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Lindsay Lohan's new bracelet will check her skin every half hour for signs of alcohol consumption

May 24, 2010 |  2:42 pm

Braclet Lindsay Lohan walked out of the Beverly Hills courthouse Monday with an alcohol-detecting device strapped to her ankle – one of several orders issued by Judge Marsha N. Revel after the actress missed a mandatory hearing last week.

That device, known as a SCRAMx bracelet, samples perspiration on the skin every half hour, tests for presence of alcohol and transmits the results, according to the manufacturer's website.

Judges and law enforcement authorities around the country use the 10-ounce device to monitor drunk drivers and others convicted of alcohol-related offenses.

The bracelet is equipped with technology similar to that used in Breathalyzers. An "alcohol consumption event" is considered 0.02 blood-alcohol concentration – or the equivalent of a 180-pound male drinking less than two drinks on an empty stomach in under an hour. About 1% of ingested alcohol escapes the body through perspiration or unnoticeable ethanol vapor.

The device is also designed to be tamper-proof. Temperature sensors and an infrared sensor measure the reflective quality of the skin and ensure that nothing been placed between it and the bracelet.

-- Kimi Yoshino

Photo: SCRAMx