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Chelsea King's family plans to move back to Illinois

The parents and brother of 17-year-old Chelsea King, who was strangled in February when she went out for a run, announced Friday that they plan to return to Naperville, Ill., where they lived for 10 years before moving to Poway, north of San Diego.

Brent and Kelly King said they want their teenage son, Tyler, to be able to live more anonymously in a familiar place where he has a close-knit group of friends.

"As certain as we are that we have made the right decision, it did not come easily and without trepidation," the family wrote. "Our San Diego community has cradled us in the darkest time of our lives and made it possible for us to put one foot in front of the other in a moment when it felt utterly impossible."

The Kings said their Chelsea’s Light Foundation will remain based in San Diego in donated office space. They plan to keep a second residence in the city and commute monthly. The family’s letter was posted on the foundation’s Facebook page.

Chelsea vanished while jogging near Lake Hodges. Evidence found two days later led investigators to registered sex offender John Albert Gardner III. He pleaded guilty to murdering Chelsea and Amber Dubois, 14, who had disappeared a year earlier while walking to school. Gardner was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The King family is pressing for "Chelsea's Law," a bill moving through the state Legislature that would give one-strike life sentences to violent sex offenders who attack minors and require lifetime GPS monitoring for other sex criminals.

-- John Hoeffel

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Chelsea's Law should be supported - We are tired of seeing sex offenders
hurt the innocent, young children.
Those beasts get released all the times from the prison, and the government
keep all the petty thieves there !
GPS does not work if the parole officers are lazy and do not do their jobs

I hope the move helps them through this horrible time. Maybe everyone in Illinois will have more respect for their grief. Sending them all best wishes.

When are we gonna do what's necessary with these sexual predators?!? How many kids have to die?!? How many families have to be ruined?!? How much money do we as a society have to pay in the aftermath?!? I personally do not want ONE CENT of my tax dollars going toward giving this guy three hots, a cot...hot showers, playgrounds, tv's and other entertainment, libraries, free medical, etc.... for the rest of his life!!! Here is a perfect place to apply "Brave New World" technology with confidence! At the first sign of such behavior, before anyone is physically hurt (after that, you gotta go medieval on these guys), take every one of these guys and implant in them a device similar to what you stick in dogs to keep track of 'em, and indeed, monitor these guys every second of every day. If a computer can track and monitor a spaceship working in the deepest parts of our galaxy, we can certainly track these guys with ease at minimal cost.

Don't you people realize that most "sexual offenders" have never hurt anyone? Most of them were 18 and had a CONSENSUAL sexual relationship with a 16 or 17 year old, or who received a "sext" from their 17 year old mate, or who urinated in an alley outside a bar or during Mardi Gras, or who were caught for prostitution or picking one up, or were peeping tom with a pair of binoculars, or who flashed or mooned someone, or who chatted online with a fake nonexistent minor, or who accidentally downloaded child pornography on kazaa or limewire or some other P2P shareware software (VAST majority of those cases), or for being homosexual and getting caught committing oral or anal sex, which is a felony in all southern states still even after the US Supreme Court case and they must register as a sex offender in any state they move to. The "registry" should only be devoted to those who have a VIOLENT sexual offense, and have an actual, real life victim that they harmed. And yes, molesting a kid IS considered violent, even if force was not used. Nonviolent sexual offenders are those who did not touch ANYONE, or if they did it was with a 16 or 17 year old and it was CONSENSUAL. They are probably the vast majority of the "sexual offenders registry". We have a MILLION sexual offenders! Why do you think John Gardner and Garrido were able to do what they did?? Because the task force officers have to waste their time with so many nonviolent sexual offenders and worrying about how many feet they are living from a school or park or daycare or ymca. Nonviolent sexual offenders should be able to appeal their registry status and be taken off of it after they prove they are productive members of society and don't pose a threat or danger. Many of them have families and are just trying to move on with their life but you people want to hold them down forever. I mean you people obviously don't care about murderers or terrorists. Where is the Murderers Offenders Registry?? Where is the Terrorists Offenders Registry?? So when Najibullah Zazi, the attempted New York City subway bomber, or Faisal Shahzad, the attempted New York Times Square bomber are let out in like 20 years, they won't have to have any distinctive mark on their drivers license, or have their face on the internet, and can visit parks, and can live next to a school, BUT someone who had a consensual relationship with a 17 year old 20 years ago cannot? How is that justice? How is that fair and balanced? What about an MS-13 gang banger who does a drive by shooting with an AK47 and kills someone? They usually only get like 15 years. So they won't have to have any special designation on their license and won't have their face on the internet and can go for a jog in a park because they have "repaid their debt to society" BUT someone who urinated in a park 20 years ago can't even take their kids to a local park for a picnic? These laws need to start making distinctions. Not everyone on the sexual offenders registry are child molesters or rapists. Stop messing with these nonviolent peoples lives and give them a break. They have the lowest recidivism of ANY other type of criminal. I mean what other criminal group has less than a 5% recidivism rate?? Not even murderers have that low of a recidivism rate!! Nonviolent sexual offenders are NOT a threat. Can't you people realize that? It is proven time and again with Department of Justice and National Institute of Justice statistics.


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