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Some question timing of Costa Mesa's illegal-immigration campaign

The passage of a resolution by the Costa Mesa City Council saying it would not be a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants isn't likely to have much impact on the Orange County city, according to some experts.

“It’s symbolic because it’s not materially improving people’s lives in Costa Mesa,” said Stephen Lee, professor of administrative and immigration laws at the UC Irvine School of Law. “If it’s not materially improving the lives of people in Costa Mesa, it’s important to ask the question of, ‘Whose lives is it benefiting?’”

Council critics have said the person benefiting from it all might just be Mayor Allan Mansoor, a Republican Assembly candidate.

Though Mansoor has said he was not influenced by Arizona’s tough new immigration law or his run for the Assembly, Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce President Ed Fawcett said that when it comes to politics, coincidences are nonexistent.

“Arizona’s legislation brought the conversation back onto the front pages,” said Fawcett, who was speaking on his own behalf, not the chamber. “Anyone campaigning for an office higher than that of the city level can insert him or herself onto those front pages by taking one position or another on immigration reform. It does nothing to resolve the issue. It only raises one’s public profile.”

Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach, a longtime Costa Mesa resident, agrees.

“San Francisco is a sanctuary city, but it doesn’t stop people from going to San Francisco,” he told the Daily Pilot. “This kind of stuff comes up just around this time every two or four years. For me, I think a lot of people that are reading the paper would look at this and say, ‘I wonder how many days it is until the primaries?’”

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-- Mona Shadia, Daily Pilot

Photo: Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor. Credit: Daily Pilot

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LATs keeps referring to Arizonas law, but neglects to point out that California has a similar bill on their books


Aren't we the pot calling the kettle black?

“It’s symbolic because it’s not materially improving people’s lives in Costa Mesa,”

On that note I would point out that boycotting AZ is also symbolic and doesn't materially improve peoples' lives. Actually, I believe it all to be nothing more than political posturing and pandering.

I also found it refreshing to have a city stand on the side of the law rather than hypocritically ignore our own state laws in the process of slamming others. I believe those who do boycott AZ for attempting to protect their citizen will ultimately discover an unfortunate backlash.

Well said DonJaun. CA has very strict immigration laws already on it's books. As tough as the AZ law. Would that make us hypocritical if we started enforcing them - no.

Mona asks who is this resolution benefiting? The answer is everyone. I don't live in Cost Mesa but I'm affected everyday by the government's refusal to enforce our laws. Illegal immigration affects everyone. This resolution makes me want to move to Costa Mesa. Maybe more cities will adopt a similar ideology.

There are the same bungling idiots who are in the process of losing the Orange County fairgrounds.

DonJuan - Great info. The difference seems to be that the CA law does not include the provision for the state to put te person in prison for the violation. The CA law does not make being in the country illegal under CA law as the AZ law does in AZ, it only requires CA law enforcement to work with the Feds in enfrcing the federal law. To me, this is a significant difference.

The city of Costa Mesa has been in the forefront of trying to deal with illegal aliens for as far back as 2006. They had ICE trained officers and started screening arrested suspects for their legal status in this country. The City Council along with its mayor, Mansoor has just gone a step further and declared their city a "rule of law city". This needs to be expanded to all city and counties and we do need some sort of rule of law. The feds are not doing enough to deal with it. Washington has fallen on deaf ears when it comes to trully securing our borders. The Governor of Arizona has stated on several news reports that Homeland Security Head Napolitano has ignored all pleas to secure the border in her state. Napolitano, former Governor of AZ. had also been reported by the local law enforcement as vetoing previous attempts to pass an immigration enforcement law. Did they have to wait until another rancher was murdered?


Penal Code section 834b is one of the MANY sections of California law that have been modified and/or voided by the courts over the year. The law was part of Prop 184 that was passed by voters in 1994. It was subsequently found unconstitutional and a permeant injunction against it is still in effect today.

‘Whose lives is it benefiting?’

EVERY American and legal resident.

Stop it before it starts.

Of course, that's waht the illegal supporters do not want.

All I can say is that I wish Los Angeles would make this meaningless gesture.

Why not Mr. Villaragosa and the our esteemed City Council?

I don’t think that a large margin of the US population have any conception the money taken from their pay checks is taken by the IRS to subsidize the 20 to 30 million illegal aliens. The Medical treatment, education and the undisclosed welfare programs that taxpayers are unaware of, which is silently rising as the borders remained still unsecured. I think most prudent people would riot, if they had any idea the hundreds of billions in your dollars forced on each state in welfare payments. California is a SANCTUARY STATE—is a not just individual city, because of the overwhelming position of Liberal extremists hiding behind dark mantles in Sacramento.
Today as always, the laws to restrict illegal immigration is just hot air, played on the people by the open border politicians. The removal of the majority of incumbents will carry a warning that if you deceive the American people, you will lose your office. It’s already happening, as Sen. Arlen Specter has already lost in a primary. Next prominent ultra-pro-amnesty , open border politician to bite the dust—MUST—be Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) who has defied the will of the majority of the American people. His handiwork nearly destroyed E-Verify, underfunded the—REAL TWO FENCES AT THE BORDER. He and a whole bunch of rogues must be eliminated from Washington.
Sitting dormant for years the wrath of the American people was finally ignited by the immigration policing law in Arizona. The anger and frustration stretching over decades cannot be stopped now; as other states squatted by millions of illegal aliens adopt similar laws Arizona. EVERY STATES HAS CRIED OUT TO AN UNINTERESTED GOVERNMENT TO ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS, BUT LIKE THE FENCE STAYS UNCOMPLETED. LET AMERICA ADOPT THE DRACONIAN LAWS OF MEXICO. Enter illegally from Guatemala and it’s a two year prison sentence. Reenter and they throw away the key for ten years. Join a Tea Party or NumbersUSA who have had enough of the lies.

Keep pushing back. Illegal aliens don't belong here.

Instead of infighting, all U.S. states should be uniting to back a bipartisan Congress in going after the real problem, the totally corrupt Mexican govt. that cuts sweetheart deals with the U.S. establishment to avoid exposure while keeping Mexico backward and undeveloped and riding the rich on the backs of the poor until they either go criminal or cross the border looking for honest work. Google "Megamerge Dissolution" Solution to see how it might be done.

As long as illegal immigrants are cheap labor, they will be allowed to stay. Never forget that it is those with money who write the laws that keep them wealthy.

Kudos to TL Winslow and Popster, those really are the roots of the problem. Anything else you do will be fruitless. Good luck trying to change either.

Mr. Stephen Lee, what is your motivation and benefit for such irresponsible and intellectually dishonest comments?

The resolution doesn't materially benefit or improve the people's lives in Costa Mesa? Of course it does! Fewer illegal immigrants will want to live in Costa Mesa which then has a direct affect on public schools, local crime, an environmental impact, and neighborhood aesthetics affecting personal pride in care for property and property values as a whole.


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