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$650,000 spent to rename Pasadena Freeway, add new signs. Is it worth the cost?

Arroyo Seco Parkway

TalkBackLADo you like the new (old) name for L.A.'s oldest freeway?

The Pasadena Freeway is receiving new lighting, an improved center divider and decorative low walls along its shoulders. And to commemorate the changes, the California Department of Transportation has decided to rechristen the Pasadena Freeway back to its old name: The Arroyo Seco Parkway.

The new "Parkway" signs are being erected along the 5 Freeway between the 2 Freeway and 1st Street; along the 101 Freeway from Alvarado Street to Soto Street; and on the 110 Freeway between Wilshire Boulevard and Pasadena.

The signs will cost about $650,000 and take three months to install.

What do you think about the name change?  "In this economy why spend money on something like that? Leave it like it is," resident Miguel Mendoza told The Times' Bob Pool. Read more on the Pasadena Freeway name change here. Then tell us what you think below.

Photo: The roadway was called the Arroyo Seco Parkway when its first six-mile section between Pasadena and Avenue 22 opened in 1940. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

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It's not worth it.

Why! Why! Why such incompetence. It's driving me crazy. Stop printing this stuff. Because even when this type of waste is exsposed nothing ever changes.

Another big waste of the taxpayers dollars by enept, obtuse Politicians. We have such stupid politicians today, that they should all have to pass I.Q. tests before they can run for office. Then, they should have to take polygraph tests to find out if they are honest!

When will they put the HOLY CROSS back on the Mission of the Los Angeles City sign?

How about spending some money on pedestrian and bike safety for a change?

I like it!

Yes, finally, the Arroyo Seco Parkway will get signs indicating it's official, original and accurate name! I love the name!

The signs should have been installed back in the early 1990s as part of the normal maintenance process that the agency has the responsibility for.

It's been a backlog project since 1993, when the State Legislature mandated Caltrans to de-classify this historic roadway from a freeway to historic parkway and officially brought back the ORIGINAL name.

Cost wasn't an issue when new signage went up along the 101 -- what did that project cost? Everything Caltrans does is expensive. Let's get some accurate context for why this project took so long and hadn't been accomplished in the last 17 years since the law went into effect!

I can understand why the name was changed to the Pasadena Freeway, that makes sense. Changing it to "Arroyo Seco"?.......... Gimme a break.

They spend much more $$$ than that on taking care of the illegals and their anchor babies, why not spend some of the tax money on improving the infrastructure? Hmmm, Pasadena Freeway is easier to say but I can get use to Arroyo Seco Parkway, suits Pasadena's image anyway. Viva USA!

In a time of budget cuts, layoffs and economic hardship it's hard to comprehend how such a project would even be brought up in a discussion let alone spend that much money on it. Are we that incompetent?

it was either this or some other useless project.

$650,000k seems a bit much, but it's nice that they are taking steps to improve/beautify the old freeway. The biggest travesty is that the taggers have already defaced the walls.

I just don't get it; why would taggers deface their own neighborhood, why not a more affluent neighborhood? I know it has to do with claiming your 'hood, but man, I can't even stand when I mess up the side of my walls by bumping furniture. Can't we have a central area like Venice where they can all gather and 'express' themselves and spray paint up a certain area?

I know... all naive comments, but can't a honest taxpayer have dreams?

The project provides jobs, so in a bad economy it is essential to spend money to make it. As lame as it seems, someone will earn a day's pay, they will spend it in a grocery or retail store, which means someone ELSE earns a day's pay. (and so on and so on.) Ultimately its a better idea than it appears on the surface.

I'll do the signage for half that..... Who get's this contract!

Welfare recipients in casinos...dwp workers at strip clubs...unions pensions awarded at age 50...spending 650,000 on new signs...show of hands please, for those that really think we need higher taxes?

They say "what's in a name?" Well now we know ... a huge bill at least.

What idiot came up with the idea of spending that amount of money on this inessential harebrained idea? He/she ought to be fired immediately.

How about they take the signs down and we get a refund?

I like it....Maybe if they continue to furlough Caltrans employees for another year, they can afford more important projects like this!

NOT worth it! Put one sign on either end of the Parkway! With the city needing money and people being laid-off...need I say more?

Shouldn't it have been called:

camino por arroyo seco?

i like the improved side walls instead of guard rails but i think the name change is not worth the cost. that money is better served making more pedestrian crosswalks with lights. with all the city's budget problems, it's disheartening to see all this money being spent on largely superficial changes. i think the budget of the DOT should be reduced.

What I'd like to know is, how much per sign?!? How much per installation? I have no problem with embracing our history - L.A. has notoriously paved over and torn down so much of our beautiful past - but why do I get the feeling that the cost per sign to make and install is highly inflated?

The money would of been better spent updating/remodeling the "entire" Pasadena Freeway/Arroyo Park Way. Us residence were told there wasn't enough money to complete the entire route. Interesting to know there was enough money to make "new" signs.

Idiotic.... Whoever came up with this should lose their job.

Well, at least the taggers will have some place new to tag. I don't want to hear anymore whining about how the state is out of money. This is ridiculous.

Waste of money.

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