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Lakers celebration turns ugly as police, motorists come under attack

The Los Angeles Lakers victory in the NBA championships ended on a sour note as Los Angeles Police Department officers clashed with rowdy fans.

The LAPD brought large numbers of officers into the Staples Center area hoping to avoid a repeat of last year's looting and violence. But fans went on a rampage in some parts of downtown L.A., throwing rocks, shattering windows, rocking cars and setting fire to at least one vehicle and several other objects.

At Figueroa Street and Venice Boulevard, police fired less-than-lethal rounds at fans after they overturned a city parking enforcement vehicle and set fire to orange fire cones. On the LAPD's tactical frequency, officers at the intersection were heard requesting permission to fire  projectiles at a group of men throwing chunks of concrete at them. The permission was granted.

Among other incidents:

--The YMCA at 11th and Olive was attacked by crowds who smashed windows and tagged walls with graffiti.

--Crowds rocked and jumped on cars around Figueroa Street and nearby roads.

--A KCAL-TV Channel 9 news van was attacked by a crowd, which smashed its windows.

--Groups were seen in several downtown locations knocking down news racks, throwing bottles at officers, setting off firecrackers and defacing signs.

The LAPD was making numerous arrests, but the exact number was not immediately available.

Police were able to clear the areas around Staples Center and the L.A. Live shopping complex. But the crowds moved into surrounding neighborhoods, causing problems. Some fans ran onto the freeway.

Police Chief Charlie Beck expressed general satisfaction with the way the massive police force was handling the challenge of dispersing 20,000 people and tamping down several violent groups.

"Obviously, some people didn't heed our admonishments to celebrate safely, but unlike last year this has never gotten out of control. This has been a controlled exercise in crowd control. Unfortunately, we've had to manage some people more than we would have wanted."

--Robert Faturechi, Kate Linthicum, Andrew Blankstein, Ruben Vives, Abby Sewell, Sam Allen, and Hector Becerra.

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These aren't fans. They're republican operatives sent to make us look bad

Why do uneducated poor people ruin it for everyone ? I will never forget after last years celebration, a father son duo bonding while smashing the windows of some poor guys vehicle. Losers breeding losers.

I was waiting for this crap to happen after then game. Just a big bunch of low life thugs with no education or brains.

Ignorance is huge in LA obviously. How stupid do you have to be to riot. The last big riot the idiots burnt down their own grocery stores. These people are just scum. I honestly think the government should teach them a lesson and tax the city to rebuild them but I know most of whom are doing it probably don't have a job or any respect for work or themselves.

Maybe it is time for a reformed welfare system where you still have to do some work for that check and get drug tested every week. Then we will see much less money going out and more respect for the hard work of others.

Larry White@ You almost on the money Larry. It's like the Oil Spill, colors are even close. I betcha OBum is even closer to ending the job loss by expanding the NBA to 5000 + teams!
Or a better suggestion would be to "REGULATE" the NBA, get a CZAR to handle the teams and new teams creation. Could call some the Gimps, Bloossers, and on.
LA, wait till the free money runs out, welfare, medicaid, section8 housing, free housing, food stamps, and those people will really RIOT, make the Watts Riot and the King riot seem like a Kiddie Ride at the carnival!
Actually I am pulling for it real soon. Will rid us REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS of some left coast idiots.



Sometimes i wondered, why some people behaved the way they did?????? For those scumbags who threw rocks and riot, hurting innocent bystanders and properties should be punished. They are just plain criminals........by the way, congrats to the Lakers team..............:)

Says a lot about the IQ of your average sports fan. :-)

Bunch of hooligans, nothing better to do than terrorize and vandolize people and property. Probably inherited from their parents, most likely they were also no better off. Good parenting skills, you must be so proud. It was to be a good thing to celebrate the Lakers BIG WIN!!!!

la is the pit of the world and i spit on them every time im in la. the lakers are lolifes just like the people of la. this couldnt of happened to a better place, and did they mention the race of the routy pigs. hope the big one takes out la

All the more reason why Los Angeles doesn't deserve a professional sports team of ANY kind. The fans can't control themselves. Every time the Lakers win a championship, a pathetic group of stupid morons go out thinking that gives them the right to destroy the city. The businesses and personal property that is damaged every time the Lakers win is evidence of a city out of control. For LAPD to think it has a handle on the city is laughable. Los Angeles is on the verge of implosion. If this city were to seat an NFL team, the first time it won a Super Bowl would make the Northridge earthquake look like a car wreck. Los Angeles cannot handle itself. It's disgusting at best and it makes Los Angeles the laughing stock of the whole nation. Grow up people!

there are many, many, Lakers fan Myself and my family included who did not run around destroying our neighbors stuff it sucks that a few tools ruin it for the rest of us oh and LAKERS RULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder we dont have an NFL team...what team would want their fans tearing the city apart because they are winners?
And when did 'celebration' include destruction of property?

That's a load of bull. At least around Staples, police incited crowd. We came out of the game to find cops in full riot gear, masks on, their batons in full attack position ready to strike at the least bit of provocation. As we attempted to go to a restaurant to celebrate we were pushed down Figueroa Ave by the swarms of cops, hummers with 30 swat cops draped to them were doing 360's in the street, there were 20 helicopters hovering overhead. We attempted to walk away from the cops toward LA Live, but a new swarm of cops in LA Live pushed us back onto the street. We were in fear that the slightest provocation would cause these cops to start a riot and start injuring innocent Lakers fans. We hurried as fast as we could to our car, finding a hefty parking ticket on the windshield. Thank G-d we got out of there before the police incited a riot.

Gee, just shocking! Really, no one anticipated this. Happens every time.

Great. Now tell me that competitive ball sports are evolving humanity. The athletes may represent something redeemable, but fans are an entirely different subject. I've never understood the relationship between ever-widening (as in butts) couch potatoes and being "into" sports. When are we going to stop embracing these aggressive, contrived passions for something more valid and constructive. They are just overpaid men playing with balls. Not too important in the big picture. Have you considered that it isn't just the fans - it's the central nature of competitive sports?

I agree the whole series were fixed including the refs.

lakers/raiders- it's all the same..the teams inspire their thug following to act like animals..

Totally disgusting. Bunch of urban animals. Some states actually allow persons the means necessary to defend themselves and their property. Good luck, California.

As we walked out of Staples Center in a VERY happy and peaceful crowd the first thing we were greeted with was LAPD holding batons at the ready position, shields down over their faces and ready for action but there wasn't any action happening.

They kept illogically moving crowds from one area to another causing huge back-ups of people, i.e., bad crowd control. Can't recall how many times within 1 block we were told to stop, to move to the other side of the street, to get out of the street while crossing, foul language being used by LAPD also was unnecessary. It honestly appeared LAPD was in chaos and in a VERY bad mood and looking for trouble among the PAYING fans but wasn't LAPD there to protect the fans also? At least you would think they were there to protect us as well from any chaos but it seemed LAPD decided the fans leaving the game were the perpetrators.

I was walking with my friend, a policeman with County, and he thought the level of police hostility was surprising and found their handling of the exit strategy to be a disgrace, especially since we won the game and the crowd leaving Staples was actually mellow UNTIL the police started herding people like animals and treating the fans with zero respect.

In no way do I condone the actions of the jerks setting fires and destroying property but all of this appeared to be happening outside of the Staples area and honestly if my friend hadn't shown his badge we would have spent at least another hour being herded with the crowd trying to walk only 2 blocks to 9th and Fig, but cops do take care of their own and we were allowed to walk behind the lines of police to our parked car and exit the area while watching fans from the game being pushed in random directions on the other side of Fig.

i said it last year and i'll say it again: LA is a town of sore winners, Downright shameful

but other then that

Lakers are 2010 Champs

can i hear a threepeat

This is a perfect example of why LA should be supporting AZ on the illegal immigration law. Get all those gangs out! I understand why people need to protect themselves.

I feel that all basketball and soccer games should be banned. If they start this type of behavior with football and baseball, ban them as well. I remember growing up and going to these sproting events SAFELY. We never rioted especially if our team won! what is the deal with these trashy people? villagrossa even spoke out against such activities. Why waste his breathe. With the mentality of our current sports followers they will always riot in the streets. BAN BASKETBALL AND SOCCER EVENTS!

It is unbelievable. I have been a Lakers fan my whole life and I am especially proud of the way the team rallied in LA after a lackluster performance in Boston. Equal to my admiration of the Lakers players and management, I am disghusted with my fellow Los Angelinos' behavior. On display for the whole world to see, again, we have proven that we have no class.

To the rest of the world reading this, please don't get the impression that all LA Laker Fans are all violent, disrespectful thugs! Many of us are intelligent, hard working Angelinos with diverse cultural, religious, political, socio-economical and racial backgrounds. In West LA, I for one celebrated with joy, pride and good intentions. We Chanted "Boston Sucks" in the revelry of defeating a nemesis, but then congratulated the few green shirt wearing Celtic fans in the bar for the hard battle and effort their team put forth to make it such a great series. The idiocy on display around Staples Center last night was shameful and embarrassing for the good citizens of all races who reside in Los Angeles and is certainly not an example of how the majority of LA people act, but rather a minority example of the dregs of our fine city.

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