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Lakers celebration turns ugly as police, motorists come under attack

The Los Angeles Lakers victory in the NBA championships ended on a sour note as Los Angeles Police Department officers clashed with rowdy fans.

The LAPD brought large numbers of officers into the Staples Center area hoping to avoid a repeat of last year's looting and violence. But fans went on a rampage in some parts of downtown L.A., throwing rocks, shattering windows, rocking cars and setting fire to at least one vehicle and several other objects.

At Figueroa Street and Venice Boulevard, police fired less-than-lethal rounds at fans after they overturned a city parking enforcement vehicle and set fire to orange fire cones. On the LAPD's tactical frequency, officers at the intersection were heard requesting permission to fire  projectiles at a group of men throwing chunks of concrete at them. The permission was granted.

Among other incidents:

--The YMCA at 11th and Olive was attacked by crowds who smashed windows and tagged walls with graffiti.

--Crowds rocked and jumped on cars around Figueroa Street and nearby roads.

--A KCAL-TV Channel 9 news van was attacked by a crowd, which smashed its windows.

--Groups were seen in several downtown locations knocking down news racks, throwing bottles at officers, setting off firecrackers and defacing signs.

The LAPD was making numerous arrests, but the exact number was not immediately available.

Police were able to clear the areas around Staples Center and the L.A. Live shopping complex. But the crowds moved into surrounding neighborhoods, causing problems. Some fans ran onto the freeway.

Police Chief Charlie Beck expressed general satisfaction with the way the massive police force was handling the challenge of dispersing 20,000 people and tamping down several violent groups.

"Obviously, some people didn't heed our admonishments to celebrate safely, but unlike last year this has never gotten out of control. This has been a controlled exercise in crowd control. Unfortunately, we've had to manage some people more than we would have wanted."

--Robert Faturechi, Kate Linthicum, Andrew Blankstein, Ruben Vives, Abby Sewell, Sam Allen, and Hector Becerra.

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Just like the Rodney King riots, any excuse to loot and steal. I would like to know the racial make up of the rioters. Notice there is no mention of it, yet, if it were predominately a white crowd, the MEDIA would be all over the RACE side of it.

America, you are becoming a SEWER.

This proves that the world over sub-human behavior has not progressed very much!

These aren't even fans. These are people who would use any excuse to act like complete morons. Sometimes people are way too obsessed with sports.

Because of last nights chaos. I think they should suspend the Laker parade. I'm a fan as well, and I was looking forward to it but geesh! some people just don't know how to celebrate, the real laker fans were at home, bars and out the staple center going home. this ppl are just looking for the right timing to start trouble.

what an embarrassment.

I grew up in Los Angeles and have lived here all my life. I'll be the first to admit that this is a city of idiots.


The majority of Laker fans are low life Raider fans who cant afford to travel to Oakland now so they jump on the baseketball bandwagon. Its no longer fun to be a Laker fan like it used to be. These idiots and their ex jail mates have nothing better to do than riot, how about be responsible and get a job you scum bags.

Basketball sucks hahahahah that sport is about as fun to watch as golf...lets throw a ball thru a hole...im a ref, i call fouls when i want...boring boring and more boring

Thanks raza, for making us look bad as usual.

Why less than lethal force? A man throws a chunk of concrete at you, he's meaning to do bodily harm. Take these vermin out of the gene pool.

LA is lost, rest of California is not far behind. Unbelievable.

Figures..... win or lose, LA loser fans, have to "riot"...

Some of these morons aren't even into basketball. This is the type of element that we are surrounded by here in LA. I'll bet you some these morons don't even have a high school education and even if they did, I don't know how they passed.
When you have lack of intelligence, frustration and and you gather others alike together the end result is animalistic behavior.

my buddy at LAPD said 90% of the arrest they made for looting and damaging property were Illegal aliens from mexico, mostly gang members. He said all they can do is write a ticket and release them and they will never show up in court and cannot be sent back to mexico because LAPD cannot enforce to federal Law. He said because they dont have an ID they cannot even track how many crimes they have commeted. Most of them have been arrest several times for arm robbers, burglary, and assaults. He said they mexican gangs have gotten so big that LAPD cannot go to parts of the city unless they have 3 backup cars and some parts they will not even go to.

So the whole world once again witnessed all the barrio/ghetto animals getting uppity. I think worrying about LA's image is something that folks here shouldn't concern themselves about. The normal parts of the country already know what a third-worlder infested sewer this town is.

Boston would've easily won. Without Perkins, they were destined for defeat. That would have prevented the riots from starting. Too bad the better team lost because those rioting punks would have to find something else to do.

What else would one expect from people for whom the height of ecstasy is achieved by watching grown men chasing a ball.

after being in phx. and laker lose that game. la beats them in are house and beats boston in house back to back. heallyeaaah. go lakeshow..... we love L..A

waIT TILL millions of us start to attack

What kind of lowbrow moron would RUIN things after 'winning' ? Yes so they had 'reason' last time. But this time ? Absolutely NONE. I think that not only the morons who got arrested get it but they SING and turn in there friends. The only way to make this STOP is to declare game day a NO person in the street type thing. ANYONE caught after the game is over is ARRESTED period.

Doesn't this happen everytime a sports team win something big in the big old state of california?

That makes perfect sense. They'll use any excuse to be idiots!

Victory! Go Lakers! It is just a shame how they take over the streets and riot on what ever they can. Shame

@Larry - why are the owners responsible for the cost of the riots? The team brings economic dollars to L.A. ....they don't owe anything. It's the mayor, police etc. who are responsible for keeping order. At least the Lakers won...

Arrests should have been made and the rioters given the bill to some extent.

What a bunch of losers!! I attended the Formula 1 races
in Canada last weekend. Over 200K folks passed through the
subway with no security checks. There were no issues,
no stupid drunk people, no violence, no irresponsible
fans. These idiots need to get a life!

I am an immigrant. Where I came from, the policy would give you two warnings to disperse then would beat you with rubber hoses. That's what they did with riotous english soccer fans.

During the 1992 riots, I watched LA come under attack by throngs of people without any apparent control for what seemed like days. Inglewood PD shot 6 people in the first couple of hours. Their riot was over that day.

The knockleheads that caused the problems yesterday, are the same ones that syphon our tax dollars.

One way to curb this behavior is to mass arrest and check for legal status to be in this country.

I was on whittier blvd in ELA yesterday right after Mexico trounced France. Traffic was jamed with Mexican Soccer fans cruizing up and down the street. I happened to be passing through. Things seemed joyous until your car get's pelted with things.

LA needs another 5000 officer and exact zero tolerance for any infractions of the law. Our roads are littered with trash, there is plenty of community service to be handed out.

As far as LAPD is concerned...Kudos...did a great Job!!! Showed strength and resolve. No if they could just repeal special order 40 and abide by federal law.

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