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LAPD cancels training trip to Arizona out of 'respect' for council's boycott

In a move that has angered police union leaders, Los Angeles Police Department officials decided Thursday that four officers who were scheduled to attend a conference and training session in Tucson next month will not go after all.

The trip to the annual Airborne Law Enforcement Assn. conference for the members of the LAPD’s air unit was thrown into question last month after the Los Angeles City Council voted to suspend most travel to Arizona as part of its protest of that state’s law dealing with illegal immigration.

Councilmen Greig Smith and Bernard C. Parks put forth a motion seeking an exception to the boycott. Some council members had suggested that the boycott could be sidestepped by finding a nonprofit group to finance the travel.

The council had been scheduled to vote Friday on the proposed exception, but it will now be tabled, said Police Chief Charlie Beck. Beck said the decision was made in attempt “to respect the council’s boycott of Arizona.”

“The Los Angeles Police Department is not a political entity and should not be seen as having a political position on the boycott,” he said. He added that he had been advised that the training to be provided at the conference was not essential to the work of the LAPD’s air unit and could be received elsewhere.

“There will not be a training gap because of this,” he said.

The decision angered Paul Weber, head of the Police Protective League, which represents the department’s roughly 9,600 rank-and-file officers.

“I think it’s a huge mistake,” he said. “When the department decided a few months ago to send these officers to this training, they obviously saw the value in it. Public safety shouldn’t be sacrificed just because Arizona’s become a political football.”

The league has not taken a position on Arizona's Senate Bill 1070, which makes it a crime to lack immigration papers and requires police to determine the status of people they lawfully stop and subsequently suspect are in the country illegally.

Representatives of Smith and Parks said they had not heard that the trip had been canceled.

-- David Zahniser at L.A. City Hall and Joel Rubin
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So, the LAPD sides with lawlessness ,not with the citizens of LA.

And this benefits the citizens of Los Angeles HOW?

to bad, i guess we could send them to mexico

Congratulations to LAPD leaders for actual civic leadership. Canceling the junket recognizes that government entities must conform to city policies, à la "my city right or wrong my city". City leaders would save millions of budget dollars by expanding the LAPD's action, declare a moratorium on 100% of travel expenses for 100% of city employees.

Beck appears to be another "Progressive" re his stand on AZ law. The council has made a mistake promoting Beck, the department should be above politics.

It is a shame the city of Los Angeles has shown it's true colors as being run by Socialists and that the sheep that have elected these idiots seem to agree with their decisions

Mr. Beck made a very wrong decision and shows a lack of judgement. Arizona is following federal, and, I believe, California law. Does this mean that Mr. Beck will not have the police uphold the law? Will he also turn the police against the American public if the politicians asks him to do it, rather than uphold the law?

LAPD should not be in politics, but Beck into politics as I have thought. He is just another puppet of the mayor, and wants to keep his job.

So what if the cops don't get valuable training that could save the lives of the citizens they're supposed to "serve & protect"? It's worth it. Political correctness and the radical left-wing agenda are causes worth dying for. At least the LA city council thinks so...

Which laws do cops get to pick and chose to enforce? When did this happen in our country of laws? When the cops stop enforcing some of the laws, people will stop observing all of them. They are setting a dangerous precedent.

The boycott of Arizona enacted by the Los Angeles city council seems to violate the constitutional rights of the city's employees. The federal or state governments have not done anything to oppose it. The majority of the city council voted in favor of it. Just how serious is the boycott while many city employees are indifferent to the city council telling them where to go.

Absolutely ridiculous! Los Angeles and California as a whole have our own problems with illegal immigration. What Arizona did may have been somewhat misguided but it is a cry for federal help...

We need to boycott the boycotters...

This is just wrong.

Disgraceful. The citizens of Los Angeles just lost out again to the special interests of illegal Mexican nationals.

To "Jon": Your ignorance of what constitutes "lawlessness" is embarrassing

how silly.....i've lost respect for the LAPD chief. I'm ashamed to say i'm a californian these days.

LAPD should not be in politics, but Beck has put them into politics. Beck, is a politician among other things. Now, we know how Beck got the job for sure, and there is not any guessing.

What utter nonsense.

LA City council is a joke I hope they all get sunburned

I love the headline "LAPD cancels training trip to Arizona out of 'respect' for council's boycott". What a group of dummies run this City! I guess they don't want to "disrespect" the City Council! How ridiculous. Our City has been hijacked by infantile ideologies, the Council wants to appear more "street", bad for us.

Doesn't the LA City Council understand that most Americans support the Arizona Law? Hey LA City Council take care of your own house!

I guess it is long past the time to think about once great Los Angeles as part of the USA. It has become the definition of a Post American Outlaw City where
the Mayor,the City Clowncil,the LAUSD and even the LAPD will not enforce
U.S. Law and will even BOYCOTT cities that do!!

Beck's servile toadying to Mayor V results from the quarrel between former head of the LAPD Mr. Gates and Mayor Tom Bradley. The outcome of their spat gave mayors of LA authority over the police department, which resulted in a greater concentration of power in the mayor.

Shameful and outrageous.

Police Chief Charlie Beck and the L.A. city council are a joke, the inmates are in control of the insane asylum!
L.A. citizens are being poorly served by these sad clowns.

Chief Beck doesn't hold a candle to Chief Gates. The city should be ashamed of themselves, my condolences to our officers-I know in my heart that they disagree-they are run by ideologues. Sad, I am getting out of here-anyone for the taking-exit stage left. Literally........

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