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Lakers celebration turns ugly as police, motorists come under attack

The Los Angeles Lakers victory in the NBA championships ended on a sour note as Los Angeles Police Department officers clashed with rowdy fans.

The LAPD brought large numbers of officers into the Staples Center area hoping to avoid a repeat of last year's looting and violence. But fans went on a rampage in some parts of downtown L.A., throwing rocks, shattering windows, rocking cars and setting fire to at least one vehicle and several other objects.

At Figueroa Street and Venice Boulevard, police fired less-than-lethal rounds at fans after they overturned a city parking enforcement vehicle and set fire to orange fire cones. On the LAPD's tactical frequency, officers at the intersection were heard requesting permission to fire  projectiles at a group of men throwing chunks of concrete at them. The permission was granted.

Among other incidents:

--The YMCA at 11th and Olive was attacked by crowds who smashed windows and tagged walls with graffiti.

--Crowds rocked and jumped on cars around Figueroa Street and nearby roads.

--A KCAL-TV Channel 9 news van was attacked by a crowd, which smashed its windows.

--Groups were seen in several downtown locations knocking down news racks, throwing bottles at officers, setting off firecrackers and defacing signs.

The LAPD was making numerous arrests, but the exact number was not immediately available.

Police were able to clear the areas around Staples Center and the L.A. Live shopping complex. But the crowds moved into surrounding neighborhoods, causing problems. Some fans ran onto the freeway.

Police Chief Charlie Beck expressed general satisfaction with the way the massive police force was handling the challenge of dispersing 20,000 people and tamping down several violent groups.

"Obviously, some people didn't heed our admonishments to celebrate safely, but unlike last year this has never gotten out of control. This has been a controlled exercise in crowd control. Unfortunately, we've had to manage some people more than we would have wanted."

--Robert Faturechi, Kate Linthicum, Andrew Blankstein, Ruben Vives, Abby Sewell, Sam Allen, and Hector Becerra.

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The last paragraph of this article, quoting our chief of police, presents a fine example of orwellian doublespeak.

Thank you, L.A.P.D.!

That's why I no longer like the Lakers. It's one thing to be happy about a victory, but it's a totally different thing to riot.

I wish I could be at Artest's after party! Go Lakers!


Congratulations to the Lakers on their victory. Now it's time for the team's owners to shell out some cash to the city of Los Angeles for the disruption and destruction that their presence has caused.

Welcome to the "new" Mexico. Vive La Raza!

A hard fought game, no doubt, but when it counted most, the Lakers came thru!

Now, onto the few hundred morons that ruin it for everyone else; what kind of mind set, esp. after Win, does it take to just go out beat & climb on cars, scaring families, setting fire to cans, mugging a few people, etc. - what are these idiots thinking? That's just it, they don't think & could no0t care any less that the Lakers won & even had so PSA's prior to the game, from the Lakers themselves to celebrate but do so responsibly.

Thank God it was not the nightmare as last year - bunch of jerks - but still looks bad around the world. The Laker "fans" one would hope, would be as classy as the Lakers themselves, but alas, they aren't - they are cowards; pretty brave kicking cars with a few hundred fellow losers behind you!

The L.A. Police, CHP, Sheriff's Office all did a great job to keep it from getting out of hand!

Again, Congratulations to all within the Lakers organization!!!!



Please police contro this situation! I do not want to be raped!!

This is why we should get Arizona to help us with hoodlums posing as Laker fans.

Welcome to the "new" Mexico. Vive La Raza!
Posted by: ManyBugs | June 17, 2010

Why is it the more "La Raza" types we get here in LA, the more it looks like the "old" Mexico, Run down, crime infested, filled with angry mobs, spraying graffiti everywhere, looting, drugs and gangs everywhere.

oh, i forgot. you lucky devils(rioters) you are lucky you are not in arizona. here, we are locked and loaded, LEGALLY.

Hopefully this time the Laker team will shell out and pay for thier OWN parade instead of the taxpayers of L.A.? Matter in fact they should pay for everything for the fans!

LAKERS FANS REPEAT! Those areas of L.A. never changed...Any reason to show what animals they are. No Wonder Why Southern California Is Turning Into A Crap Hole.

The news is the worst....they get off on airing all this garbage to the public.

Why is it that some people of LA have problems being unruly? Spoiling the honor of having a winning team. I feel Phil Jackson and the Laker Players should go on TV and admonish the people that spoiled the celebration.
Congratulations to the LAPD for doing an exceptable job over and beyond the call of duty ! Shame on the people that spoiled what could have been a great night of honor. (LA is not the only city that has people spoiling a winning team).

this is another example of how bad la fans are. they actually sound surprised this happened. these people make laker fans and the lakers look bad. this is an embarassment to los angeles.

These are not my people.
Good American citizens who have GONE THROUGH DUE PROCESS and become legal citizens RESPECT our civil laws! You wanna let thatt type of civil disobedience stand?

Me and MINE don't roll like that- period!

Those were some BAD people intent on doing evil things and no one in their right mind can defend that!

We the People need to rise up and take a stand against this disrespect of our Country, our State, our City, and our LAKERS!

THE Finals were FIXED! Obvious. Did not matter who won, anyone with eyes to see could see it was a rigged 7 games to be series.

Mike...why would you not like the Lakers because of the fans? That's counter intuitive. The team played by the rules....the miscreants didn't. That's synonymous to me hating school because of the bad lunches. Total nonsequiter dude! GO LAKERS!!!!!

Deport all Mexican Laker fans = problem solved.

Stupid cholos ruining a good thing for LA fans.

The ref fix was in for LA. And the riot was classless icing on the cheating cake. Better hope Mexico doesn't win the World Cup, or else we're in big trouble.

Great job police dept. this hooligans should be banned from now on to go to a sporting event. Its an embarrassment to have people like that deface and destroy their own town, especially after having a joyous win.... GO LAKERS!!!!

Stupid crowd, just an excuse to destroy, do graffities by being outwardly wild. Just be happy period.

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