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LAPD arrests 9 in immigration march that blocked Westside traffic

The Los Angeles Police Department has arrested at least nine demonstrators who blocked Wilshire Boulevard Thursday as part of a immigrant rights march.

The protest jammed traffic in Westwood and surrounding communities, with both Wilshire Boulevard and the 405 Freeway affected. Metro announced that some bus routes were being detoured. California Highway Patrol Lt. Steve Strull said officials want to clear traffic so ambulances headed to Reagan-UCLA Medical Center are not delayed.

Nancy Meza, 23, a UCLA student who is scheduled to graduate in three weeks with a degree in Chicano studies, said the civil disobedience was organized in an effort to push for passage of the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, commonly known as the DREAM Act.

The DREAM Act is federal legislation that would provide certain undocumented alien students who graduate from U.S. high schools and have been in the country continuously for at least five years before the bill's enactment the opportunity to earn conditional permanent residency. 

The students would obtain temporary residency for a six-year period. Meza, who said she arrived in the U.S. from Mexico when she was 2 years old and is undocumented, said it was the legislation was needed to ensure that students like herself would eventually be able to work.

“I’m graduating in three weeks, but I can’t even work,” Meza said. “We are urging Sen. Dianne Feinstein [D-Calif.] to push for passage of the DREAM Act this year.”

Officer Krystal Carter, a spokeswoman for the CHP, said the students had been arrested for “failing to disperse…and not complying with police orders.” Carter could not confirm the number of students arrested.

-- Ann M. Simmons and Andrew Blankstein

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Nancy, the blame for your illegal status in the US is solely on your parents because they are the ones that brought you here and did not bother to follow the laws. What have you done to make yourself legal other than block traffic & ask for amnesty? There is a plethora of legal people in the US searching for jobs, plenty of which have degrees significantly more useful than Chicano studies. Stop protesting, get your papers, & get a degree that will be useful.

All immigrant workers pay sales, property, payroll, AND income tax.

Undocumented workers just never get a tax refund. This means they probably pay MORE tax than citizens do. (Did you really think they go to a store and say "no sales tax for me, I'm not a citizen"?)

Undocumented students are not eligible for loans or federal grants, so they pay cash upfront to go to college. They and their families (most families are mixed status, some citizens, some not) pay their share of tax money into UCLA.

Every state has the right to define residency in a different way than the federal government defines it. These students are legal residents of California. ICE might deport them, but California will not, because they are following state law by attending college.

I love how the American Dream has now become "demand and you shall receive". This is sickening to think that 99% of Americans have to work their butts off to send their kids to school, yet somebody can come here without ever having done their share and just DEMAND.

Look, I applaud the fact that she finished high school, however, she still needed to be here legally. If Americans went to Mexico and tried to demand the same rights there, they would be detained, incarcerated, have all their possessions taken away, then, if their lucky, they would be deported! That's because they refuse to be burdened with people not in the country legally! DUH!

I have worked since I was 17, paid taxes, and obeyed the law. I have never made enough money to put myself, let alone my children through college, and because my family is not a "minority" my children never qualified for any grant money. So, I guess, if she's looking for sympathy from me. . .look somewhere else!

Welcome to our world in Arizona, and CA politicians are boycotting AZ for SB1070. Better tell your politicians that boycotts are a double edged sword. Hope all those illegals crossing CA borders now because they are afraid to be in AZ will suplement all the tourism dollars CA loses because AZ residents are not vacationing in CA.

It is a myth that undocumented individuals are a burden to the economy.

Undocumented individuals pay social security, sales and property taxes. It is estimated that undocumented workers contribute $7 billion a year to social security alone - benefits they will never get back. See: New York Times " Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security With Billions"

Low wage workers subsidize the economy. Their low wages mean profits for business and cheap products for everyone else. The American Farm Bureau estimates the US would lose $5 to $9 billion in farm production a year without "guest workers." See: Boston Globe "Undocumented workers contribute plenty."

As it stands, undocumented students are not eligible for any state or federal financial aid. For next year, that means those who live in CA have to pay about $12,000 to go to UCLA. That is what the DREAM Act wants to change. Many of these youth have lived in the US for most of their lives and think of themselves as part of this country. They have gone to school, gotten good grades and are often heavily involved in service to their communities. They and their families are already contributing to making this country better - all they want is the opportunity to do continue to do this.

What American student will lose out because we're paying for
an illegal student. We can not give a college degree to the children of
the world.Now if Mexico was to subsidize or reimburse
the tax payer, thats another thing.

Remember, Orin Hatch and Richard Durbin are the 2 that came up with this.

Plenty of Chicano Studies jobs in Mexico, right? Enjoy!

Nancy Meza's worthless UCLA degree was devoted to Chicano Studies for four years, at taxpayers' expense. Yet she is still a nincompoop and a parasite. Shame on UCLA!
Did UCLA ever require her to study Logic, Civil Laws, Civil Ethics and Federal laws? Or is her free BCS degree just more "BeeEss" from UCLA?
Repeat: She's still a nincompoop and a disruptive parasite. My advice to Nancy: Find a job in your beloved Mexico, and utilize your Chicano Studies there.

To all the people who support the illegal immigrants. Why don't you take them into your home feed them, care for them, raise their kids, pay their medical bill? Why are you making everyone else do it?

This is the free country. Other citizens are not obligated to take care these criminals. I think we all should declare ourselves to be illegal immigrant.

I can empathize with their cause; however, this demonstration caused me to be late to a job interview. Furthermore, ambulances were delayed to the hospital. It is a shame that this cause gets lost in the poor decisions of the organizers.

Chicanist needed! Must have good chicaning skills. Must provide the needed chicanery to the general public. Apply within.


If what these students want is to contribute to this country, they certainly didn't show it by disrupting traffic and making a mockery of our law. Where I might have supported the Dream Act prior to this, I am now firmly against it. What a sense of entitlement! If they really think they'll get what they want by demanding it and causing disruptions, they'r'e wrong!

Nancy Meza should be deported immediately before she gets her degree that she will not be able to use anyways because she is illegal.
Someone needs to investigate her status and who's Social Security number is she using to work?
My bet is she has phony documents too.
This just shows how people that are illegal do not fear deportation anymore and even protest at our universities for rights they do not have.

Dear Dream Act Organizers,
Although you are trying to help students, the organizers need to re-evaluate their protest tactics.
Why not organize this event on a weekend? Especially when they are protesting near a HOSPITAL that treats people with grave illnesses.
I have Cancer and must drive to the UCLA hospital every day for treatment.
Unfortunately, this morning I missed my treatment time because I was stuck for over 90 minutes driving in circles trying to access the UCLA Medical Plaza as my 405 exit was diverted and Wilshire was blocked off.
Getting to the UCLA Medical Plaza was a nightmare. The cars were so jam packed and I saw more than one car bump into another in a desperate attempt to move forward.
I finally arrived shaking to the UCLA Medical Center almost 2 hours late, and my doctors kindly saw me.
Although ambulances could get in, what about the hundreds of UCLA patients who are not being treated inside the ER?
There were many sick, elderly patients in the elevator with me who were shaken by the chaotic disruption to our medical treatment.
I was someone who was sympathetic to the plight of the students, but the thoughtlessness of going in the street, causing a disruption decreased my warm feelings.
How can you increase sympathy for your cause if you don't have sympathy for the plight of the sick men, women, and children who are at the UCLA hospital only a few blocks away?
I would ask the Dream Act organizers to take into account the hundreds of people at the UCLA medical center: patients and medical staff.
Please consider organizing your event on a weekend next time: it will be more successful.

Taxes vs entitlement !
How much taxes can an illegal immigrant pay,when his/her job is only minimal wage or even less?
However, the free schooling(at least elementry and high school or even some college), free lunch program,some free community services,a few visits to the emergency room,etc. Those cost a lot more $$........ than they pay into the system. Also, we're not talking about a few illegals,but millions ! We may even have to pay for their future generations living in provety !
For the very rich in this country,it will not affect them a bit. But it can put a lot of stress on the working and middle class. By handing out entitlements to all of the illegal immigrants ,may even affect the future generations of our citizens/legal residents negatively.
There is no unlimited resources in any country,not even the USA.The best resource of a country is their hard working citizens,who contribute to their society and country more then they get from their society and country.
We certainly don't need to increase the provety pool in our country.

Please note what is obvious:
"Meza, who said she arrived in the U.S. from Mexico . . . and is undocumented" participated in an act where the participants "failed to disperse…and not complying with police orders.”, becuase as she said “I’m graduating in three weeks, but I can’t even work,” becuase she is an illegal immigrant.

Question: Who paid for her education through grade 12?

Question: How did she pay for a College Education, possibly at UCLA?

Question: What other benefits has she already received?

Sounds like it's the American Citizens, and especially those that are unable to attend college due to financial issues, that are the injured parties here, not these people whom are here illegally and DEMANDING that we change our laws to favor them.

Why are they angry at us, the citizens. The only people to blame for their inability to work in this country legally after spending most of their lives in America, is the fault of their parents. The parents made a decision to destroy their lives. And the children now have to live with it. Don't blame it on us that your parents are criminals. That's like the child of a bank robber laying down in the street saying to us thanks for taking my dad away from me, and I won't get up till you let him go.

So lay down in your driveway and inconvenience the people that put you in this situation. Your parents! Leave us alone, we owe you nothing.

Anyhow I think the research has shown that Nancy is not an illegal, she just pretends to be one to have a reason to protest. It's like a strange form of Munchausen by proxy syndrome.

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