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Joe Jackson files wrongful death lawsuit against Michael Jackson's doctor

Michael Jackson's Father Files Wrongful Death SuitOne year after Michael Jackson's death at age 50, his father, Joe Jackson, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his son's personal physician.

The L.A. County Coroner's office found that the pop icon had high levels of propofol, a strong anesthetic used during surgery, in his body when he died June 25, 2009, at his rented Holmby Hills mansion.

L.A. prosecutors charged his doctor, Conrad Murray, with giving him the drug. Murray has denied any wrongdoing.

In the lawsuit, Joe Jackson accuses Murray of professional negligence and alleges that he tried to conceal his administration of drugs to the King of Pop after his death.

Murray's attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.

Joe Jackson had a rocky relationship with his son for many years. In recent months, the father has raised questions about how his son died and the investigation into his death

Michael Jackson died while putting the finishing touches on his comeback tour. Those preparations became a documentary that was released in movie theaters shortly after his death.

Earlier this month, officials said there had been a security breach of Jackson's medical records when he was rushed to Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center.

On Friday, hundreds of fans paid tribute to Jackson at Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Michael Jackson with his father, Joe. Credit: KTLA

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Joe has to do something! The money pot is drying up. If he has to go to work again what would he do?

Hope the doc's lawyer reminds the father of the year that his son wouldn't have needed all those meds if his childhood hadn't been destroyed by a psycho parent.

MJ didn't leave him any money, so now he's going to get it from the doctor.

Joe Jackson has no shame!!!

Doesn't this jerk get it??? His son left him out of his Will, not on accident, but on purpose. Michael told many a reporter that he didn't like his Dad, that being around him wanted to make him vomit.

Is this creep so clueless, so tone deaf? My guess is no, he's just another jerk trying to sponge off his dead son. No wonder the world reviles him.

I said from the start,that AIG was somewhat responsible it their is more to the story than it must be told.No way could Michael Jackson perform those concerts in his condition.His health was poor and he was already an addict who refused to get professional help.Those drug are highly addictive and it just progressed over the years after he was tramatized after being burned during the pepsi commercial.He isolated himself from the world that mentally and emotionally is unhealthy.It is a very sad story and he was a beautiful child and I never understood the plastic surgery?He was a talented person with a God-Given Gift.I always think of him fondly and I don't believe those kids making up lies about him.There is only so much a person can take

Michael Jackson was a great king of pop.His dance moves were one of a kind.Some of his songs were messages to people and others were to everyone to help the world.Some songs makes me cry and I know some songs make other people cry too.When I hread about his death I cried my eyes out.He was a great singer and many people loved him and still love him like me.

Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer this world will ever know. The media/tabloids are responsible for printing slander, character assasination, false accusations and proved the days of true respected journalism to be over. There are many that contributed towards his death who's motivation was greed. Each person will give an account to the Lord someday. Perhaps God said "enough is enough" and took him home to heaven where he's free from the pain and happily rejoicing..

The lawsuit will go nowhere. It will be dismissed. Mr. Jackson's father does not have legal standing.

This is a fact:
Michael Jackson was murdered.

I can't believe it's been a year since Michael's passing....he was and is " THE KING of POP!
His words in all his songs tell the story.
Nothing can mean more than his expressions of emotion in his songs.
I would have given anything to have met him in person.
All my friends say that my twin brother looked just like him.
Anyway, someday I hope I get to meet the remaining family.
Rest in Peace-Michael.....I never can say good bye...especially to you. Miriam DeGrandi

Although Joe Jackson is not on my favourites list, this is a good move. It won't give Joe a large settlement because the doctor has no money, has to get his lawyers, PR person and child support payments from some unknown source. but it WILL prevent Murray from ever profiting off of Michael's death through documentaries or book deals.

So I am definitely in favour of a wrongful death suit. Hopefully AEG will be sued as well.

p.s. - glad to see the kids having a vacation in Hawaii - they showed pictures on ABC and NBC documentaries. Prince's vitiligo on his armpit is certainly visible in those photos.

The paradoxical effect of Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Midazolam) in combination with Zoloft -- (even before the Propofol) is that they "CREATE" anxiety, cause vasoconstriction, blood clots, arrhythmias, hypoxia (low blood oxygen), hypotension -- which create more anxiety -- impair cognition -- which compells the duped injectee (or recipient of the oral med) into believing the problem is a mental health issue. In fact, decision making is impaired and psychoenergetic functionality is undermined. This law suit is not just for Michael Joseph Jackson -- this law suit is for everyone duped by the so called "health care" professional. The administration of these drugs -- either at home -- or in the hospital -- is out of control. The L A County Coroner whom I spoke to told me to stay away from University Research Institutions for the same reason they feel M.J.'s outcome would have been different in the hospital: PRE-EDUCATED MURDER! The people who are most definitely in need of psychiatric help -- are the M.D.s who -- unable to cope -- sell the illusion of wholeness in a pill. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing is one alternative. Murray Conrad had alternatives to offer as did MJ's prior health care providers. If JOE can -- bring down this delusional industry - bent on selling the illusion of peace of mind in a bottle -- then he will do mankind and the laboratory animals subjected to untold horrors -- a far greater service - -than if he let sleeping dogs lie. Turn the page - - and look at the Material Data Safety Sheets - on what these chemicals do to people. For some of you who do not know -- the benzene ring in these drugs is the same ring listed as a volatile organic compound -- on the list of toxic -- hazardous air pollutants regulated by the EPA under the Clean Air Act. The benzene ring in this class of drugs is also the same benzene ring that is -- as we read this article -- off-gasing from the Gulf of Mexico BP's Deep Horizon oil spill surface waters. It has already caused the same anxiety -- the same neurological damage -the same sleepless nights -- the same head aches, nausea, hypoxia ataxia, and even worse -- in the people and wildlife with the misfortune to be in the cross winds where it blows.
Joe Jackson may not be the father you would have picked for yourself when you were 4 or 5 or 6 -- but do not discount what he is doing now by pursuing this law suit. This wrongful death suit is about absolutely contraindicated drugs administered under the auspices of pre-Educated Murder. Joe is a bellwether! Good for you Joe!

Of course, the family member least likely to have suffered damages is the one to file this ridiculous suit. Joe Jackson was estranged from his son and received no financial support from him. He literally has suffered no "out-of-pocket" damage from Michael's death. Additionally, 75% of medical malpractice cases end in defense verdicts, because it is extraordinarily difficult to prove that a doctor made mistakes in treatment. I seriously doubt that this doctor has the financial resources to satisfy any judgment, and I wonder if he carried medical malpractice insurance that would cover this suit.

Joe couldn't squeeze money out of his son, so, he'll squeeze Dr. Murray. And Joe, I accuse you of being a professional leech.

I don't understand why abusive people have to go and take and take and take!!! even AFTER his son died, Mr Jackson STILL has the nerve to continue to take.

Michael had a very sad life. Psycho dad, Psycho kids making up lies, having to deal with the paparazzi, on top of that having to lose his childhood and succumto the media? No wonder he had to take medications!! all of those things he could handle, -- except his father.

Music was his savior. It was the only place he could really express himself. His music was so powerful because of that. Most of the songs that are popular to my generation (Im 17 btw) nowadays is Sex, Drinking, Dancing, and Infatuous love. And most of it has no deeper meaning THAN those very words. Which means that the popularity of those songs usually dies out.

Michaels songs on the other hand, Come from his soul. He actually has deep meaning and thats why his songs are so beautiful. He gives us an opportunity to dissect the song and look for our meanings to it and find a specific meaning to it. And in that sense, it brings us all closer because we are sharing our interpretations. This suit will go nowhere. Michael will still continue to inspire people. He left a legacy.

Joe Jackson, is a disgrace to African American fathers, and not in name only like him.


Joe Jackson is more right and on the money than he has ever been before.He's right .Think about it,if you worked at a store and you killed one of the customers,shouldn't you and your employer be found negligent and sued,of course, without a doubt.Conrad Murray was to be payed $140,000 a month by AEG to provide his services to Michael Jackson.Only problem is that AEG donates millions of dollars to the City of Los Angeles and unfortunately black stars dont get much justice in L.A. like Tupac,Notorious B.I.G and now Michael Jackson.AEG and the City of Los Angeles are in bed together and the trial should be moved elsewhere.

this blog is very intresting... one should think many time before filling a wrong case as this can cost to the person who is seriously suffering...

He was not a good father. Doing this all to get money from the doctor.


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