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Child killed in LAPD pursuit in Lake View Terrace [Updated]

A child was killed Thursday night during a police pursuit in Lake View Terrace, authorities said.

The chase, which began about 6:15 p.m., involved a Los Angeles Police Department patrol car and another vehicle containing three suspects, police said. Click here for a profile of Lake View Terrace.

The child apparently was struck by the suspects' vehicle near Fenton Avenue and Van Nuys Boulevard, according to the LAPD. The child appeared to be about 4 or 5 years old.

Two of the suspects were taken into custody at the scene and the driver ran away and was being sought by police Thursday night.

No additional details were available.

[Updated at 9:24 p.m.: Police have apprehended the driver, said LAPD Officer Karen Rayner. She said the child was a 6-year-old girl.]

-- Robert J. Lopez

Map: The location of the crash site.

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Very sad, and I predict the usual cop-haters will be screaming for the officers' blood. As evidenced by the Times' headline; an LAPD pursuit did not kill this girl, a suspect fleeing the police did. How about this, how about suspects stopping as required by law? I guess that wouldn't work, though, since accountability is reserved for police officers when it involves criminals' action.

In any event, if the haters don't want the police chasing anyone, lobby your lawmakers to prohibit chases. You can't have it both ways. Either you allow reasonable chases and hammer violators with stiff penalties, or allow suspects to flee without fear of capture. One or the other.

Very well said Mufon, I agree. Police are expert drivers due to training. A suspect always thinks he can get away, or adding a chase to a DUI or suspended license etc if caught is no big deal. I can't recall ever hearing a police losing control and killing anyone during a chase.

I also agree with you Mufon. This is an absolute tragedy, but is no fault of the police. The guilt lies solely with those fleeing the police. If they had simply pulled over, not only would the innocent child still be alive, but they would not be facing additional criminal charges.

Police chases continue to baffle me. The suspects hardly ever (if ever) escape and they are just making things worse for themselves (not to mention innocent people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time). Further, how these chases get blamed on the police is beyond me. Once again I agree with you Mufon, we need more severe penalties for those fleeing to discourage this behavior.

Police "expert drivers"?

there's a (bad) joke!

Why don't you try driving while you gab on a radio, use a laptop while wearing dark glasses, gab on one or two cell phones, and look around for what you are supposed to be doing.

I have nearly been killed by 4 cops... they are driving like maniacs, running stop signs, over 100mph in heavy traffic during a rainstorm, wrong way on divided street... (and by the way NOT ONE of these morons was using lights or sirens).

Well said Mufon! A horrible situation! My prayers go out to the family of the little girl and the Officers.

I disagree. Very sad it happened but it's both parties fault. A tragedy.
The police in L.A. are way to trigger happy and chase happy.
They are never around when you need them.
What were the suspects suspected of? Why were they being chased in residential neighborhoods.?
Im sure the police will make something up to justify the chase.

Why is it "Child Killed in LAPD Pursuit" rather than "Fleeing Suspects Kill Child"?

Expert drivers ? What I want to know is why they get to drive all over town talking on their cells phones without the possibility of getting a ticket. I watched an lapd officer talk on HER cell phone for 7.5 miles of city traffic, in the valley, without red lights, siren, anything. In other words, this was not an emergency call. When I called the watch commander, I was told it had to be an emergency call, or the officer would not be on the phone, as officer cant make personal calls while driving. When I asked the officer if her call was police business, she rolled up her window and kept talking.....and driving. I guess her attitude was my answer.

The suspects were being chased because someone reported they had a gun in the car. As Mufon predicted though, the cop haters are crawling out of the wood work. Sadly most of these cop haters are losers who applied to become cops, but couldn't pass the test, or gangsters and thugs. True, there is a small minority of them that are just normal run-of-the-mill morons. It's easy to criticize the working stiff who is just trying to do the right thing when one is insecure, lacks a mediocre level of inelligence, or acts like they know everything to cover up the fact that they in reality know VERY LITTLE. Again, it's proven by the cop haters on here, "Ignorance knows no bounds!"


It started off as a drug related investigation. The suspects would not pull over. During the chase, the suspects threw a gun from the car. If you don't want the police to chase these type of people, do as suggested earlier. Lobby your politicians and demand no police chases. Not a smart move. Tragic incident but no fault of the police.

I don't know about the Police being expert drivers because they do have accidents to. This was not the fault of the LAPD. The driver of that vehicle should be charged with murder. He chose to flee and drive like an idiot. The punishment for fleeing from the police has to be increased.

How about the GUNS the suspects tossed out while being pursued?? But let's not talk about that. Mike you're a great story teller...but if this all happened to you, I can assure you the officers weren't looking to kill you; more likely they're responding to an incident like the one mentioned above. If you'd rather have gang bangers driving around your neighborhood with guns and drugs so be it. But don't be so dramatic.

And as predicted by Mufon the haters (mike and jin) did manage to crawl out from under their rocks. Police pursuits are initiated by the lowlifes that run. If you don't run, the police don't chase. It's just that simple. This little girls death rests 100% with the vermin that ran.

You gotta love the L.A. Times...Child killed in LAPD pursuit.....How about this Child killed by drug dealers running from Police.....now I know why I canceled by subscription to this totally bias paper.....whatever they can do to spin it to be negative towards the Police is their first spin on any News event.

Jin, Your comments are completely wrong and skewed! How do you justify stating, "The police in L.A. are way to trigger happy and chase happy." Explain the basis for your opinion. These comments are bold and Im sure you cant back them up. Yes, the police do chase people through residential neighborhoods, because those who they seek, chose to go there. Remember folks, the criminals make the decisions on when and where they run,,,not the police!


It was plainly written and has been all over the news that the suspects had guns in the car and during the pursuit and the suspecects threw the guns out of the window. PLEASE read the article before you make a comment.

Second, how is this the LAPD's fault? What planet are you on? The suspect initiated this pursuit, not the police. As many other comments have said, the suspects CHOSE to run, the police didnt make them. And no, they dont have to make something up to justify the chase. It was justifiable when the suspect decided to throw a gun from a car and flee.


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