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Man suspected of posing as an immigration agent is arrested in the San Gabriel Valley

A 33-year-old man who allegedly posed as an immigration agent and preyed on at least nine Latino immigrants in El Monte and Rosemead has been booked on suspicion of robbery and kidnapping, authorities said Monday.

Noel Gutierrez of El Monte used a commanding voice and a shirt and hat that read ICE to convince people he was with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement before he stole their cash and cellphones, said El Monte Police Det. Ralph Batres.

On Saturday about 4 p.m., Gutierrez rounded up six men in the parking lot of El Monte’s Valley Mall after asking about their immigration status and identification cards, Batres said.

Gutierrez allegedly told the men to put their wallets and cellphones in a plastic bag and walk toward the mall, where another immigration officer would question them further. The men complied and Gutierrez left in the opposite direction, police said.

One of the victims reported the incident to El Monte police, who discovered similar exchanges had occurred earlier in the day in nearby Rosemead.

In the first case, a man claiming to be with the immigration agency forced a man into a tan Toyota Sienna and drove him to a bank so the victim could withdraw money, Batres said.

Later, the same van pulled up to a residence in the 8900 block of Mission Drive. The driver, who was wearing an ICE hat, told the woman inside the home that he was there to check her papers. After searching her home, he took a digital camera and some jewelry.

Detectives traced the van to a hotel in the 11600 block of Garvey Avenue in El Monte on Saturday night, Batres said. After obtaining a search warrant and searching the suspect’s room, detectives discovered the victims’ belongings and arrested Gutierrez.

He was being held at the El Monte police station and was scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday.

A day after the arrest, Batres said he received a call from an El Monte woman who had also allegedly been robbed by Gutierrez. Batres believes there are more victims who are too scared to come forward.

“Anytime you’re contacted by anyone who appears to be law enforcement, you should ask to see their I.D.,” he said. “If you don’t believe they’re an actual officer, then that’s when you call the police for verification.”

-- Corina Knoll

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California should not arrest this officer, they are going to need his skills accross the border. You should transport him to the border - and release him so he can apply to the S.S. Troopers being trained to enforce the Governor Brewer's new law.

And the fools in Arizona blame their crap law that will restrict civil liberties won't lead to this??? ROFL

“Anytime you’re contacted by anyone who appears to be law enforcement, you should ask to see their I.D.,” he said. “If you don’t believe they’re an actual officer, then that’s when you call the police for verification.”

Whoa Nelly! That is profiling! Substitute "illegal alien" for "law enforcement." You will soon have police afraid to perform their jobs!

haha. Sorry I know its wrong, but come on, put your wallet in this bag and walk over there?....

If this would have happened in Arizona, the criminal would probably still be on the street. Most likely people victimized there would not feel safe approaching any sort of authorities- but they're undocumented immigrants. So who cares, anyway? They don't deserve protection or human rights. Right, Jan Brewer?

What a great idea! The police should not arrest but encourage more people to act accordingly. Maybe if the people lived in their own country there would not be any crimes of this nature. Besides sounds like he was steeling from his own. Totally fine with that !! God Bless America !

A hispanic criminal victimizing his own people.


This is so funny. Baaaaahhaaaaaahahahaaha

my opinion is oh well law breakers robbing law breakers who cares

Umm, if they were here legally, do you think they would've been afraid enough to fall for this?

Come legally or get robbed by your own, it seems. Of course, it's all America's fault for not giving them status.

LoL. I agree with marlena. This article made me giggle, but I can't deny the fact of how mean this is. ((but its still funny))

Send immigrants excuse me illegals back to point A and they will be safe from the Latinos allready here waiting to take advantage of them, what wonder addition to the United States Lets continue to call all illegals... Immigrants Shout out to Arizona

The best preventive solution is always follow the rule of law.

Great story ! What a great idea. Illegal means illegal. Go home less CRIME. Gob Bless America..........

so? police are just bullies anyway. we all know they're corrupt

Why was he arrested? He was only pretending to be an ICE agent and go after illegals pretending to be citizens....

Seems fair to me...

so why can't the REAL ice officers find illegal aliens? this guy found them very easily, he should be hired by ice. after he gets out of jail, of course.

I wonder if the authorities checked his immigration status and papers........el coyote!

Another example of jobs Americans won't do that need illegals to fill.

What was the fraud's immigration status latimes?

Too funny!

What? No strip searches??

A hispanic victimizing other hispanics over an issue that is currently a hot topic. tsk, tsk.

This is just the beginning!!!

That's a da@n shame. And Los Angeles is worried about Arizona's law?

Gutierrez? Hmmm, seems like the illegal immigrants need to worry about the being profiled by their own.

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