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Lakers fans set fire to vehicle in downtown L.A.

IMG00099-20100617-2223 As Los Angeles police officers tried to control outbreaks of violence, rowdy Lakers fans set fire to a cab at 7th and Flower streets.

The flames curled into the air as an explosion rocked the vehicle. A Fire Department engine responded and knocked down the flames.

The department said it had responded to many small rubbish fires and some vehicle fires in the aftermath of the Lakers win over the Celtics.

--Paloma Esquivel at 7th and Flower streets

Photo: Car burns at 7th and Flower streets. Credit: Tony Barboza/Los Angeles Times

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Low class ghetto imbeciles acting wantonly. Sad; very sad and macabre. Nothing else better to do. Typical, trouble makers with empty pockets creating chaos.

It will be interesting to find out what the rest of the nation thinks of the way Los Ageles people celebrate victory. Its absurd and stupid what you do if you have to break the law to celebrate something.
I can careless for Lakers and for Basketball for that matter but I do care for the moneys the city will have to spend in security, street cleaning and the like for the Lakers to go around on Monday receiving kisses in their rears from their funs. That should not be at least an expense using tax payers money. If they want to do so, it should come out of their own money and they should also pay for damages caused by their followers that so much loves them.

The people rioting in LA after the Lakers game are nothing but mindless aberrations "whose only means of expression are wanton violence & destruction".

Awesome representation of L.A's populace. Trashing the city they live in and disgracing themselves. I am embarassed by what a third world dump Los Angeles has become. Los Lakers? Get the hell out of here! Makes me wish the Lakers would return to their happy origins in the Land O' Lakes.

Any sports fan that goes at and does stupid stuff after a win are losers and they give sports fans a bad rep. Get a life losers.

It's bad enough we have the idiots waving Mexican flags because of their one win the WC, now we have this too. I'm so glad I wasn't there, I would ran those idiots over if they started jumping on the hood of my car. I give that taxi cab driver tons of credit. It's times like this that makes me wish we had an Arizona 1070ish law here. Police would arrest them and ask for their ID. And you know at least 80% of them don't have one, so bye-bye. And I'm a naturalized citizen born in Latin America.

Way to go Lakers...Way to go thugs....Sad to see how miscreants turn a celebration into a riot. Typical of low lifes in LA...Arrest them all and send them to Mexico, citizen or not...Make them pay for their wanton acts of destruction and uncivilzed actions.

this what keeps me away from the new LA live scene. this is certainly not good for LA's tourism. good job idiots.

the lakers should have to pay for all of this.. They make to much anyway.. basketball sucks btw

this is the reason why I support Arizona's Immigration law...get these animals back in their country of origin..

These aren't Laker Fans, These are Illegals acting at there best. I'd like to know when the city is going to get a clue and clean up the city of all this trash? This stuff happens all the time in Mexico.

Hey Mayor, why don't you clean up the city before next years Finals? Get rid of all the Illegals and save the city a bunch of money.

Pathetic, the good people of LA are animals

Just another day in a hoods life what a shame. We all knew this would happen no supprise here!
I'm just sadding to see how stupid people can be with no remorse to public property your all sink in the head and should get treatment.

Teach your headline writers a thing or two about telling the truth and the perception when they write headlines. These people are certainly NOT Lakers "fans." They are people looking for an excuse to party and make trouble.

Perhaps LA Times editors should edit headline writers as well as their reporter's articles.

While cooking for a couple of elated, but remarkably calm DTLA loft dwelling Lakers fans, I got a birds eye view of the event, and several pics...

Thank you LAPD and our downtown fire department, you guys are the best!

One question ...


It's people like these that make all Laker fans look bad.

this is just the way it is. if you dont like it dont live here. i dont riot or glorify it, but this is the way LA has done it for a long time.

I sure hope the LAPD spoke in a very polite way to these wondweful people. Wouldn't want to upset any of them, or step on their rights. I think the LAPD could fire little foam filled bunnys at them to get their attention if they had to but as long as they aim between the chest and the belt line. They can I think invite any they catch setting fires to enjoy a spot of tea with the mayor to discuss just what they would like as a reward for rioting. I just love the swell sport and even better the swell fans of basketball who refuse to control themselves. Yep, I am painting with a very broad brush indeed. If it is such a small number of people causing the problem them why can't the people who support the sport control them to preserve the activity in the first place? How about taking responsibility for the jackasses who are destroying the community after the games? How about, "You break the windowa in that building, we break your leg"? I know, terrible terrible and obviously an over reaction, However if you knew there was a good chance you would have a broken leg for your efforts would you give second thoughts to breaking the window in the first place? I such a barbarian, I know.

Ok People, We are in "grown up world". So lets express ourselves as such. These people need help to get their act together. Pitifull, pitifull.

Mitch, agree 100%. These are not Lakers fans doing this, they are rioters, pure and simple. They probably know the Lakers won, but couldn't tell you the score, any of Boston's starting lineup, or even who led the NBA in scoring. Thugs and idiots, pure and simple.


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