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4-year-old Santa Clarita boy severely bitten by pit bull

A 4-year-old Santa Clarita boy was airlifted to a hospital after being bit in the back of the head by a pit bull, authorities said Sunday.

The boy was playing with other children outside his apartment complex in the 29000 block of Costa Brava on Saturday about 7:30 p.m. when the dog approached and bit him at the base of his skull, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sgt. Michael Wright said.

"It was described as severe bites to the rear scalp area," he said. "A three-inch square was affected."

As Los Angeles County firefighters tended to the boy, sheriff's deputies located the pit bull's owner nearby. Wright said the owner was cooperative and turned the dog over to the deputies. The pit bull was later taken in by animal control authorities.

The boy was transported to Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital then airlifted to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles less than two hours later.

-- Corina Knoll

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64% of all fatal canine attacks so far this year, were by pit bulls:

Omar Martinez, 3-years old, was killed by his family's pet pit bull
Johnny Wilson, 56-years old, was mauled to death by his daughter's six pit bulls
Anataisa Bingham, 5-years old, was mauled to death by a neighbor's pit bull while playing in the snow
Christine Staab, 37-years old, was mauled to death by one of her mother's six pit bulls
Ethel Horton, 65-years old, was attacked by a pit bull while trying to beat the dog off her husband..According to the Lee County Coroner, Horton suffered severe injuries in the attack as well as undergoing a heart attack.

Thomas Carter Jr., 7-days old, was killed by his parent's pit bull-mix, named Sidon, while sleeping beside his mother.

Jane Doe, 5-days old, Rockdale County , was killed by the family pit bull. Parents had not even named their newborn girl yet.

Nathan Aguirre, 2 yrs old, San Bernardino, CA by family pet pit bull.

Savannah Gragg, age 9, Kokomo, Indiana - killed by the family pit bull.

Note: both Savannah and Nathan were attacked on the same day 2 weeks ago.

Golden Labrador attacks victim - serious damage to body, nobody cares, media not interested. Possible Pit Bull bites victim - story floods internet. People post misleading and incomplete "statistics" probably dug up from a regularly debunked anti-Pit Bull forum developed by psychotic web designer possibly bitten by Pit Bull in 97.

They need to arrest the owner...

The lawsuit is a no-brainer; however, he's an apartment dweller, so he probably doesn't have anything...

I'd love to see the statistics regarding how many people were killed by "Golden Labradors". The fact is that many people have been attacked, some killed by Pitt Bulls. Recently there have been deaths and disfigurements of children in Southern California by Pitt Bulls. There are many Pitt Bulls running loose on our streets. You only have to drive around town to see them. Our pounds are filled with Pitt Bulls. Other dogs may occasionally bit, attack or even kill, but we have a problem with Pitt Bulls here. To try and belittle this fact by pointing to the rare occasions when other breeds cause trouble is both evasive and irresponsible.

Being an owner of two wonderful Pit Bulls, I am torn by the articles I read about maulings and deaths by Pits and the fact that I am raising two very sweet dogs that have that stigma. On the one hand, I know there are vicious dogs no matter the breed out there that either have no obediance training or are mistreated and therefore should not be loose, and Pit Bulls do seem to have some traction with being vicious. I think the reason there are so many attacks here in So Cal is that they are a coveted breed by people that feel they are good guard dogs, yet do not take the effort to have them trained properly so they do not act like junk yard dogs. I truly feel that if owners of Pit Bulls took their responsibility more seriously and had them obedience trained and so forth, this problem would reduce significantly. I'll be the first to say that my dogs have tons of energy, but if pointed in the right direction to being playful and loving, they are a very loyal breed. If left to their own mischevious devices though, that energy could get them in trouble, as proven with the above article.

i actually have a pit/ lab mix... his name is Knoxville. Nicest dog you will EVER MEET!! although i could have begged to differ in the beginning, that's how he got his name " johnny KNOXVILLE"... not that he was mean or anything, he just had no manners what-so-ever. so he took the name after johnny... from jack-ass... since he had been acting like one for quite sometime....
i actually found him on the street, he followed me and my german shep/ lab mix home... as happy as can be... he was homeless, no collar or anything. put an add in the paper... no one retreived him, so i kept him....

MY FAMILY IS NOT A FAN OF PIT BULLS!!! NO ONE TINY BIT!! but currently i live with my "very old-fashioned grandparents" they wanted me out, and this dog. but i refused.... knowing i was going to take this dog anywhere i went, regaurdless of me finding a home or not.

they eventually got over their stubborness, got used to Knoxville and LOVEDDDD HIM, bc his love was so unconditional. more than what any average dog has ever given us. he gets along great with ANY DOG. ANY HUMAN. ANY CHILD, EVENNNN HIS PLAY TOYS ARE WELL TAKEN CARE OF... by the dog of course....

"He just doesnt know how to be agressive." and thats what a vet had commented about when we took him to run around at the beach.


just like a human... just because one is angry and bitter all the time... doesn't make all of us angry and bitter... and we know this, its all common sense.

so why do people bash just pittbulls, and not any other breed that also harrass humans and children?... i'll let you decide why....

some of us just end up with nice pitts. it is very unforchnaete that little kids and family memembers are being torn to pieces....but i guesss it is those that bring home a pitt, are the ones that are willing to take their chances...

but let me add... if your pitt is young. and hasnt reached a year yet... care with caution... it is normally at this time they will turn. wheather u abuse them or not. normally once they grow and mature after that... they are for the most part.... okay. but no promises there.


Ok lets be honest here. There are 6 billion people on this planet.. There are 74.8 Million Dogs in the U.S ALONE! ALmost 800,000 bites happen per year! ANd thats talking about all dogs not just pit bulls. When are people going to stop looking at pit bulls as this mean aggressive animal and realize that every animal has animal instincts and will become aggressive? Me and my girlfriend own a pit bull which was a stray before. HE followed her home. WE soon realized that this dog had no manners and was a "free willed" dog. AS time went on my girlfriend was showing no signs of weakness towards our dog so our pit had no choice but to give in and become the "good dog" that we knew he could. OUr pit is able to get along with young children small dogs and anything of that sort. ANd the person is right.. WHy dont you check how many people have been bitten by a lab or a golden retreiver. The reason why they exploit this so much is because they are trying to ban pit bulls in california just like they did in florida. Now lets talk about the owners for one second.. the numbers for pit buills being a animal shelter or a pound are so high now. WHy?!? Because these irresponsible people are breeding pit bulls with no care in the world. They are breeding animals with ourtrageous numbers and caring about what happens later!!! WHatever happened to the city appointing people to go residents houses to check how your anumal or pet os living under your roof?!?

This state is an " I told you so" kind of mentality. instead of pointing the fingers on the people that are irresponisble on owning a pet. LEtting them go because something is wrong with them or breeding them to fight is just immoral. Ok we caught michael vick... We exposed him on what a horrible man he is.. THATS ONE PERSON!!! WHy dont you look at ROY JONES JR A person that admits that he fights game cocks and pit bulls! LOOK at the person thats influencing the animal before you look at the animal thats being influenced.. OR not influenced at all!


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