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Effort to designate Ronald Reagan Day in California gets bipartisan support. What do you think?

http://www.latimes.com/includes/projects/hollywood/portraits/ronald_reagan.jpgTalkBackLACalifornia lawmakers appear to be backing an effort to designate Ronald Reagan Day in the state.

Ronald Reagan Day would be Feb. 6 -- the birthday of the former actor, California governor and U.S. president. Dedicating a special day of recognition would not make that date a state holiday, but it would be officially on the state calendar and schools would be encouraged to teach students about Reagan's legacy.

So far, two other people have commemorative days in California -- conservationist John Muir and slain gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk.

SB 944, as the bill is known, is being pushed by Republican legislators. "Ronald Wilson Reagan was a man of humble background who worked throughout his life serving freedom and advancing the public good, having been employed as an entertainer, union leader, corporate spokesman, governor of California, and president of the United States," the bill states.

The assembly passed the bill Monday with bipartisan support (with one Democratic legislator noting that the conservative icon raised taxes in California), and it now goes to the Senate.

What do you think about a designated Ronald Reagan Day in California? Share your thoughts here.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Ronald Reagan. Credit: Warner Bros. 


Ronald Reagan featured in the L.A. Times' Hollywood Star Walk project

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Let's do it. I support both Harvey Milk day and a day for Ronald Reagan. Why shouldn't we honor people that had a positive impact on California?

I am in support of SB 944.

Looking back at his legacy, from where we are now, I have to admit that Ronald Reagan was indeed a great man who served his country, governed one of the then-greatest states in the union, and presided over the then-strongest country in the world.

And not a single mistress!

I say no to a `Ronald Reagan Day' in California. What next? That's just ridiculous.

There is already a National President's Day designated, if one wants to memorialize our ex-Presidents...

Is it really necessary?

Just another waste of time by the legislation. They will do anything not to work on the budget.

No. I am sure he has a star on the walk of fame and thats all the bad actor deserves.

It is nice to see that Republicans are finally for something. I really enjoyed Bedtime for Bonzo, so I don't mind recognizing a former president and governor.

Reagan should have been jailed for his illegal support of the Contras. HELL NO, he does not deserve a holiday in this state!

Please please please don't honor the person who did so much to ruin California. Reagan should have stayed in movies, reality was too much for him.

It takes maybe ten minutes, much less than a day, to list all the sleazy rotten things for which Ronald Reagan is responsible. But it's going to take the rest of this century to undo them.

Absolutely, Ronald Reagan should be recognized for his contributions to the success of California, the country, and the world. It is too bad we don't have a Ronald Reagan today when we need him the most. Liberals hate to admit that their personal wealth and success of the 80s and 90s came as a result of his fiscal policy and equal opportunity for all to succeed. A Ronald Reagan day would be the perfect counter balance to the day honoring a collectivist, Cesar Chavez.

Nuts! Why not have Genghis khan Day as well? Will it be an unpaid vacation day? Or will the employees of the State of Ca just show up and work for free!

No Way!

Reagan's extreme anti-government ideology began the destruction of America. Maybe he should have kept the solar panels on the White House roof and not funded drug dealing terrorists in Central America. He falsely claimed credit for bringing down the Soviet Union and was a puppet of Corporate America.

A befuddled fraud.

We should not have had Harvey Milk Day, and we should not have Ronald Reagan Day. Our kids would do better if they spent the time learning how to read and write properly instead. If he was alive, I'm sure Reagan would have preferred that.

Our state legislators have nothing better to do with their time than to propose a bill that would recognize an actor who was a puppet politician? He could be the only sitting president that suffered from senility/Alzheimer and was no more in control of government than your aging grandpa/grandma in a nursing facility. I thought that political analysts have already stated that he would go down in history as one of the worst presidents we have had...so why would we want to name a day of recognition for this man. Surely California could find another person of contributions/accomplishments that would inspire our youths?!! State representatives---don't you have more important tasks to deal with like our unemployment, our budget deficit, our deteriorating infrastructure, the massive small business bankruptcy, the education crisis (both funding and academic failures), etc., etc., etc. This is why I am voting to replace our current representatives with those with a fresh perspective on the issues that matter to the ordinary citizen...and let me tell you that having a Ronald Reagan Day is not on that list of priority issues.

You've got to be kidding!!! He was one of the worst President in the history of the country, along with both of the Bushes. He an example of when an actor gets elected (look at Arnold). If we make a day for Ronnie let's do one for Nixon also. After all if we create a day for one bad President from California, lets make a day for two bad Presidents from California.

My memory of Ronald Reagan's legacy is that he dismantled the mental health network in California. Every day that I see the many homeless people that are forced to live in the street because they are not afforded treatment, I think of Ronald Reagan. If you want to commenmorate his contributions to California all you have to do is make a trip to skid row in downtown Los Angeles!

Reagan? The puppet for the oil companies? The guy under whose watch all the mental health programs went by the wayside leaving the mentally ill high and dry? Reagan? The guy who refused funding for HIV/AIDS programs or research? I don't even have to read the article (I did not) to know that we DO NOT need or want a "Reagan" day. Geez, the guy was a B list actor, remember?

if schools were currently teaching students about reagan's "legacy" we wouldnt be having this conversation.

No, no, and no. I can think of a dozen other CA governors - actually, most of them, both parties - who did a better job.

I'm not in favor of this proposal or of naming a name after any other president or political figure. Teachers & school boards can decide a lot better about what to teach than can the state legislature. And because of Reagan's influence, he would be covered anyway in any appropriate class dealing with 20th century US history or politics. Follow this path and the politicians will succeed in naming all 365 days after one politician or another.

Would this be a special day where we all celebrate deregulation and the upward mobility of our cash as it concentrates in the hands of the wealthy, cast the mentally ill out on the streets, and honor murderers we call "freedom fighters" while calling doctors who perform abortion murderers?

I'll pass on a special Reagan day. There's no need - every day echoes with his legacy.

President Reagan was the greatest president in modern times. He brought the U.S. back to greatness after the whines and pathetic sadness of Jimmy Carter and the democrats. His trickle down economics worked to get the country working again. He strengthened our military and made the world respect us. Note: not like us. But respect us and our strength.

So a day devoted to RW Reagan would be great.

If it was "indoctrination" when Obama addressed school children, then we don't need to do the same for ronnie "ketchup is a vegetable" raygun. Fair and balanced is, afterall, fair and balanced.

Reagan was a jerk, but he did not dismantle the mental health network in CA. That was a bi-partisan move and liberals also share the blame for thinking that they could close the state hospitals because the cities and counties would take up the slack and that they where "liberating" the inmates.

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