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'Jason Bourne' suspect arrested in downtown L.A. hotel after LAPD standoff

LAPD officers surrounded a downtown L.A. hotel and took into custody an elusive suspect that police have likened to Jason Bourne, the fictional secret agent known for his daring getaways and high-tech gadgetry in a series of films played by Matt Damon.

Police have been looking for Brian Alexik for nearly two months, ever since they allegedly found weapons and counterfeit cash inside his loft, which is located right outside the Federal Reserve building in downtown L.A.

LAPD sources told The Times that police surrounded a hotel off Hewitt Street near Little Tokyo and eventually detained Alexik as well as a girlfriend. He is now being questioned.

Streets in the area had been blocked off by police. LAPD Capt. Steve Sambar said police officers earlier Thursday noticed a woman who matched the description of Alexik's girlfriend near the hotel.

The bizarre case began in April when a resident at an upscale downtown L.A. high-rise smelled fumes coming from a neighboring apartment.

Firefighters knocked on the door of the apartment but they were refused entry. Police were called and they broke down the door of the penthouse just as a man inside was escaping through a back window and down a fire escape carrying duffel bags.

The apartment contained sophisticated counterfeiting equipment as well as a cache of weapons, including an AK-47, police said. They also found stacks of counterfeit $100 bills totaling $15,000 and a camera tripod, police said.

But detectives' interest was heightened when they looked out a window and saw that the penthouse balcony had a spot-on view of the U.S. Federal Reserve building on Grand Avenue.

The $3,400-a-month penthouse was leased one year in advance, with payment in stacks of cash, police said.

Detectives are not sure what Alexik, a 33-year-old New Jersey man, was up to and what role, if any, the Federal Reserve might have played in any alleged scheme. They are not exactly sure whom they are dealing with because detectives found multiple identifications, including passports, listing different aliases for the man.

Photos found at the apartment show Alexik with significantly different looks, police said. In one photo, he's clean-shaven, holding a glass of wine and smiling. Another shows him somewhat heavier, with a beard and bandanna covering his forehead.

--Andrew Blankstein

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All the streets are closed in the Alameda/4th Street area. Total mess. All the trucks are rerouting onto the alley streets. Don't try to take 4th Street east!

So how is he likened to Jason Borne? did he bust some cazy Kung-Foo or what?

That's so awesome!!

Awesome, except for the drugs side of things that is.../

Is he still looking for the jackal?

"They also found stacks of counterfeit $100 bills totaling $15,000 and a camera tripod, police said."

This is a sure sign that the LAPD views photography as being illegal and why they are hassling photographers. What makes that tripod so ominous that they had to mention it? They could have said they found some dishes in there and it would have made as much sense.

Jason Bourne isn't a criminal !!

Pretty interesting, A man with different looks on every id. A man with access to firearms, a man with the ability to blend in and dissapear with multiple id's. Gun of Choice AK probable not a US agent.
I expected agents to come for the $100 bill as they are re-duing it. I know that the Communsit Economic Warfare manual includes the use of Super Notes as North Korea is huge on it. However, I would half to hear his acent, see his eyes, and find out what else I could get. Extasy is a normal drug for basic street telly's to try and get information out of people. If I was doing a prob into the Fed to see if anyone was drugged at bars or at home to get information on bugs or otherwise. See if any Federal employees have felt weird since the creation of the new 100 dollar bill, or at least those that actually deal with the secrets of the creation of the bill.
I know North Korea at least in theory would love to get their hands on how to create a new Super Note. I sure hope that Fed was not creating.
Marijuana could be a possible gatewawy to find friends. However, I would bet that the Federal employees are not allowed to smoke as Marujuana is still a schedule 1.
The small caliber pistol means that has understand of basic carry of arms and probable does carry.
I would bet this person is probable just a basic, drug peddler trying to make it big in the world of counterfeiting.
Now that he has been ousted, means you cannot turn him to actually be used for the purpose to oust possible traitors in the US agencies or even spies hear at home.
Bad move Fed's or local police. I would have tried to turn him and use him. Humans are easily bugged know a days without them knowin it especially if they wish to turn for their freedom.
Good luck on this guy. I be this investigation would be lots of fun. I wonder what youngsters are the fed are prying to get it. MMMM I only wish. So many clues are every where.

Keep digging Watson, figure him out. Sounds like fun.

The media needs to stop over crediting criminals! "Jason Bourne" "terrorist Master minds" ETC.... get the F out of here!

A small time counterfeiter with a view of the Federal Reserve (the king of all counterfeiters). Sweet irony. The police should go arrest everyone at the Federal Reserve if they want to stop counterfeiting!

One word: Treadstone

jason bourne is alot smart than this guy. also bourne was not into drug and conterfeit money

Why wasn't any federal agency such as the FBI, ATF, or the United States Secret Service, which has sole jurisdiction in counterfeit US currency investigations, involved in the man's arrest?

Jason Bourne didn't use high tech gadgets. He beat up one guy with a book and escaped from the cops by spitting vodka in the face of one of them.

Ha, that's pretty awesome. This guy's story gets optioned in 5... 4...

All that Jason Bourne crap and he get's caught at some flop house hotel in Little Tokyo. He's just another criminal who needs to be severely punished.


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