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Lakers violence: Authorities release raw video of mob attacking cab, seek public's help [Updated]

One of the vandalism/arson suspects poses for a picture by a taxi cab set on fire by the violent crowd outside the Staples Center Thursday night.Los Angeles authorites has released raw video of a mob attacking and setting fire to a taxicab after the Los Angeles Lakers victory over the Boston Celtics on Thursday night.

Officials hope the public can identify some of the people seen on the video.

The taxicab incident was one of the most serious that occurred during the rampage.

Violence erupted within 30 minutes of the game's end as rowdy fans poured out of area bars and, shortly after, the 19,000 ticket-holders inside Staples began to emerge. Phalanxes of LAPD officers successfully funneled the tightly packed revelers away from the venue, but bands of mostly young men grew aggressive and brazen as they moved into the surrounding blocks.

A typical scene played out on Figueroa Street, where revelers tore down a traffic sign, ripped open newspaper racks and lighted the papers on fire. As police in riot gear approached, the crowd hurled unopened cans of energy drinks at them. Several men stomped on an SUV parked on the street, breaking its windows.

Police chased the roving groups for about two hours, pushing them farther afield until they dispersed and relative calm returned.

Before it was over, police had fired tear gas and stinging pellets to disperse a scrum of several hundred people who surrounded a city bus filled with passengers and attempted to yank the driver out through a window. A cabbie fled when his taxi was set upon by another mob that kicked in the windshield and set it ablaze. A local YWCA, several restaurants and other storefronts had windows smashed. At least eight people, one of them beaten unconscious, were taken to area hospitals. Firefighters put out 19 rubbish and vehicle fires and police had made about 50 arrests.

Read about the aftermath of the violence following the Lakers victory by Times reporters at the scene.

[Updated at 10:25 a.m.: Anyone with information is asked to call the Los Angeles Police Department or the Los Angeles Fire Department. The LAFD Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section number is (213) 485-6095.]

-- Shelby Grad

Below, video from the LAFD. WARNING: Contains foul language and some violence.

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It's a sad state of affairs when you can't enjoy a great victory without trashing your town. That's one of the reasons why I live in the flatlands.

What a disgraceful exhibition of low class behavior! It doesn't make any sense either. Who thinks to celebrate a happy occasion with violence and disregard for the property of others.

I just hope that the world does not judge all of Los Angeles based on the animals that committed these acts of violence.

What a disgrace to the Lakers too! How embarrassing for them!

Gotta be Cholos... This country needs to clean up all these individuals from society... Why can't they behave.

Reason # 1 why I will not support any team sports in Los Angeles.

And this is why I'm not a Lakers fan, actually not a fan of any sports period, but especially Lakers. Who wants to associate themselves with this kind of idiotic behavior by hundreds of fools over a basketball game victory. Complete stupidness.

Can't wait for the ACLU to defend these scumbags and their actions. God bless the Police and Firefighters. And to the decent citizens, I'm truly sorry you have to deal with this in a messed up liberal city that worries more about Arizona politics then their own.

Every last one of the ones that touched that car should be put in jail. No exceptions!

You boys really showed the world that LA knows how to celebrate. What a bunch of clowns!

what a bunch of LOW LIFE ...you know!!! Why , I just do not understand the mind set of these people

I not trying to sterotype anyone but if u notice in most video the majority of the action is done by Latino's. I think LA shouldn't allow in lottering around staple center once any event has start, if u don't have a ticket or plan to purchase one u have no business hanging around.

Installing a jumbo-tron (at taxpayers expense or Lakers expense?) would only encourage additional thugs to gather. Get real, those people were not Laker or even basketball fans, they were vandals and arsonists. The next time the Lakers are in the finals call the national guard.

And they'll be rewarded with a parade.

30 and 40mm sting ball and rubber baton rounds should have been used exclusively. Large industrial fans and CS gas should also be considered. Start using the tools us tax payers pay for, and USE THEM LAPD. Stop worrying what the ACLU says and start taking back our streets. Bunch of Panzies. Fight Fire with Better Fire, POWER...!!!

Let's pull up the race card. We can pull up the race card when people get injured or accused of doing something wrong, but we are afraid to pull it when it is so obvious who are doing this. It is time that we teach morals and behavior to our kids and students. These actions must be handled with iron hands not kids hands. Corporal punishment must come back in teaching kids correct behavior.

I think that if this is the type of behavior that's going to be displayed by the fans - then maybe you need to forfeit possession of the trophy to the opponents.

See how your hard working LA Laker Team will like that!!

This is just sickening that thugs would do this to a man's car. I felt like I was watching terrorists in the middle east, not young adults in Los Angeles. I hope they find the rift raft who participated in all this and prosecute them.

We are quickly becoming a third world country. This is disgusting behavior by animals that belong in cages.

The Lakers should pay for all the damage done following the game, especially to small businesses around Staples Center.

Stop bringing up race... What do you white people say when Canadian and East Coast hockey fans riot or European Soccer fans riot.. Do a quick youtube search its alot worse than what the big bad cholos did.. There were white and black kids in the video too.. You people pull the race card just as much as minorities do.. Why does this have to be a race thing cant it be an idiot thing??

Wanna-be and/or real thugs. I hate to see what would have happened if the Lakers lost.

For those of you who think this only happens with minority inner city young men, this same destructive behavior happens in the midwest after college football games among mostly-middle class college men. They burn cars, etc.

I was a young once and enjoyed getting crazy and celebrating but me and my friends never thought destruction was an acceptable thing. It is dangerous and destroys hard earn assets of small businesses, who are not wealthy by any means.

They have the videotape, they should go after these men and charge them with arson, destruction of property, everything. The report of them trying to stop a city bus with people on it is particularly chilling. This behavior should be prosecuted. An out of control mob is dangerous whether it's on a college campus or downtown Los ANgeles. If you're going to riot do it for something that matters, a stupid Lakers basketball game that most people can't even afford to see, total silly.

I'm not a fan of the LA Police but they did an excellent job in this situation.

Couldn't agree more with the other comments on this despicable display of human trash. These scum use the sporting event, whatever it may be, as an excuse to run rampant in the streets. Thank you low-life LA scum for living up to your rightful stereotype!

I say that the LA City Council, the LA County Board of Supervisors, and the LA Unified School District, and perhaps the State of California all use this video as part of their "Welcome To Los Angeles/Welcome to California" campaigns to draw in business from around the country, from around the world.

With over 30 years of faithful readership, with fond memories of reading the daily home delivery, spending all moring with the Sunday issue, never did I read letters printed as those allowed here. In fact, Letters to the Editor" was one of my favorite sections of the Times as I took great interest in knowing how other readers felt towards issues of the day. Opinions always varied in depth, perspective and pro or con posutres. However, they never spewed hate and ignorence as have so many on this issue. Letters were, I assumed, printed for the thoughtful and informed posture taken regardless of position on the issue.I beg you return to a forum of civil discourse. Printing points of view so vacuous is not contributing to positive solutions. Violence is repungnant to all members of society. Period!

If I were the Lakers team I wouldnt bring another championship home. Not until LA can appreciate it. We know their the best but LA doesnt know how to support a winning team

why can't the Lapd control riots going back to 1965?

i wonder how many of these people are actually legal US citizens.

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