatrist if they ever inhaled get-out-of-jail cards.

Under Universal Human Rights, all Prop-215 patients behind bars should
have State-provided cannabis to meet their medical needs.

Just say know. The war on annual seed bearing herbs is over.

In an unrelated story, stock prices for Visine and Frito Lay surge dramatically in heavy trading.

The City rudely forced my local Crenshaw-area dispensary to close down. It was a convenient half mile away and was very professionally run. So I signed up with a dispensary in WLA, in a gritty industrial district far from houses, schools, and parks, which is an unpleasant congested 20 minute freeway drive for me. And now I see that even that dispensary appears on this map and is threatened with closure.

The City Council has been idiotic about this whole process (if there IS a process!). Although I'm not too swift on the idea of totally legalizing marijuana (it will probably make it more expensive, not less), I'm afraid that these spineless local politicians will keep milking this issue for all it's worth until the voters of this state just give up and legalize it.

They should let them all stay open and then reap the benefits from the taxes those dispensaries will generate.

I wish the city council would be consistent. They closed medical dispensaries that distribute cannabis, a substance which is responsible for zero deaths. However, they left untouched hundreds of recreational drug dispensaries (also known as liquor stores) which dispense ethanol, a substance which kills tens of thousands each year. They also didn't close "Pharmacies," which distribute narcotics and amphetamines to thousands.

3 words: Supply and demand!!!

Legalizing it may make it more expensive, but it will make it harder for minors to get a hold of (not much harder, but at least a little harder) and it will be much less of a hassle. I hate having to hit up like 4 different dealers just to find someone with some good stuff.

yet you can sell cigs and booze just about anywhere. you can have 10 bars in a row on one street if not more. Both of which have done more damage then any marijuana ever sold. Kids go to baseball games beer is sold there. Im not saying sell pot next to schools just using as example. In todays economy any busness that can open and make a profit, should not be closed. We are talking jobs that pay bills then you take it away from them.

Keep them open, if it wasn't for medical marijuana there would be anarchy in LA. Let me smoke, I'm not hurting anyone, I have lower back pain and anxiety attacks, the marijuana helps a lot, without it my life would be horrible and painful. I dont smoke recreationally and don't abuse the privelage.

What ever happened to free will? This is an Atrocity. Tell me one way that these dispensary's have directly affected someones life; Without them giving a choice?

I believe nothing should be illegal unless it directly affects someones life and they have no choice over the matter.

Anyone who does not believe Cannabis is safe, please go do research from unbiased sources, you will see that anything a anti-pot person is false and propaganda.

Most of the comments on this blog appear to be made by dispensary owners, or should I better say, drug dealers. I'm not sure how Prop 215 passed, but I believe there was some sort of mistake made when counting the ballots. I believe a majority of people are against drug dealers selling marijuana to their friends and family.

You potheads need to wake-up and deal with reality, rather than trying to escape from it. When the world ends, I'll blame it on you!

vis for the eyes
for a great disguise
I wouldnt use it otherwise

Maybe everyone should just get over it and move on to something a little more productive. (homeless,real crime,gang violence) any of this sound more important?
Leave the potheads alone!!!!!!

What a joke. L.A., the garbage can city. Is it any wonder that buisnesses are fleeing the city? Is it any wonder that people don't want to raise their kids in an environment like this? So for every buck we may get in tax revenue off dope, we'll lose more than that from businesses and people fleeing the state rather than expose themselves and their families to this. Finally, do we really need to give th rest of the country another reason to view California as a place of stoned workers who cannot be relied upon to do their jobs ?

whats wrong with the cities you want tax money ? people will smoke weed regardless

Sue the hell out of the city. RMEMBER, The Mayor, Mayor BIG "V" took in thousands of dollars in free tickets perhaps gifts. If he's being investigated as a crimnal, eh, eh, then you know you all can win.
What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Female vs. male. Citizen's for weed vs. Mayor V and the city!!!
FREE THE WEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep Them Open!!!!!


by making marijuana legal, how would it make it more expensive?? if anything it would drive the cost down Jerry, what people are paying for is the risk involved in small grow ops. by making it legal they could grow in huge warehouses for a fraction of the price and no risk of law enforcement.

Dumb dumb dumb. Let's just get marijuana legalized in November so we can get California out of the PATHETIC financial state we're in. Take the crime out of marijuana!

Any dispensary owners that close are gutless cowards that don't belong in the business.

I'd go to prison en mass with the rest of my dispensary compatriots if that's what the authorities want to do, let's see just how that goes over with the public.

Oh Dearest Lord.

"[our genius leaders] realized that they failed to collect information on the current management of the dispensaries, as required by the city’s ordinance"

I'm sure dispensary owners will just give that info out to whomever calls, sure. I mean why not work with the city since they're merely trying to destroy the entire vertical industry.

How much is just this debacle of collecting management info costing us?!

pot smokers unite and run the city council members out of town vote them all out .they have ruined our cities and our state .politicians are the corrupted criminals in this country yet they have the power over the people we must put and end to this injustice.

I am all for full legalization, but living near marijuana dispensaries SUCKS. They get broken into, drug deals end up happening on my doorstep, and buyers/security guards/employees feel free to smoke right behind the dispensaries all day long, meaning my house smells like pot most of the time. The neighborhood has just generally gone downhill since the dispensaries moved in. I am not against the dispensaries by any means, I'm just against them being smack dab in the middle of residential areas. Especially mine.

the dispensaries have done such an excellent job of reducing LA's murder rate and gang violence. It's a shame politicians are on the side of drug cartels, gang bangers and civil war in mexico and want to return that cash flow to criminals. Prepare for the murder rate to go up again. Our district attorney is in the pocket of the drug cartels and I wonder how much they are paying him...

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