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LAPD arrests 9 in immigration march that blocked Westside traffic

The Los Angeles Police Department has arrested at least nine demonstrators who blocked Wilshire Boulevard Thursday as part of a immigrant rights march.

The protest jammed traffic in Westwood and surrounding communities, with both Wilshire Boulevard and the 405 Freeway affected. Metro announced that some bus routes were being detoured. California Highway Patrol Lt. Steve Strull said officials want to clear traffic so ambulances headed to Reagan-UCLA Medical Center are not delayed.

Nancy Meza, 23, a UCLA student who is scheduled to graduate in three weeks with a degree in Chicano studies, said the civil disobedience was organized in an effort to push for passage of the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, commonly known as the DREAM Act.

The DREAM Act is federal legislation that would provide certain undocumented alien students who graduate from U.S. high schools and have been in the country continuously for at least five years before the bill's enactment the opportunity to earn conditional permanent residency. 

The students would obtain temporary residency for a six-year period. Meza, who said she arrived in the U.S. from Mexico when she was 2 years old and is undocumented, said it was the legislation was needed to ensure that students like herself would eventually be able to work.

“I’m graduating in three weeks, but I can’t even work,” Meza said. “We are urging Sen. Dianne Feinstein [D-Calif.] to push for passage of the DREAM Act this year.”

Officer Krystal Carter, a spokeswoman for the CHP, said the students had been arrested for “failing to disperse…and not complying with police orders.” Carter could not confirm the number of students arrested.

-- Ann M. Simmons and Andrew Blankstein

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Chicano studies.....and this helps our country how?

She is MEXICO'S problem. We have enough US citizens trying to find scarce jobs after struggling to graduate.

Deport her and her family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the author! Quit deleting our posts!! This is America, the land of free speech, as least it use to be. keep deleting posts and we will boycott the times!!

Deport her! This is exactly why the Arizona law is needed. After 1986 amnesty was given to millions, more poured over the border hoping on another round of amnesty. She is just one of the millions who received a free education.

i understand the argument for those immigrants whom are here illegally but want to become US citizens, but that is the down side to the illegal immigration issue; the number of those willing to become assimilated to american culture and way of life are heavily outweighed by the number of those whom choose not to cooperate with the systems rules and regulations. I agree that we need to work on a program that will assist those whom are productive members of our society, but do not have the means (legal documents) needed to continue on with their american dream... amnesty is not the answer though- we have been there done that, and it did not solve the problem- only treated the symptom. 5 years may be a short timeframe (but maybe if that was implemented for those now, and then from such-and-such date on the time frame in place would be enforced again).

Well now, the dream act is just that, a dream. It will not and does not have a snowballs chance in hell of passing either. I guess your free education went down the drain because you cannot work without a SS number. Tough titty. Should have told your parents look what YOU did to me, you made me an illegal. I did not do it. You deserve nothing from the US. Go back to mexico. Your days are over.

What can you do with a Chicano Studies degree...Is there actual money in studying Chicanos...What is a Chicano anyway...Is it different than a Mexican...

You know What...Never mind..who cares....

Sorry your parents didn't follow US Law Nancy.

"Nancy Meza, 23, a UCLA student who is scheduled to graduate in three weeks with a degree in Chicano studies,"
“I’m graduating in three weeks, but I can’t even work,” Meza said. “We are urging Sen. Dianne Feinstein [D-Calif.] to push for passage of the DREAM Act this year.”

Her degree is in Chicano studies. Unless she has a double-major, even if she were a legal resident, she wouldn't be able to find a job.

Hey, young people. Mr. Obvious, here. All people have certain needs and wants. You need food, a place to live, medical care, etc. You want electricity, maybe some music, the occasional night out, etc. There are people out there who produce these things. You need to acquire the skills necessary to produce goods or services that you can exchange for these things. The universal medium (form) of exchange in the modern world is money. Yes, that means that while you are young, you need to learn to produce goods or services that people want to buy. To make enough money to support yourself, the goods and services that you produce must be in demand, and demand must outstrip supply.

If you don't understand this, ask your parents. If they don't understand this, ask someone who isn't on welfare.

Don't become a burden to society. This is the first step toward becoming a responsible citizen. Don't take money that could be spent educating our children or taking care of our sick and elderly. As JFK said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

Only in America can a criminal protest being a criminal and not get arrested for being a criminal. These illegals need to be kicked out of the United States. The federal government has failed to protect our borders from these illegals for far too long. It is up to each and every American to expose these illegals where ever we find them hiding. California needs to adopt a law like the one in Arizona. DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS AS WELL AS THESE ANCHOR BABIES!

Morons. Pissing off people is not a way to rally support for your cause.

RIP Tam and Cinthya.

They should call this a "illegal aliens deserve more rights than citizens" march.

Nancy Meza, chicana studies graduate! Do we really need "Chicana studies" graduates? Is that a field, a discipline or just a way to spend tens of thousands of dollars on some aggressive dolts who will never-ever make an apport to this society other than as "counselors" for other illegals who beat the minimal knowledge reqirements for college by checking "oppressed" in college applications? No more -

Now you got the benifit from American go back to Mexico work for the needed!

They are not even here legally, they consume our valuable educative resources, now they block the path of ambulances carrying our citizens
I say fine them and deport them

To Nancy Meza I would say that she has shown that she and her friends should never be a citizen of this country. Their actions today demonstrated a complete disregard for the law. Immigrants who want to be considered for citizenship should instead show that they respect and will obey the law.

There is no honor in "civil disobedience," and this stunt today has convinced me to oppose the "DREAM Act." Unforunately, LAPD only arrested a handful of people, instead of the entire crowd that intentionally blocked Wilshire Blvd. for two hours or more.

I'm curious if these students are receiving Federal student loans. How would they pay them back if they can't work?

So, they're not protesting for some grand, selfless cause. They're out blocking the streets because they want a bill passed that benefits themselves and their own situation.

Let's see... Nancy Meza, an illegal immigrant can get into UCLA (I'm sure her status as a minority gave her some preferential "affirmative" treatment), but my kid, a US citizen with a 4.1 GPA can't. Does anyone see a problem here? And what the heck kind of degree is Chicano Studies? Are you freakin' serious? They offer a degree in Chicano Studies? Wow, I bet that's real useful in the real world.

The wonderful education that Ms. Meza earned at UCLA in Chicano Studies should be very useful in securing a teaching position in her native country.

Ridiculous. So they got free education for their entire lives and now because they graduated high school that gives them a right to be a resident of the US? Why even bother with immigration laws? Have everyone hop that fence, abuse the system and lets reward them by giving them a legal residence.

This act is a slap in the face to every single immigrant that came here LEGALLY!

Send her home to Mexico, she should do well there with a degree in Chicano studies.

Why doesn't they contact President Calderon and ask him for help in getting a job? I think he is looking for educated Mexicans to help rebuild Mexico and this would be an opportune moment.

NO. this should not pass unless and until we get comprehensive legislation on immigration. and with respect to Mexico, it is suggested that since calderon is in town for dinner that he be pulled aside and suggested that he go to his legislature and propose comprehensive reforms related to foreign investment in mexico. Specifically, the right of foreign investors to make direct equity and controlling investments in Mexico's oil and gas and exploration businesses, the ability of foreign investors to make direct and controlling investments in Mexico's Uility Industries (included but limited to electricity, LNG, GAS, water, mines and next generation 4G cell spectrum and wireless industries), the ability of direct foreign investors to make direct and unemcumbered investments in Mexico's coastal real-estate and commercial real estate and real property (included but not limited to the enire Baja California, office, apartment, retail, storage, whearhouse, rail and port facilities and other), the ability of foreign investors to make direct investments in publicly traded mexican companies with no restrictions with respect to controlling interests, and an agreement by Calderon and the Mexican legislature to jointly propose with the US a Flat Tax Zone across the entire length of the US/Mexico border. Such a flat tax would be available to residents on both sides of the border that reside in this zone and such residents and businesses wouldn't pay more then a across the board 12% tax period. Any investment in this zone would have 0% capital gains on any investment held for more then a year and the depreciation schedules for any capital investment on either side of the border in this zone would be massively accelerated. Additionally, existing collective bargaining statutes would no longer apply anywhere in this zone.

Short of such a scheme the US should oppose any and all immigration reform and continue to crack down on illegal immigrants. If the Mexican Government is un-willing to engage in genuine reform regarding foreign direct investment and the opening up of heretofore closed Mexican markets like oil and gas and utilities, then they can start accepting their population back to Mexico.

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