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Lakers fans smash windows, throw rocks, run onto freeway; police try to maintain order

A huge contingent of Los Angeles Police Department officers were trying to maintain order Thursday night as some Lakers fans roamed downtown, jumping on cars, smashing windows and throwing rocks.

LAPD officer fired less-than-lethal weapons at a group of people who threw pieces of concrete at them.

Cars trying to make their way through the intersection of 9th and Hope streets were mauled by fans banging on their windows. Police approached on horseback and then riot police pressed into the crowd. The crowd retreated, knocking off side-view windows of cars and lighting fireworks as they went. 

At 9th and Flower streets, a crowd bashed in the windows at the condo loft tower and ripped down the barriers that had been set up at the street. Then they swarmed a pickup truck at the intersection. Ten men hopped on top of it.

Crowds smashed windows at Pico Boulevard and Figueroa Street. Others roamed on the 110 Freeway.

Belen Lopez, 20, and her boyfriend were running down Hill Street, away from the riot police approaching on horseback.

"This is insane," she said.

--Robert Faturechi, Kate Linthicum, Andrew Blankstein, Ruben Vives, Abby Sewell, Sam Allen, and Hector Becerra.

Photo: An LAPD officer detains a Lakers fan after Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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That's what you get when the city and the team caters to people who have no class. I hope this is an embarrassment to the city and the people of LA. Stop being a sanctuary city and get rid of the low lives. Clean up your own streets before you boycott someone else's. Who would want to come to LA after witnessing such a thing.

Im a lakers fan and i was trying to get out of staples from the game when my truck was struck with peole hitting and pounding on my windows, when i arrived home some one had flattened my tire.

Very scary

Stay classy Lakers fans....

I am glad I do not live in a state that has been taken over by gangs and illegal aliens. I moved away in 1971 when it was still a nice place to live. California is a microcosm if what illegal immigration will do to the rest of the USA if nothing is done. Penalize the companies that hire them and deport those who are not here legally-also eliminate anchor babies for illegals-this would end the benefit to them for breaking our laws. Better yet the USA should adopt the same laws on immigration as Mexico.

This is plain pathetic. If people can't conduct themselves with some decorum then they obviously do not deserve a NBA team much less a championship. Another reason for me to hate the Lakers. I feel sorry for people who are actual fans but this is ridiculous.

I agree with mononecio, why turn this into a race issue? It doesn't matter if they were Chinese, White, Black or whatever! They were wrong! The majority of Hispanics are very nice people who respect others; These guys could have been White or Black, They acted like animals because they are hoodlums! They don't represent the Hispanics I know. (I'm a Black Man!)

Perhaps you all have forgotten the lessons of our forfathers. The priviledged receive and the rest give. This "celebration" was not about the winning of the title, it was a sign of the the impending doom.

The rich enjoyed the game from the comforts of $500 seats, while the peope watched TV and listened. The winning of the MPLS Lakers was just a sign of how badly the city is prepared for a "slightly organized" uprising of their uneducated masses who perform all the things needed for the life style for the rich.

Wait until those who OWN the streets welcome the elite to there homeground in the next earthquake. Will the permenantly homeless turn away the newly homeless? Or will they welcome them to the homesteads they have carved out of brush and corrigated boxes? I think the later.

only in los angeles can idiots get away with this,it's seems that a lot of youngsters can't get it right,they want to get in someone elses face and you're supposed to love it,you get in their face and they want to call a cop to protect them or have you arrested.i'm from los angeles and this makes me mad and ashamed,you folks need to grow up and start respecting others rights,stop the stupidity and ignorance,quit being so trashy and ghetto.GROW UP!

I as everyone expect these ghetto dogs to act just as they did. But what I notice is a lot of gang-looking people , many illegals preping for a riot just as police are preping to keep the peace. Did anyone notice all the mexican flags out there ?? The problem with these sports-riots is they have become worse and more often with so many illegals in the area

I live in New York, and I could imagine if the Knicks fans doing this at Madison Square Garden when they win it all

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