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LAUSD teacher charged with having sex with female student

A Los Angeles Unified School District teacher has been charged with having sex with a female teenage student, police said Wednesday night.

Cesar Fernandez, 39, was arrested at his home Monday and has been charged with four counts of unlawful sex with a minor, the Los Angeles Police Department said. He was being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Fernandez, a teacher since 1993, has been teaching at 32nd Street USC Math Science and Technology High School, the LAPD said.

In January, investigators learned that the sexual relationship allegedly started during the 2009 summer break. The girl was 17 at the time, police said.

Fernandez had numerous sexual encounters with the girl, according to the LAPD.

In addition to teaching, he coached basketball and volleyball teams. He was assigned to L. A. Unified headquarters after the investigation began.

Anyone with information about Fernandez is asked to call detectives at (213) 485-2585.

-- Robert J. Lopez
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People like this should spent rest of their lives in Jail. I am a former student and I pray that he should not set foot on free soil. He made his class room in a prison and the irony of live has taken him there.

Unconscionable. The young student will be scarred for life and have her human right to develop trust shattered. This is brutal child abuse of the worst kind serving the adult. I hope he is incarcerated and banned for the profession for the rest of his life.

I teach and I can tell you a 17 year old of 2010 is not like a 17 year old of 1960 yet we have not changed our attitudes or laws. As of this date, the girl is an adult...this is not a Roman Polanski situation, no one was raped.
With all that is wrong with the schools this is petty at best.

Well, the LAUSD is sure giving the Roman Catholic Church a run for its money.
What in the world will ever stop this shameful, revolting behavior of adults entrusted with the care of this city's children?

I graduated from this school back in 1991 and I am glad I did not run across this pervert! This is NOT the case with the teachers at 32nd street! This guy took advantage of the trust of many females! He should lose his teachers license!

Some 17 year old girls look like young adults so it's no big deal here. Probation and loss of job should be the punishment

Food for thought: Instead of having sex with an adult, if this same student had committed some horrible crime, then in the minds of too many people, ta da! She would instantly morph into an adult and should be tried as an adult. Disgusting legal hypocrisy.

Cesar Fernandez coached several of the girls athletic teams too. There were numerous complaints about this teacher to the principal and counselors--check the emails.
Every time I visited the school and tried to talk to the teacher about my son's progress, there was always a girl or two (usually one) sitting under him in the classroom, alone. I mentioned this to my husband and a few colleagues. They called the situation a year ago, inappropriate. The teacher was also seen at the local malls on the weekends with girls from the school.
My good friend sent numerous complaints to the principal, counselors, and the office (2007-08, and 2008-09 school year) about this teacher. She was told that the teacher was very popular at the school because he coached numerous sport teams (mainly the girls) and no one wanted to create waves. It was suggested that she speak with the local district. Instead, she pulled her daughter out of the school and had her son complete certain classes at SMC in order not to have this teacher again.
Investigators, if you really want to know what's going on with this teacher, look at the classroom rosters from last school year and contact some of the parents. You will get an ear full.

Once again another case of LAUSD employees thinking the rule of law doesn't apply to THEM. When you work with students, your behavior is an example to them. This teacher decided to breech all trust and break the law to satisfy his lust and carelessness. Now he needs to be prosecuted as a sexual offender. Permanent job loss from any teaching or coaching position AFTER he is released from prison for his sexual crimes against children. This is certainly not the first time and unless he is stopped, it won't be the last time either.

Is there any video?

What makes you think that this is an isolated incident? Every once in a while, some jerk needs to get caught to reMIND us we're slaking OFF! If, for one second, you have the gall to think that your teenaged kids aren't having sex (even with teachers) you only have yourself to blame for your angry and impotent reaction to this news. The truth is, you must trust no one with YOUR precious job. Education begins at HOME. Your kids don't want to tell you what's REALLY going on in American schools. They know if they DID you would be too shocked to let them out the door. Ask ANY policeman, social worker, free clinic doctor or anyone who works with teenagers daily. Our COMPLACENCY has made coach Cesar Fernandez possible. I can't stand reading comments, like Surprised Parent and Parent (SERiously?), that do NOthing but point fingers to set themselves apart from jerks like the accused coach. Be humble enough to recognize how we contribute to incidents like this when we don't arm our children with information. They need to be able to go out into the world with an armor that helps them make well informed choices that repel the Cesar Fernandez's of the world.

It's unruly how many people tend to blame this teacher and call him several names without knowing the truth behind the story. How about if he had been separated from his wife. What if the student was the one seducing him. Like others have said many 17 year old girls are not as innocent as they should be. Needless to say, where was her mother when (If you saw the segment on the news) she was at hotel rooms with this teacher, where was she when this alleged affair was occurring during summer break. If you believed that this teacher was a threat to your child when you are claiming to see several girls in his classroom (this means that his classroom doors were opened) and may I ask did you pull your child out of the school when you felt like this? In fact, why don't you call his former students, basketball, and volleyball girls and asked if they had any inappropriate encounters with this teacher. By all means I am not defending this teacher for his actions, but let the parent and student take part of the blame for this occurring.

I am a teacher with LAUSD. Shame on the "teacher" and others who defended his actions. Teachers are cautioned to avoid any situation that could give the appearance of impropriety with a student. He is the adult. If a student "came on to him" he should have reported it and made sure he was never alone with her.

Even though I teach in elementary school I make sure that I am never alone with a student and that if I have students in my classroom after school the doors to the hall and the adjoining classroom are left open.

If it can be substantiated that the principal and counselors were informed of problems and ignored them, then they should be disciplined too.

This has become an epic disease in LAUSD. Allegedly a San Pedro High school teacher had sex with his student. It was said that he was fired from this school and the student is a senior at San Pedro High. This teacher wife used to be one of his students and she is now expecting.History has repeated itself again with this teacher.No further comments or responses have been made to parents, students, or school staff. This disease should come to an end. Our children are suppose to feel safe at school.Not feel like their teacher can be a sex offender.

I use to be in the basketball, volleyball and softball team last year and I don't think he did it. He was my coach for 3 years and he was also a great friend. Sometimes people think they see something and the reality is something else. I can say that he was a great teacher to me and the only reason people hated on him is because he was an ass whole about grades but now that I'm in college I feel like professors are more ass wholes! Anyways, he is not guilty until proven otherwise and if he did do what he is accused of then 50% has to go to the student because I know it was her fault too.
And parents should not believe everything teenagers say about teachers because in High School everyone is lazy and wants to take shortcuts; so they lie about school work and homework. I never once did homework at my house in High School because I got to copy at school and now it is bitting me in the ass. My point is, my prayers go to Cesar Fernandez and his family and I hope that he finds peace within himself.


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